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  1. That’s not VDM that’s pitting Someone. That allowed you are on a open highway
  2. how much for the 3g in vespucci canals whats the highest offer ?
  3. Current offer is 600k
  4. Yeah tried it. It just stayed in the house
  5. So I have a car in my in house parking. If I was to sell the house with the car inside the house parking. What would happen to the car would it be pushed out of the parking put into mors insurance or deleted
  6. iv updated the apartment inside to add 3 more lockers and new floor
  7. bump still isnt fixed need a head admin to resolve from what admin have been saying
  8. 375k. Contact me. 4545975. Ghost. Or email NNEZZIE#[email protected]
  9. i have two in the location same building iv just rented one out can give you the other but it is 15k per week
  10. Character to be refunded: Jamez_Stpatrick Date and time of incident: 17th September 2019 10am BST Requested refund (what and how much): 6 heavy pistols 2x empty .50 pistols 2x knifes 3x bags 75x heavy ammo 7x red-lockers Description of incident resulting in loss: we recently moved to a new house and we moved all the items from my apartment to the new house and placed down all the lockers from my old house and put the items away into the lockers then it was getting late so we both went to bed the next day we loaded in to find everything we did in the house was reset/ lost and nothing was saved all items lost we found out via discord that there was a bug that happened and was announced Evidence of loss: Comments: I have worked hard to achieve the items we own, i am a gun seller by trade and this has hurt my income massivly as that same day i got a new car BALLER LE and that is now also bugged and stuck in my house parking (bugreport https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/25767-cant-get-my-car-out-of-house/?tab=comments#comment-130454 ) we are not here to try and gain anything just for the stuff we owned back i have no up to date imagines or videos to provide proof but we did have admin come help us a few times with the house to remove alot of lights above the house its been a very annoying past few days with the lose of items and the car being bugged its really dampened our role-play fun but we understand these things happen many thanks jamez_Stpatrick
  11. Date and time (provide timezone): 18:35 BST Character name: Jamez_Stpatrick Issue/bug you are reporting: last night i put my car in my house before logging off for the night its a new car that i recently that day when i search /vehicalstats it says car is in house parking but when i view the house it doesnt say its on the list iv spoken to one admin and he said he cant help on that and said i needed a head admin to sort Expected behavior: dont know what you mean by this Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: all i did last night was put the car into my house and log off for the night when i got back on this morning it wasnt there i also lost furniture in my house 3 bags 6 heavy pistols 2 empty ,50 pistols 2 knifes and alot of random stuff Vehicle license plate number*: Y4SJNKB4
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