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  1. +1 This would additionally enhance the ability for players to do delivery services for goods, i.e alcohol etc and allow criminals to smuggle drug sales into legal jobs. Nobody carries cash so if things could be handled via phone wire transfer (maybe a requirement of proximity) would open up a large opportunity for criminals + then in turn police to put down sting operations to catch criminals selling drugs out their vans etc. With a bit of revision, this suggestion could be very beneficial and i've brought it up before. I'd like to see it.
  2. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    A few shots at the bar to celebrate a good recent meeting.
  3. It'd be slow going to begin with I imagine, in terms of people being online, but I assume PD has people online most hours, possibly it could have a system to allow PD officers to switch into prison uniforms in the quiet hours of the day or something.
  4. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    Gotta Keep them guns functional!
  5. The issue with making the prison job easily accessible is that it could be so simply abused by anybody who quickly throws a uniform on and decides to let us criminals out. As much as I'd like that, it's not very RP friendly and wouldn't make sense. People need to follow the same process taken to get into MD or PD to prevent this from happening.
  6. Yeah thanks man, I was hoping people would bounce ideas off each other to improve this system even more.
  7. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    You'll find us everywhere. : ) You know what we look like based on our screenshots!
  8. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    Added a screenshot to the roleplay screenshot section.
  9. TommyV


    The previous VOIP system was a lot more intensive and resource heavy. The new one needs some ironing out and tweaks and in theory should fix a lot of the issues the old one had. Voice shards via radio don't happen anymore. I think the transition period will be a little rough but in the end it should be beneficial in all ways. : )
  10. +1 Nice little quality of life suggestion. I'd like to see this adjusted.
  11. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    Glad you enjoyed your experience with us! 🙂 Added more RP pictures to post 3.
  12. TommyV

    The Shadow Cartel

    Added 3 new images to the 'Roleplay images' section! And one new image to the beauty shots section!
  13. +1 Great idea, I think the suggestions board right here already covers it assuming there's a lot of good suggestions coming through with homogeneous agreement, however, it would be great to have a nice little element of RP involved in a polling booth. Possibly rotate the questions on a weekly basis, have a /vote 1 /vote 2 etc for each option, similar system to how you choose which tickets to pay in PD. Fast way of gathering Data for the founders on important server decisions. Helps improve the community if they feel their opinions are validated. Good stuff!
  14. It seems there's a general consensus that this would be a good thing, including the jail time. To the few who feel the jailtime would suck - Be better at getting away with crimes, surely? 😉 IRL criminals operate more intelligently than a shootout with police until SWAT turn up and arrest you. Operate underground/ out of sight, try not to get caught, but realise that if you're caught there is consequences. :)
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