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  1. POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG718lu_GRE&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=RickyBrasco So the whole situation began when myself and @Driqz got pulled over by Jason Steel and Grace Morris for unknown reasons. My natural instinct was to pull over since I knew I haven't committed any crimes. As I was sitting and waiting I noticed Jason Steel doing his usual thing when pulling me over. Backs up and advances slightly as he called for additional units including x-ray. And no this isn't me assuming, it's literally what he's done every single time he's pulled me over. 10-55's wit
  2. Really solid group of guys, really excited to see where this goes. Best of luck
  3. Define realistic. Heavily armed, extremely dangerous gang members chasing hostile opposing gang members and opening fire on them after they ran over an ally for the second time? Yes, absolutely I find that realistic. It's a risk we take being criminals and unlike police officers us criminals don't care if civilians are around as witnesses and we absolutely dont care if a single cop is behind us. If our enemy assaulted our ally, we will take action. Just like if we ran over a cop, even by accident, we would get lit up like a christmas tree. It's an IC action that has IC consequences, I dont kno
  4. How you doing, Ricky Brasco here. I think Carlos' response covered everything. Frankly I normally would have shot the moment he rammed over my ally the first time but as Carlos said, we gave him the benefit of the doubt. After him running over the member of LFM head on and injuring him, I decided to open fire.
  5. Best of luck homies, I know you guys are going to kill it. If ever I decide to become active again I would love a piece of the action. Until then, get that money
  6. I can recount multiple occasions where we not only looted every cop but picklocked their cars and looted those too. The good old days
  7. I thank you for admitting this. I was waiting for someone to mention this. Glad that it came from someone who flew xray
  8. Comets don’t go over 240. If you are chasing one that does then report for big abuse. And Helis can easily keep up with a retro since the retro needs to stay on a straight to maintain 240. The moment the retro makes a turn it will need at least 5-7 seconds for it to reach 240 again which is more than enough time for a heli to catch up if it happened to fall behind. Also you claim that you don’t have a car that can keep up with the retro.. that’s a good one. I recall on a few occasions where I had 2 heli’s, 2 811s (1 was a personal vehicle), a t20, swat on drags, and about 12 cruisers on me. T
  9. Looking to sell my comet retro, please contact me at 5724107
  10. Alright so let's just touch up on this real quick. First off criminals are already limited as a motherfucker to what we can do. We cant rob on the highways because we need to "imagine" there are civilians driving. Fair enough, we do just that. Now you're being sarcastic and acting like we shouldn't drive our vehicles to their maximum speeds. So what you're saying is I unless toggle cruise at 180 during chases I cant complain about a COMMISSIONER making the call to mow me down with a .50 cal machine gun for merely felony evading? Clank if toggling my speed to 180 during a PD chase means that I
  11. You guys need to chill before this thread gets archived and everything that was previously mentioned gets tossed down the drain.
  12. +1 Personally I've never fully agreed with this rule since it came out. I understand it's purpose but I think its too restrictive. I dont think the rule needs to be removed, I think its need to be critiqued. I personally know many people who were the pillars of crim rp quit the server due to this rule. As for myself, I never once reported anyone for non rp robbery in protest of this rule, and trust me when I say I've been robbed many times in manners of which would be classified as "non rp". As Carlos and many others stated, its created an underlining fear amongst all criminals to commit
  13. Hey how you doing Krooks thank you for taking this report, I am commenting because I am involved. 1. I am the person you are impersonating 2. You stated that you interacted with me First off you claim your intentions in making this character was to join SD. Fair, many people I know make LEO alts for many reasons. Although, what concerns me about your alt in particular is on September 11th yourself and a few other Irish alts (Can be confirmed with unix and ID's in the video) were at LSC pretending to be GD and you were pretending to be me. If I recall correctly it was you (
  14. I have spoken with Brian Chambers and have decided to drop this report. I want to thank the staff for their time.
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