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  1. What's the buyout price ? And I offer 385k.
  2. Ehm, as I also mentioned in the PM before, I tried to ram into your mate and not into my friend if that was not clear enough for you smh. You pmed, as I already said, 10 minutes after I DIED that you are going to report me. You just pm'ed me that I had to save my footage. I wanted to talk this out ingame through /pm or eventually get together oocly and talk it out but you said . I just told you good luck because I know I didn't break any rule(s) during that scene, but you should probably know better indeed, after all those warnings you had. I did not run away because I hoped that I could hit your man down, and drive away afterwards just to use the car to get away.
  3. Hi I'm ID 153. First of all thanks for pm'ing me that I had to save my POV nearly 10 minutes after the scene happened, so don't expect my POV everyone who's involved in this. And what are you even talking about ? You say we circled more than once ? I don't know what you call circling, but clearly not what we did. The reason, why I got in the car and wanted to drive off, is because I had no weapon with bullets in it, as I ran out of shooting people without bullets getting registered cause of damn desync. Anyways, that's not the problem right now. Clearly, as the rule states, I'm allowed to circle once, which I did as another driver and not him. And how am I VDMing you ? I have one chance to hit you, whether it's a failed or successful attempt. 14. Deathmatch (DM) Vehicles cannot be used to attack a player on foot more than once, including a failed attempt. It's just pathetic how you guys make every IC thing an OOC issue, next time maybe talk this over /pm instead of wasting literally everyone's time on those forums. And what's the maximum amount of punishments someone is allowed to get lmao.
  4. Hi! I'm replying to this, as I'm the Jester behind Kronos his car. Kronos was there all the time and I witnessed him coming from the highway and entering the lab, as I was there aswell. I'm the mexican that been checking all the labs from time to time and he was literally there the whole time, as he was looking out for the prospects of their own gang as far as I know. So I don't see where the metagaming rule was broken?
  5. @kenichis 250k sounds like a fair deal to me. Let me know if you're still interested!
  6. Skipper

    ID 256 DM

    Do you have video evidence of the start of the situation or just just a 10 sec video of him shooting? This could've also been an ongoing shootout for the past 5 mins, but you decide to upload a video of 25 seconds with 20 seconds basically nothing happening.
  7. Skipper

    ID 208 (FRP)

    @Matriks No for real? No demands was given to stop talking on the radio?
  8. Skipper

    ID 208 (FRP)

    Hi! So you're telling I broke the following rule: • You must display reasonable value for your life and comply with the demands of your attacker. • You cannot call 911 or call your friends or allies to aid you. Okay I'm getting gas and getting pulled up at by you guys. As you can see on the video, at 0:12, I already started calling for back-up. At 0:18 I started calling for them again, as you were not even looking at me. And I did not hear you giving me any demands not to use my radio? So I don't see where I was breaking the fear RP rule? Unfortunately I don't have any video evidence as I haven't got any sort of program installed, which I should have so I'll look at that right now.
  9. Hi! Ehm for my defence, you haven't touched the 80 km/h once in the video, as you were driving 78/79, and this may sound stupid, is still below 80?, I mean, I have screamed over the voice chat, if that wasn't enough I talked in chat, if neither that was enough I even did /me points the gun at the man I mean if the talking and chat wasn't enough, was the /me not clear enough? Unfortunately I don't have any video evidence as I haven't got any sort of program installed, which I should have so I'll look at that right now.
  10. @kenichisI think the post above answers your question
  11. Just FYI, the shooting did not start after you arrived it was already going on, just the moment you got informed is not my problem. And again, I said I didn't see you and to be honest I don't remember the pm, can someone check logs because I didn't realize that he pm'd me. It was desync. And again, if you'd sent a longer video maybe things would be more clear honestly.
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