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  1. Drugs Cooking The time has come for Albani to start making money by cooking illegal drugs mainly cocaine ,MDMA and amphetamine just like they did in 1990s before arriving to Los Santos as they were very popular and well known for drug trafficking. they had all the labs in different locations around the Los Santos set up ready to make money. they have been working hard to keep a secret and protect it from any enemies. We have turned one of the apartments into one of the labs. With security doors in place for extra security. When you enter the labs you will see that there is a lot of room for tables to be places and for Albani to make a lot of money. The safes were carefully placed on the wall so we can store all of our supplies in a safe place. The tables were bought and shipped to us , and the vents were installed. The only thing that’s left to do is to gather materials and start cooking. Ower one night of cooking Albani made a profit of over $250k This was by far one of the most profitable nights for Albani a lot more cooking to come.
  2. New Start For New Members. Alabni had a member that had two good friends that wanted to join Albani. It was very good news for all the "Albani" members as the are looking for New strong members. David one of the "Albani" members introduced them to Lucky the king pin of the organisation the two new men made a great impression on Lucky they showed a lot of respect to him. After Knowing the two guys a bit more "Albani" decided to check them out in few store robberies to see what they can do. We set a meeting with the two new guys outside the store. After setting up a plan of action they knew what to do and it was time to put the masks and latex gloves on, forget about all the other stuff and go in and do the job and that's what they did... The two new guys did absolutely great. After 6 sucesfull robberies Lcukcy was very proud of them and surprised at the same time. Lcuky wanted to check out one more think before officaly recruting the new mens. Lucky wanted to test them out in a street fight . After testing them out in a street fight Lucky took them to the Apartament to introduce them to all of the "Albani" memebers and officialy recrut them and give them the uniforms. After successful meeting the two guys are the offical members of the "Albani" family.
  3. Early Morning Very early morning for some of the "Albani" Members. Albani's are out on a patrol making their presence known around the Los Santos.
  4. Looking for the owner of the warehouse on Grove St. 2 Contact me: 3089930
  5. Time To Take A Break And Chill "Alabni" After a long day "Alabni" decided it was time to relax and chill as we are pretty good in taking breaks we know when its time to step aside and chill out. "Albani" chilling drinking , fishing and enjoying the beautiful view.
  6. Drug Labs This was the time to make some reall money just like in the old days when we were very well known for large drug trafficking and now it was our time take our claim of the criminal activity in Los Santos. Albani gatgered and secured a drug lab. Plan was very simple as we had 1 man from the "Cartel de sinalao" helping us he was picking up marijuana plants and turning them in to seeds and replanting marijuana. While 5 of "Albani" were on a lookout to secure the place in case someone comes in. There was also another few "Albani" members on the radio waiting for the back up call. Albani"cleaning out the weeds at one the drug labs. After spending very stressful night at the drug labs and collecting over 500 plants it was time to chill and rest before doing another actions...
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