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  1. Goodluck Vatos. Wishing nothing but the best for you guys
  2. ID 132 here, first off I would like to know as to why I'm even in the report. I was in the Kamacho, parked in the correct lane of travel and not impeding any traffic whatsoever. It's funny how you don't show how I left not long after but instead think you're funny by adding in "5 minutes later". The real comedy in all this is your lack of sense of humor. It's late, people are tired, we always shoot the shit with officers. Gang members and officers roast each other all the time, it's a way to have a good laugh instead of always being serious (like yourself) and wanting to chase us down. Do you know how common it is IRL for gang members and cops to talk shit to one another? We bark, you bark back. That's how it works. It's not like we were shooting in the air or doing burnouts. I really find it interesting how when crims go a little too far its "cop bating" but when PD do it its "IC issue". I think this report is beyond petty and I'm very interested in seeing what the other cops have to say about this, if anything at all.
  3. Rickyriggz

    VDM/Non RP

    I would like to address this directly. As you can see in the video, no gun was drawn when you decided to ram Logan. The one person "opening fire" was your man who to be clear, never had a gun pointed to him either. I want to refer to this report since it's a very similar situation. Here you can see Jay_Gamble being rammed while getting off his bike. In this scenario he had an AK in his hands, neither Logan or myself had a gun out.
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