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  1. Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is NOT considered to be in direct danger: • When you are in a car which engine is not stalled. • When you have a firearm drawn and are facing the other person before they attacked. • When the attacker’s view is obstructed by an object or when they turn their back on you.
  2. Hi there, I'm the reported party. As the reporter say, this started from a suppression of crimes since there's a huge war in the city, so big measures are in place. So me and the other SED operative were after this blue vehicle. At this time the suspects collided with a very hard object, but some how they continue with the pursuit. As I saw they were facing the other way around I was trying to turn my self trying to be facing the other way so they can try to pass by me. Not to block them as the reporting party stated. But their vehicle actually accelerated quite fast, hitting me. At this time I saw that my bike stalled so I proceed just in that moment to get out of my bike. And also just in that right moment the suspects also got out of the vehicle. So at this time as you can see on my POV, both parties were out of the vehicle taking out the guns at the same time. Sadly for my end as you can see on the video I struggle with TAB trying to remove the weapon out of my back, again, we were doing this at the same time, and I do not know how the reporting party took out his weapon so fast to be honest. As you can see I kicked the wall at my side cause I thought that my shotgun was already out, committed to try to open fire. So I had to look in to my keyboard to try to get out any gun, again struggling. During this time the SED officer when by pass Mister Maywheater making him aiming towards the SED officer and not me. So I continue struggling until I finally got my weapon out to Open fire to some one that Had a gun pointed at me. So I Opened fire. The SED Officer surrendered because he was still on his bike when a Weapon was aimed at him. Different situation from my side, since we both got out of our vehicles at the same time.
  3. Not going to participate. Everyone here just twist words and every one here doesn't know the hole picture.
  4. I'm sorry to hear this I really do. And if you are correct, your charge will be removed from your record. And if you send an IA report with the evidence needed the officer, may be issued with a punishment. I do not know the state of your report since I'm not an AI officer, but you should be able to send an E-Mail asking about the state of it. A Pm on gov forums. Now for the other example, you may killed your self 2 cops, but if your fiends did killed more cops you can get added with the same charge as accessory since you participated. And this is a IF. Since I do not now the situation.
  5. Now, that's something you can do IC. But I would like it to be a protest instead of a Riot, cause a riot will get people arrested.
  6. I Do agree that it takes time, but sadly that's how it goes, it have to be handle IC And to do that, evidence and investigation have to be conducted. So is almost impossible that it can be handle in a matter of 2 days. It does need time.
  7. If you want to criticize my videos go head. But I think criticizing in that way is not resolving anything. What I'm doing here is to clarify points. And I do not say that the hole PD is a holy spirit, Yes there's bad cops in the department. And it will always be. Sadly. But Terminating every officer for one reason would let the department with a very low amount of officers, may be 10 on duty. What the punishments intent in the department is to Help the officer to be a better officer and take better decisions, so in this way we can have the man power and also improve the department. Now, in RL they go thru a months of training because that their jobs. But in this server They go thru sessions that evaluate the cadets and officers. Ofc most of or none of them have Police experience, and OFC they will make mistakes, that why the punishment system is made in that way.
  8. This is my input on this: First, SD can patrol in our jurisdiction if there's a low amount of Police Officers. This is sharing jurisdiction. This goes vise versa too. If there's a low amount of Sherrifs we do patrol heir jurisdiction too. Now about the obstruction, While an officer is performing a traffic stop in this case he is just talking to the driver and the persons involved in the vehicle. What you are doing here, is getting your self involved in a situation that does not concerns you. And the officer having to deal with the traffic stop and now you slower down the investigation or the traffic stop. And this is actually considered obstruction of justice since now the officer have to deal with you too. My suggestion on this is wait till the traffic stop is done and approach the officer calmly and express your concerns. Because if you do so in the middle of the situation you are impeding to do his job. You can ask any questions you want, but there's a time and place to do so. Not in the middle of traffic stop. This can get you in trouble. Now, this doesn't mean I'm agree with the officer initial reason to pull over. because I do not know them. But I would agree with you, the officer in your video is on the wrong about the direction of the lane.
  9. Let me address you in these concerns, From what I know, Depending of the investigation out come there's a list of punishments, like it does with the Player reports. These punishments are handle from levels, like the law does, First offense, second offense, third offense, etc. Termination of officers are actually in place if you head in to the Government site, you would see suspensions and discharges that are actually public. Now again, it have to be process witch the IA team take care of. A written warning, then a suspension, then a termination. This depends in the out come of the investigation, Yes, investigations take long, why? Because the investigator needs to gather the evidence, need to gather the witnesses, etc, etc. And this takes time, since the officers do not have a Duty Schedual as in Real life. Then it comes the debate of the investigators team to reach in to an out come. Now, Officers can detain some one at an point, can be just not letting the person go, or placing him on cuffs. That's in to the officer discretion and how the suspect interacts with the officers, if he remains calm and wait for the out come he may not be even place on cuffs. But he is yelling impeding the officer to talk to some one, or acting erratically, can be place under cuffs until he out come. This individual can be under detention by the officer for a period of 48 hours. IG, this can be up to 3 hours OOC. Sadly in this server, There's not a jury and lawyers. And I would like to see that. So what the officer sees stay and that's why AI Exist so you can give your conserns. Or if a civilian have enough proves.
  10. To be honest I haven't see the IA team since they members are hidden from the department. I do agree that IA needs more people for the huge amount of complains. But again There's a low amount of officers. And ever more when they join a division, like IA. That's why the department is looking for more member to fill out stop withing the department. Right now when the server reach around 200 players may be there's only 20 officers around witch made it 10 to 1.
  11. As police officer we just double check. because In my experience, 80% of the times, the vehicle is actually stolen.
  12. I would be agree with you in this one. If he brakes the law as you say, just to talk to his buddy may be headed in disciplinary actions. But again you don't know if he saw the person and he may be wanted so he turns around to check if he really is. That's why there's Internal Affairs investigations.
  13. There's a lot of IC reason why we do ask for ID first, one of them that I can tell you is that before we get out of the vehicle we look in to the registry owner and if the driver is not the registry owner, we have probable cause that the vehicle may be stolen, in that case we proceed with an investigation, like calling the owner. During this investigation, you may be placed on cuffs to DETAIN you until we are confident that the vehicle is not stolen.
  14. For the first part I will be agree with you, with out having cause to enter the establishment may lead to disciplinary actions. Again if there's not a reason. But it may be reason that you do not know why. That is the job of internal affairs to determine. Now, the second part. Right now we are limited to the resources that the server have, we just see the name of the man that is wanted, and we do not see a Face on the MDC currently, how ever, we can role play seen the face of the guy in the MDC. So at this point we do not have a suspect description and he may be with a mask, since every one is out with a mask. So we need the ID of every one to know who is the suspect. And a warrant is more than a probable cause to search the people.
  15. Off duty cops do need to follow traffic laws. On the other hand Duty officers does not, since the law states that any emergency vehicles may park or be left in any way. These for multiple reasons. One the officer may had to run to catch a suspect, leaving the cruiser behind, Provide Traffic coverage to the scene, leaving the vehicle close to an illegal parking vehicle to check his plates on the MDC. etc etc. But the law states that emergency vehicles may disregard the traffic laws. The illegal U-turn may be because the situation requires to do so, and with out lights and siren since you don't know if he is attending an emergency like an active armed robbery or a robbery that lights and sirens may scare the criminal and there fore giving him advantage to run. There's way to many reasons that a police officer may do this actions that you are not aware off. Failure to Identify your self again is against the penal code. Again if the person is not complying at all then he is in desobay of an order by a police officer, this is an arrest able offense and the officer can use force to sedue the individual if he is refusing.
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