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  1. Looks great guys. Best of luck to you
  2. Looks amazing. Excited to see where it goes. Best of luck
  3. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Ricky Brasco Character to Transfer To: Valerio Valentino Requested Transfer: Asset # $ 125,000 Asset # Asset # Reason for Transfer: Ricky and Valerio are longtime friends that had been disconnected due to their lines of work. While Ricky was getting involved with with organized crime, Valerio took a different path and joined the military. Upon returning from service, Valerio reached out to Ricky, letting him know that he will moving to Los Santos to potentially start a career. So Ricky being a good friend, decided to get him a little welcoming gift. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I would be transferring the assets with the help of Yuki Zhou or Dray Wrzosek Does the character you're transferring from have an active loan with a loan company? No Does the character you're transferring from have an active debt? If so, how much? No
  4. Rickyriggz

    Id 191 DM

    Hello I would like to mention something since I am involved in this situation (ID 78). I find it amusing how you question our standards of rp when your vehicle had just finished flying into a wall at full speed causing your vehicle to flip. Furthermore while having multiple guns pointed at you guys, your passenger proceeds to jump out and open fire, not valuing his life in the slightest. The best part about your statement is in the video it shows how we attempted to RP with you by not immediately opening fire on you and instead making demands to get out of the car, despite having full DM rights on both of you. Oh yeah, nice discord call.
  5. Rickyriggz

    Los Zetas

    Hope you soon recover from the traumatic event
  6. Rickyriggz

    Los Zetas

    Joined Zetas a little over 6 months ago and I can easily say that it was by far the best experience I ever had on ECRP. I never thought that anything could beat the memories that I made working at Bayview for 9 months, but man was I wrong. Makes me wish I would have joined sooner so I was able to experience more with my brothers in blue. Even as a Bayview Mechanic I always admired Zetas and the deep bond they shared with not only each other but also with their allied gangs. When I first joined Zetas a lot of my legal friends would ask me how it felt to have a whole gang to back me up when I made the call. Honestly, the best part was knowing I had their backs, still do, always. Even though Zetas disbanded I know that this isn't the end for blue.
  7. First off I would like to thank Jasmine for taking this report and I would like to thank Devonte for taking the time to report this heinous rule break. First off I would like to address the video of me “swerving”. In that video you can see me gaining speed in the braddocks and maintaining a very high speed for a few more seconds until I drop back down to 200-210 mark. The reason why I dropped off is because I WASNT swerving. Braddocks tunnel is an area that EVERY retro driver knows is a good spot to hit those “bumps” and gain those very high speeds, no swerving required. Secondly I would like to address the video of me “admitting to swerving”. This part for me is a prime example of someone reaching for anything they can grab. So in the video you can see our convoy chasing Devonte who’s clearly swerving attempting to gain very high speeds. After a few swerves he succeeds and ends up gaining a huge gap and at which point I make the “I need to swerve to keep up”comment . The best part about this is in that whole video I never even passed the drag or the hellfire gauntlet. Trust me, had I been swerving I would have been right next to Devonte, throwing up gang signs from the window. Thank you
  9. Lovely place. Lots of memories. Good luck on the sale
  10. +1 To everything that was said. I would like to thank Bruce, Flint and all the other people who've tried. It is what it is I guess.
  11. You are allowed to purchase as many tickets as you wish.
  12. THE TAVERN PRESENTS HIP HOP CLASSICS Saturday May 23rd @ 7:00PM UTC JOIN US AND RELIVE THE GOLDEN ERA OF HIP HOP LIVE DJ - FOOD & DRINKS (500$ Drinks, 700$ each bar menu item) General Admission - 3000$ includes 1 item from bar menu + 1 drink VIP - 5000$ includes 1 item from bar menu + 1 drink + 1 free dance (Attire will be old school hip hop themed)
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