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  1. I am very good at music. I cannot sing or produce it though. I have no recording software at my house back in Ohio. However i am very good at composing music and giving people advice and helping people make their music. Perhaps i can be involved in that because i am great at that.
  2. Not a lot to write about this one, kind of self explanatory and it may add a good bit of rp between the two departments and could make a lot more rp for law enforcement because you have two agencies to pick from. Perhaps a HR police officer could be made chief of this i don't know how it would work, just an idea atm.
  3. With the /me /do and the criminal cannot die, they already do that. When i was working for the MD i had to call PD for a stolen bike. The officer got out his fingerprint kit and printed the bike and it came out as stolen. They already do things like that
  4. This is completely irrelevant, but have y'all thought of making Blaine County Sheriffs Department? I don't know how it would work exactly but it would bring a tad more rp
  5. Them make like "Court Police" That take all the information gathered and they take the suspect, take them to their holding cell in the courthouse and take them to their court case then they can call DOC to take them to jail afterwards.
  6. Things like that of DOJ, Lawyer firms have been suggested but never followed through with. I too think there should be a court system. For some reason it keeps getting denied
  7. If the police force care to carry out an investigation, they will do so. If it is not needed then you politely ask to speak to the officers supervisor and explain the situation to them. All of these criminals act like dicks towards the police and expect the cops to listen to them. They are most likely lying anyway.
  8. And he is saying that if you just stop and recognize government power then this wouldn't be a problem, rather than just running everytime you think you are going to get arrested. The cops are well trained and professional. The system is fine.
  9. If you watch on youtube, real life police shootings {Type "Police Activity" into YT} you can see that most of them fall with 1-2 gunshots
  10. I work alongside Detective. Palmer, my kind sir. All that I ask is that this gets made into a proper job rather than just a small team. Like I said I had a meeting with the assistant chief and detective Palmer. I think it was the assistant chief but it was Definitely Detective Palmer. Is there anybody that I can speak to that will take on board my idea.
  11. I had a meeting with Detective Palmer, and he wanted it to happen you can ask him yourself. He actually said he LOVED the idea
  12. Los Santos Gang Investigation Program HISTORY: On the 31st of December 2019, Mr Ted Edward Anderson came up with an idea to assist the police in somewhat of a "Group". After three weeks of this groups activity, it reached 12 members. Mr Anderson shortly realised, his project was not going in any sort of good direction and was attracting the wrong groups of people. On the 21st of January 2019, Mr Anderson came up with a better idea to make a Gang Investigation program to assist the police department. After months of thinking, he had finally done it. Mr Anderson started to look around for people to join his newly formed group, but he soon again realised it was still attracting the wrong people. So he spends 1 week thinking about this and on the 29th of January, Mr Anderson decided he'd had enough of this job and joined Los Santos Emergency Medical Services where he couldn't still get this business idea out of his mind. Finally, he receives enough money to purchase vehicles, weapons and a suit. He spends another week researching on new methods to approach this and he finally came up with bundles and bundles of paperwork full of ideas and presentations. On the 20th of February, he got his chance to pitch to a large audience full of strangers at the gas station, They loved his work and wanted to hear more so he decided to make surveys on gang crime. He asked 320 people over the course of a week if they are affected by gang-related crimes and 311 of them said yes. He was finally getting somewhere with all of this effort and money. To his desire, on the 27th of March 2019, he finally pitches in front of a few High Ranking Police officers, one of which was Detective Palmer and after an hour of pitching, they loved his investigative ideas and wanted him to go out and recruit people for this program. CURRENT SITUATION: Our Current situation is looking good so far, at this moment we have a dress code. Suits and ties so we look professional out on duty and while investigating different situations. We have work in progress database's that are currently being used for updating situations. We investigate all things to do with gangs and anything that could Possibly be gang-related. One of our short term goals is to put a lower percentage on those high gang-related crimes (Kidnappings, Robberies, Drug Deals) and if possible to stop them in certain areas. We will constantly be having patrol units all around town (Marked and unmarked) to monitor gang-related crimes. We will also have undercover units inside of gangs to monitor and tell us what they are doing etcetera. That job will only be handed out to the best trained Investigators. Our factions will wear dark/light grey suits with a white undershirt, a red tie and grey pants and either brown/black smart shoes. This is to keep the professionalism inside of the faction. We use radios, 10 codes and different radio transmissions to contact each other, we are also armed in case a worst-case scenario occurs and we need to deal with it. We will operate all around Los Santos and other miscellaneous areas of the map to ensure our units are fully aware of what is going on in and around Los Santos. Future Plans: Our future plans as a faction are various. Most aiming towards peace and smaller gang activities. A nice goal to have would be to eliminate all gang-related activity; however, that would be unrealistic since we cannot put a stop completely to it. Our future plan is to stop people constantly getting held up by various gangs and to jail and collect information about various gangs. We would like to get to know the gangs and make sure we limit their moves and to make sure the PD is always one step ahead of them. For instance, if we have a covert unit inside of a gang saying that gang are about to hold up a shop, we would inform the PD and they would be there before the gang are even there, hiding and waiting for them to come over so they can be arrested. We will also like to gain access to our own building and perhaps some undercover vehicles with lights on perhaps. We would also like to be able to visit prisoners and interrogate them to get information out of them in order to give us even more of a head start on the gangs. We also hope to put an end to gangs that are just starting up and perhaps are thinking about it in order to decrease both current gangs and gangs that are to exist. Side Notes: We have already had a meeting with the HR's in the PD and we would like to make this official. They liked our idea, we have a few members now so we would like to make this faction a real faction otherwise people will just leave because they can get better job. Detective Palmer, stated he really liked our idea.
  13. In real life, if someone get's shot like once they would fall to the ground in pain. Set it so when someone get's shot it would randomize to that they fall to the ground within a random 1-3 shots. So one time you would fall down with one shot. Another time with 2 and another time with 3. All completely random. I think this would make it more realistic for when you get shot.
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