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  1. Once clicking post everything changed to this ^ Character name(s): Dizzi Caliber Admin who issued punishment: dawpi Date of punishment: 26/10/2020 Punishment received: Permanently Banned Reason given for punishment: Cheating The missing statements ^
  2. 26/10/2020 Hello, my name is Dizzi Caliber, and Dawpi had permanently banned for cheating reasonably recently. I was perplexed because I was online just driving around hanging out with some friends when it happened it Eclipse. Once this happened, I had instantly gone to the forums and noticed others were being banned simultaneously as my ban for the same reason. When I was banned, I had become bewildered because I was being accused of cheating. First, I had thought it was a bug, and then, I had been told that others from the gang had been banned as well. As a relatively respected and High Comm
  3. Dizzi Caliber

    DM 120 ID

    @alexalex303 Thank you for responding. The RP scenario started at the exit of Sea Lab. The location has a high crime rate due to the drug lab which produces illegal high value narcotics. Due to the revelry between our gangs I was giving call outs on the radio about a triad car pulling out of the lab. [00:36] of my POV clearly shows the player noticing me and later seeing me giving call outs on the radio. [00:57] The player clearly drifted whiles being chased by now 2 vehicles. Through out the chase the player didn't take his life seriously as he continued to drift while "trying to escape"
  4. Dizzi Caliber, ID 326 - My bad, I'm used to changing the radio frequency when I'm about to get injured. It was my mistake of doing in this situation and I didn't mean to break the Fear RP. Also sorry for the late response I'm not sure why but I didn't get notified in game.
  5. ID 502 Dizzi Caliber- First of all we had no intentions of robbing them but only teaching them a lesson. The whole situation from my perspective started when i got informed that they try to ambush one of my friends ( ID 111 ) and since he was outnumbered we went to help him. The first location where i met both parties was at LSC where they have kept distance between each other since one one party was painting their car while the other one was on the move. When the "pink crew" was seen leaving we followed them to the clothing store where we first approach them. When we approach them they starte
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