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  1. Report against 4621_2618 and 1744_8342

    @owen gardiner this is death match, you have no reason to kill that specific officer as they did nothing to you, especially for just a ticket. Players will be punished. Thanks for reporting @Alex Donnelly owen gets 2 week ban due to prior admin records and other person gets 3 day ban.
  2. [Appeal] Mason Savage

    This is a terrible example of a ban appeal. You don't understand what you did wrong, so let me explain. The entire interaction you had was you trying to find a reason to attack another individual and in doing so you pulled a shotgun out of nowhere with no roleplay. DM is having a poor reason to kill another individual and an officer simply trying to get your ID is a poor reason. It is stated in the rules that you may attack for an attempt to be placed under arrest but a better example would be if you are being chased, you clearly showed no regard for your own life as you were surrounded by heavily armed officers who are trained to shoot and distinguish a situation at all costs. Maybe if you at least roleplayed grabbing the shotgun you would realize that as all the officers would immediately have pulled a gun and aimed it at your character, as well as shouted to put your hands up and stop reaching for it. Furthermore, as you didn't have a weapon license and the shotgun was visible (your character had no where to hide it) the officers would have done this earlier in the RP interaction in which case your character would have displayed fear and put their hands up. Denied, has no consideration for what they did wrong and puts blame on the administrator for their wrongdoing. I hope you realize in the future that RP isn't just to always "win" in an interaction, and to always RP instead of finding reasons to kill. I believe a DM server would better suit a person of those interests.
  3. 12 hours is so people don't memorise their answers and try again, makes it harder to bypass and filters out players who aren't willing to read and brush up on RP knowledge before coming in. Archiving, solved
  4. How to store a weapon

  5. I can't join.

    Archiving -- Probably was using a different client
  6. [Appeal] Michael Perrotta

    Will give you the benefit of the doubt, not much can be seen in the video. Make sure your client is in perfect condition for the future in regards to desyncing issues (if you see floating cars, fix it or don't play here) and having 0 cheats installed on your system.
  7. [APPEAL] Ray Sweets

    You have the week to cool off (expires on 18/Jul/2017 19:09) don't come back with a shitty attitude again.
  8. David Pelletier banned for VDM

    First of all, next time please use the correct topic title format. [Appeal] Firstname Lastname, there is a notice about this. However, since this is minor and not relating to your account specifically I will let this one slide. The registered IPs do match, I have unbanned yours. Be careful next time letting your friends register with your PC.
  9. If you can read, you can read what this states. Any topic that doesn't follow this will be instantly denied from now on. You should know that if you want to be unbanned you must put full effort into your appeal. No more half assed unban appeals, you are just wasting your own time - It will be denied. Thanks, harmdone Director of Administration
  10. Don't hate me but...

    This is not a suggestion, and there is a right way to complain about certain admins and police. Not every one police or admin is at fault for anything. A report a player thread can be made, with evidence, to report an admin for abuse or breaking a server rule. Police Officers may be reported to PD's Internal Affairs on their website which is done via PM. If it's a server rule, again, report a player thread. Thanks.
  11. Eclipse Staff Roster

    Eriksen was promoted to Administrator. Glubu, DutchProjectz and Krazed have been promoted to full Moderator (passed TRIAL period).
  12. Don't know how you've done it pal but even not being here you seem to have broken medic stuff O.o

  13. [1.0.7] [2017-06-10] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    It's for admin use only at the moment, working out some kinks!