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  1. Rent for this property will be collected at the start of each month ((Weekly every Monday $20,000)) CONTACT ME AT: #4309161 Welcome to 3 Alta Street! -Here you can find: 2x Private garage spaces which are guarded by 24 hour CCTV 1x Bathroom with a deluxe shower Anti- theft security system which is implemented as an airlock An extremely big and long deluxe kitchen, which is perfect for cooking a good sunday roast whilst the Los Santos sun is bestowed upon you. 2x Kingsize bedrooms with access to their own balcony Aswell as a majestic view over Los Santos which faces the gigantic Maze Bank building.
  2. Semi Maxed Contender at 200k Contact me on #4309161 or Email me at [email protected] ((forum message))
  3. Good luck, looks good so far.
  4. Looks really good so far! Cant wait to meet you boys in game.
  5. Looking good so far! Best of luck to all involved.
  6. thread looks really good so far! Best of luck to all involved.
  7. Willing to renegotiate and/or accept trade. #4309161
  8. nice thread lads, best of luck!
  9. yet it still hasnt been implemented...
  10. this looks really neat! Best of luck to all of you involved.
  11. Ever had a vehicle breakdown in some god awful place... bad right, well to make things worse, imagine no mechanics are online/certified to respond... even more frustrating i know. So here's what im proposing: Why don't we have IC mechanic lessons available to the public that they can apply (ICLY with a background check) from any auto-service shops such as Bayview on the forums. They can take IC lessons at any auto service shop and upon passing should be made to pay a small fee and then they can have the ability to purchase repair kits from said places (so autoservices such as LSC and Bayview dont lose any money from doing repairs that they do normally) that they can use it themselves from their inventory to fix their vehicle. And like a Medical license that can be obtained from the LSEMS website, this can also have a licence to show that they are qualified and are able to purchase kits. (I was thinking an AI should be spawned at both LSC and Bayview in which players can interact with and buy the said repair kits.) This makes it easier for people who are always breaking down during quiet hours and removes the long waiting time for a mechanic to respond during the servers 'not so populated hours' hence why im not suggesting in any way that mechanics shouldn't be able to respond for repairs at all if this is ever implemented, but simply gives them a chance to do something about it rather than to log off in frustration. Let me know if you disagree/agree as i am always open to scrutiny
  12. Very nice thread, best of luck to all
  13. +1 Couldn't agree anymore, sick of putting in heavy hours just to pay nearly half my wages to the GOV when i aint even that rich.
  14. @Archaeah Im taking a break from Crim Rp so no this thread isnt active yet but it will be up and ready soon.
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