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  1. harmdone

    Government, v2.

    I will take your suggestions into consideration. The DM chat is meant to be private and I will keep them that way. We are always working together on tasks and future goals with time we dedicate apart from other things. We have systems in place for most of the plans we have and we don't want to go too fast as it will be hard to maintain all the change. We are working in a way that perfects all systems in place now and ensure they're ready for the next stage. Thanks.
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  3. \EDIT: There will be a workaround for this in the rulebook. Wait patiently!
  4. If there's a way to determine if a player is near water this would work. It can also work if they are in a boat in any location. The only issue I see is players fishing nearest to the fishing drop off, which can be solved by setting a few more locations. This suggestion will be discussed. Thanks for your suggestion.
  5. With the blip system, someone, even their real estate agent, could order a blip on the map to showcase their property for sale.
  6. harmdone

    Body Behind

    I agree that a ped body should stay there wearing the victim's clothing for the time of NLR or a possible coroner unit/command by EMS. Will forward this to discuss. Thanks for your suggestion.
  7. We used to have this ability by pressing O near the door of an unlocked vehicle. Will forward this. Maybe as an addition to CTRL + X or O again. Thanks for your suggestion.
  8. I agree that it should be added as an option in the clothing store, The rest can be RP'd until we start going in-depth with bullet casings and crime scene scripts. Going to forward this. Thanks for your suggestion.
  9. Effects will already be discussed (@ my reply on that topic) Thanks for your suggestion.
  10. Economy will stay closed and be even more closed in the future. Thanks for your suggestion.
  11. I had a suggestion for the system a while ago: Official gangs having the ability to dynamically create labs inside properties owned by certain ranked members of the faction. If LSPD finds and destroys it they can't place it there anymore, and have a 1 week cooldown before they may place it elsewhere and produce again. The drugs would be sold only to players. As for the effects on the drugs, yeah they could use some tweaking and benefits though are mainly used for RP purposes right now which I personally prefer more anyway. Though it has been said many times over that the people want more benefits to something that is otherwise useless. Henceforth we will again (yes we dicussed this before) discuss what sort of effects would be given by each drug. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. This has been requested before by the LSPD. I was actually going to make it flash when they hit a panic alarm or used their sirens. We'll bring this suggestion up for factions that would find it necessary or useful.
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