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  1. TommyV

    [AUCTION] International Online Unlimited

    I'll give you $1,000,000.
  2. TommyV

    Prison Overhaul - With details on how.

    It'd be slow going to begin with I imagine, in terms of people being online, but I assume PD has people online most hours, possibly it could have a system to allow PD officers to switch into prison uniforms in the quiet hours of the day or something.
  3. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    Gotta Keep them guns functional!
  4. TommyV

    Prison Overhaul - With details on how.

    The issue with making the prison job easily accessible is that it could be so simply abused by anybody who quickly throws a uniform on and decides to let us criminals out. As much as I'd like that, it's not very RP friendly and wouldn't make sense. People need to follow the same process taken to get into MD or PD to prevent this from happening.
  5. TommyV

    Prison Overhaul - With details on how.

    Yeah thanks man, I was hoping people would bounce ideas off each other to improve this system even more.
  6. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    You'll find us everywhere. : ) You know what we look like based on our screenshots!
  7. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    Added a screenshot to the roleplay screenshot section.
  8. TommyV


    The previous VOIP system was a lot more intensive and resource heavy. The new one needs some ironing out and tweaks and in theory should fix a lot of the issues the old one had. Voice shards via radio don't happen anymore. I think the transition period will be a little rough but in the end it should be beneficial in all ways. : )
  9. TommyV

    Change Bleet colour

    +1 Nice little quality of life suggestion. I'd like to see this adjusted.
  10. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    Glad you enjoyed your experience with us! 🙂 Added more RP pictures to post 3.
  11. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    Added 3 new images to the 'Roleplay images' section! And one new image to the beauty shots section!
  12. TommyV

    Quality of Life / Polling system

    +1 Great idea, I think the suggestions board right here already covers it assuming there's a lot of good suggestions coming through with homogeneous agreement, however, it would be great to have a nice little element of RP involved in a polling booth. Possibly rotate the questions on a weekly basis, have a /vote 1 /vote 2 etc for each option, similar system to how you choose which tickets to pay in PD. Fast way of gathering Data for the founders on important server decisions. Helps improve the community if they feel their opinions are validated. Good stuff!
  13. TommyV

    Prison Overhaul - With details on how.

    It seems there's a general consensus that this would be a good thing, including the jail time. To the few who feel the jailtime would suck - Be better at getting away with crimes, surely? 😉 IRL criminals operate more intelligently than a shootout with police until SWAT turn up and arrest you. Operate underground/ out of sight, try not to get caught, but realise that if you're caught there is consequences. :)
  14. Date and time (provide timezone): N/A (Always happens) Character name: Tommy Vangore Issue/bug you are reporting: A lot of men's clothing still do not have undershirts (Main one I care about is waistcoats! 🙂 ) Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: EXAMPLES of how it should look:
  15. Prison Overhaul I’d like to first clarify my position before you read on; I roleplay as a criminal and will try to provide as balanced of a write-up as possible to allow both sides of the legal spectrum to enjoy the experience. I know this has been suggested multiple times before, but I believe a more in-depth format might catch developer attention. This is to go in tandem with the issues happening between PD and Criminals also. Criminals do not fear punishment for their actions currently. Shoot up PD, get 2 hours in prison AFK, then return to the game and do it all over again. In addition, I believe this would help negate the frequent deployment of SWAT which is frustrating the criminal roleplayers. SWAT would need to be deployed much less often if people actually feared going to prison because of long jail times and therefore might choose to carry around heavies less frequently, and so-fourth. The main issue with long jail times? Boring. To solve this; a more dynamic roleplay experience is required within the prisons. I propose increasing jail times from 2 to up to 24 hours (possibly more), but ONLY with the addition of these extra roleplay elements to prevent people from being bored out their minds within jail. I think sentences should vary based on the crimes. The LSPD handbook could be crossreferenced using the fine amount as a guide for how much jail time should be used for each crime. I appreciate all of this is a huge undertaking with a lot of scope, which is why I’ll try to break it down to make it easier to see for the purpose of implementation. ______________________________________________________________ Prison Guard Faction I believe that either the PD should have a division for prison guard which rotates on a basis that suits the PD, possibly officers could go to a location and do the same thing they do when they put on SWAT gear with a / command and then are changed into a uniform suitable for prison guarding. I believe this is fundamental in a successfully operating roleplay experience within the prison. If no guards are around to get inmates out of cells and/or around to interact with, people will get bored. Guards should be equipped with tasers, batons, able to use cuffs to restrain unruly inmates and also should be able to possess the ability to increase sentences for inmates who commit crimes whilst in prison. Guards would be allowed to do routine inspections of prisoner cells to search areas if they felt necessary. (There should be a 4 slot inventory system under each bed to allow people to keep things.) Guards would also be able to do routine patrols of the grounds of the prison in set circuits and have patrol cars stationed outside or possibly patrolling. Prison guard ranks would work the same as PD ranks with some slight adjustments. (See ranks from left to right.) Correctional Officer | Sergeant | Lieutenant | Deputy Warden | Warden ( I believe there a separate uniform also used in GTA Online/GTA Singleplayer that could be applicable for these guards) Duties of these officers will be described later in the report as I explain how the prison system should function on a day-to-day basis. ______________________________________________________________ Prison Day To Day The schedule would go as follows (ALL TIMES ARE IN-GAME TIMES); 11pm | Lockup in cells for sleep 7am | Shower time 8am | Cafeteria food time 10am | Free time (Access to the yard and prison facilities*) 1pm | Cafeteria food time 3pm | Free time (Access to the yard and prison facilities*) 7pm | Cafeteria food time 11pm | Lockup in cells for sleep These actions would be encouraged by the prison guard, requesting all prisoners to be ready in their cells for each event and if not receive disciplinary action. Prisoners would be allowed to reject wanting to go to the shower or for food but would have to remain in their cells for the duration. Offending prisoners within the prison would have their schedule shifted around to spend more time in cell lock-up for misbehaving. ______________________________________________________________ *Prison facilities and roleplay opportunities Prisoner Outfit Upon entering prison, players should be changed into an orange jumpsuit, use the same code that is applied when taking jobs like the farmer job for example. Upon leaving the prison, players are able to remove their outfit. This would also allow police to see escaped convicts who havn’t had time to change out of their prison clothes yet. Cash Each day prisoners would be allowed to withdraw up to £500 (possibly more if it makes RP sense) for food, drinks, items from the prison shop and other things they choose to purchase. List of purchasable items from the vendor; - Multiple food items - Better behaved prisoners get access to paper to write notes - Better behaved prisoners get access to pencils + sharpeners (for notes, but sharpeners could be tampered with to remove the blade and create a prison shiv with a pencil/toothbrush, etc.) - Non-alcoholic beverages - A card which allows phone access for limited times - Any other cool things you can think of. Players would also be able to gamble their money in the cafeteria as well; using the poker table code here would work well to keep prisoners occupied. Players may also be able to earn more money doing prison jobs, for example cleaning the floors, working in the shop, cooking in the kitchen etc. (all could be done via roleplay or small jobs that can be /takejob during your time at the prison. Visitation Use an area of the prison to place assets to allow prisoners to have visitation. This could be an interesting way to allow players to smuggle drugs and other items into the prison. Guards could do a /me searches the man, /do Do I find anything and if the prisoner has a justifiable roleplay reason as to why the guard can’t find an item on the prisoner, they manage to smuggle it into the prison. Visitors should also be provided the option of bail to get their inmate out on early release at visitation. This money should be submitted directly into the PD treasury and should go towards funding their guns which should be in-turn purchased using the treasury. (Other methods of funding should include fines received for arrests, but that whole issue is for another suggestion thread about removing scripted guns etc.) Bail amounts could either reduce sentences by 'X' amount or get them out immediately (cash and game play balance dependent.) (I assume you are able to create custom interiors using game assets from GTA5 and I am happy to provide a design layout for a visitation room) Prison Escape There should be multiple methods that allow external gangs/members to attempt a prison breakout or possibly internal ways via breaking out of a gate or door using a hand-made item/lockpick. Blunt force break-ins with guns should be very difficult for criminals to achieve, the officers should have access to MP5s and Carbines from within the prison, but only if necessary, not at all times - Collected via an armoury room. Prisoners should be able to attempt to break open metal gates etc and have their lockpick break if they fail. If they run out, the aforementioned patrolling guards can taze and possibly shoot if enough of a threat is available. In addition, officers can return them and for an extended sentence if they are caught. Injured prisoners should be able to be placed into a prison infirmary for their recovery. DM rules regarding prison escape: Guards should be allowed to shoot down any prisoner who is escaping to prevent him from getting away, in turn returning him to the infirmary. Anyone breaking out a prisoner can NOT shoot a guard unless they’re directly threatening the life of an inmate (i.e shooting an escaping prisoner as mentioned.) For criminals to break into the prison successfully, the smartest course of action would be to take a guard at gunpoint and threaten them to do as they ask. i.e open gates, etc etc. (This should be geared in favor of the police system and prisons shouldn’t be a case of easily breaking someone out, although I believe the option should definitely be available.) ______________________________________________________________ If you feel you need any more clarification on anything, i'm happy to elaborate.