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  1. harmdone

    Excited to Meet You All!

    Good luck here, good to have another streamer to support us.
  2. harmdone

    Hey you guys!

    Glad you liked the videos posted by our members, welcome.
  3. harmdone

    Melfer's Introduction

    Don't know you from SAMP but enjoy GTA:V RP here, it's much more advanced script-wise.
  4. harmdone


    This is a ridiculous form of spam. Warned, archived into Discussions archive from Character Stories. What part of "story" do you not understand?
  5. harmdone

    Lucy says hey!

    Welcome, your English is quite good for someone who has been playing on a Latvian server. Hope you enjoy the RP here.
  6. harmdone

    Andrius says hello

    Good luck, hope you enjoy the RP here, it's quite different than GMOD. Apart from VOIP.
  7. harmdone

    Dominykas says hi.

    Welcome, good luck on your faction.
  8. harmdone

    Nick says hi.

    Welcome. 1. There's a guideline in Announcements about how to get accepted. 2. You can play when you get accepted.
  9. harmdone

    Hello everyone

    Good luck on your RP endeavors here.
  10. harmdone

    Hey Guys :)

    Welcome, don't put anything that can be MG'd in your introduction.
  11. harmdone

    Max - Jenny Moss - ban appeal

    Appeal again in 35 days and we'll consider.
  12. Hello, We have now cleared out the Player Factions forum and you are able to post a faction thread. Old faction threads that want to be moved out of the archive can contact Factions Management. Guidelines for the thread and how to properly manage your faction have been posted HERE. Follow these guidelines and you will have a much better chance of becoming Official when the time comes. Official Factions are granted the opportunity to have the /f faction chat and owning a warehouse along with member list to track your members and give them permissions to manage a warehouse, treasury, kick and invite players, and so on. After a month of faction thread activity from this day (29/SEPT/2018) you are granted the ability to apply for Official Faction Status. This will be determined by your faction's quality of roleplay. The day we are open for accepting these and having the application format will be posted then. Decisions and tracking on becoming Official are considered by our Faction Management team: Head of Factions BallinByNature Head of Legal Factions Lewis Head of Illegal Factions BallinByNature (interim) Faction Management Team Serthon Batman Dingus MusketDeezNuts Boxxy ItzKnight Contact any of these members for any questions relating to Illegal/Legal faction progression and help toward acceptance as an Official Faction. Good luck to all those who wish to apply! Thanks, Eclipse RP Factions Management
  13. harmdone

    i cant register, what is referral code?

    Moved to correct forum.
  14. harmdone

    Guidelines Toward a Good Faction (thread)

    Factions goals Every faction should have a set goal they are trying to achieve, whether that would be aggressive goals such as control over a specific territory, control over drug or weapon trafficking in the city or more passive goals such as character development, passive roleplay on your territory (selling drugs, guns on a territory where your faction usually hangs out on) et cetera. Factions have to have short term goals (such as taking over a specific turf) and long term goals (such as becoming the only mafia family in town). Having these goals helps with your faction's progression and development, and helps your gang members with what direction they’re supposed to be heading.
  15. harmdone

    Guidelines Toward a Good Faction (thread)

    Activity A faction is expected to stay active to ensure RP for other factions that will depend on yours as well. This means, for example, if you provide guns to smaller factions you are expected to keep doing so. If your faction is about to go inactive, you should notify the staff members responsible for illegal factions so that any activities, turfs or benefits can be transferred to a different faction who could take over your place and RP can continue.