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  1. Selling multiple vehicles, open to trades. Contact me #5724107 Contender (Maxed 1/2 Turbo, 3/5 suspension)-170,000$ (Below stock price) Rapid GT (Maxed 1/2 Turbo, 1/5 suspension)-330,000$ Slamvan Custom (Maxed 1/2 Turbo)- 80,000$ (Below stock price)
  2. Really happy for you guys. Salud
  3. Great work! Keep this up
  4. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Ricky Brasco Character to Transfer To: Chris Timberland Requested Transfer: Asset # 100,000$ Asset # Dominator Asset # Reason for Transfer: Ricky Brasco always enjoys helping out his friends. When he found out that Chris Timberland was in town he knew he had to reach out. Chris and Ricky met years ago. Ricky was one of Chris' students when Chris owned a boxing gym. After some time they went their own paths but Ricky always knew he wanted to make it up to Chris for everything he did for him. Eventually Ricky saved up a little extra cash and decided it was time to help Chris out like Chris did for Ricky. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? I would have Logan Brasco assist with the transfer 7
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