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  1. Correct, there was 0 intentions to colide with the reporting party. The main idea and what I was going forward is to him to slow down. Or try to avoid me. This tactic is use so the other cruisers in the persuit line would have the chance to keep up with the suspect if they are going behind.
  2. Hi as you can see on the video is a simple interception tecnic were I post my vehicle so the vehicle stops. No to pit him or anything, the intention is to make the vehicle go around me or stop by fear RP from coloring with me, make him stop. Also in the video you can see that I'm I a complete stop my little really little movement may be couse desinc issues. I actually heared in the radio that the vehicle was going in that road so I just posissioned my self in a interception way so he had to slow down or stop completely. But the comet fail to do so making him trying to hit me at high speed Making him the one under fear RP since he didn't want to slow down or stop he just went ahead and with full speed ram into the both of us. Also my vehicle is equiped with a ram bar witch provided me with cover and protection. There's a current desyn issue were vehicles move back and foward and at side, for me I was completely positioned at the side and at little to the font with out moving since I did hear the pursuit long time ago and I position my self in that way since he has passing DOC. Plus in my screen he did not hit me at all. Sadly this situation was so fast and so long I couldn't record it. Also as you can see my "interception" did not make you stop or even make you swerved. And you had plenty of room to avoid any kind of colicion at the right.
  3. +/- 1 From one side I do believe that each cruiser should have at least and most 4 vest since it would have 4 occupants. On the other side, PD Heavies already have a very low amount of Ammo, They give us the just 4 clips for each weapon. And trust me that is very low during a shoot out. I would like to have other 4 clips on the trunk of my cruiser as minimum to be honest per Officer using it so 16 clips. On the other hand none of the state of America deals with the amount of shoot outs that this RP State have and most of the times PD is heavily out numbered. Police Department adapts to the State needs. Also as a SWAT Operative, I can't count the multiples times that I ran out of Ammo during a shoot out, had to Change to my Micro then run out of micro ammo and then had to change to my side arm. Couse we only got 4 Clips for each weapon, and we do not have extended magazines as criminals do. So I agree there should be a limit for each cruiser but it shouldn't be low at all since we are a department that deals with shoot outs every single day. May be Give 4 Clips on duty belt and for SWAT and SED Operatives who have special gear give an other 4 clips on them since they have space on their Tactical vest, I have count it.
  4. I do like keeping the Love tap, when your intentions are to unbalance the opponent in to the ground and not to kill him.
  5. May be a Gov branch? That is separate from PD and SD
  6. The shooting has not been started yet and that's a series not RL
  7. When there's more than one situation on going is very hard to keep up with the RP of the person that is at the side of you. So my suggestion is simple. AS the normal chat while talking IC the white text fades out depending on the distance would be good to do the same with the /dos and /mes. So if the harder the color would be the RP near us. And as a side suggestion we can implement /highlight [IDPlayer] Where it would assign a Random color to the /mes /dos of that person so you can know who is RP with you and it would only appear in your chat with that color. So if you highlight 2 or more, they would have different colors so you know with who to RP with.
  8. But yeah, there's still an option, the thing is that that rule covers each individual. So if some one else had already rammed and other person can ram been their first attemp on both of the players. I think that's how it works. The idea here is if there's a shoot out. No ramming at all. And if you don't have a weapon, leave.
  9. So my suggestion here is a simple add-on rule to the Non RP. Shootouts are fun, Not going to denied it but what it takes the fun away completely is getting ran over by a Kamacho or even a comet. For me these type of actions are far from reality and takes the fun away during a shoot out. Realistically everyone pulls out of their vehicles and gets cover behind them. Instead of going 150 KM/H and go on a ram spree just to Win the shoot out. So my suggestion is not allowing to ran over people when a shoot out starts. Instead, fear for your life, get cover, return fire, make the scene FUN and Realistic to every one involved.
  10. Hi I been making a simple Inventory for the server. The Image explains it all. It will have some categories. This includes making the ID and the license an Item that you can get from city hall. Also making the money an Item. I have to code to share with the developers if they want to proceed
  11. Player(s) being reported: Mike Hawkey Date of interaction reported: 15/01/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 15 mins before -> 1579144392 Your characters name: Arnold Williams Other player(s) involved: None Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) In a situation where a player gets away from an incident where they're being chased/pursued, they must wait 15 minutes before they can logout. Players should not instigate roleplay situations if they do not have time to play it through. How did the player break the rule(s)? We logout while I was transporting him to DOC to avoid the Jail Time. Also he never answered on discord. Evidence of rule breach:
  12. Okey, I hear you xD One solution is to downgrade the current times and upon getting sentence on court have a multiplayer.
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