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  1. Hey, I wasn't told to save POV but luckily I saved it. (https://streamable.com/znysk1) After finishing up a massive fight against 6ix7even near ocean docks, backup was called at garbage chop, so I went over there and when I got there I see a MS13 finishing one of my allies so I killed him & tried to kill a few more but I ran out of ammo on my .50 so I attempted to re position so I could use my shotgun instead & then more popped out of nowhere & if I reversed I could've got killed easily so I attempted to dodge as many of them as I can and get out of there as fast as I c
  2. Hey, Kevin Slash here I have nothing to say apart from Charlie, Dara & Zane explaining the situation quite clearly & well. The reason why I killed ID 163 is because he decided to change his radio frequency when I was attempting to obtain their freq & asked him to drop his radio at gun point, which I believe is FRP due to the fact he decided to change his freq at gunpoint. POV: https://streamable.com/1xr043
  3. Hey, don't really have much to say, in my opinion I don't see any rules broken from my side as I was crouching behind the Novak & Retinue to avoid being headshotted as I felt that's realistic enough. POV: https://streamable.com/i6kadw
  4. Hey there, Riderz, thanks for taking my report. My reason for crouching and strafing side to side in a shootout is because I was really close to the person shooting my allies and his aim was at headshot level so I ducked down to avoid getting shot in the head and strafed to increase my chances of survival and not be a sitting duck. It doesn't actually make you faster than strafing while pressing left shift, while strafing standing up but holding left shift and WASD will make you move at the speed speed to my knowledge. I feel these actions are as realistic as all I am doing is low
  5. Kevin Slash here, I have nothing else to add as Isaac already explained everything & yes I do feel like I had DM rights as I witnessed the passenger shoot at my members, which gives me a reason to shoot at him.
  6. I don't see how it gives me a speed boost/advantage whatsoever, it's basically the same thing as holding shift but instead making my character smaller so it's not easier for you to headshot me or hit me at all. It'd be considered bug abusing if I decided to hold "C" then press "T" for it to lock me into crouching mode, here I pressed C and let go of it which I believe isn't bug abusing. also this is nowhere near "CWALKING" or whatever you decided to name it in SA-MP, it's actually called "C-Sliding" and it's way different from what I'm doing in the clips you've provided.
  7. hey, before I begin explaining the situation here are both of my POV's I've uploaded: (https://streamable.com/do6e8t) (https://streamable.com/dihyv4) in the beginning of my clip, you can see I attempted to give demands (wish I had microphone on in settings) but as shown on my POV I was whispering & I forgot to switch over to "normal" voice which is my mistake, my apologizes and I'll make sure this mistake doesn't happen in the future as I obviously wouldn't purposely DM someone. now in the second clip, I always crouch while shoot and no admin has ever had an issue w
  8. hello there, I don't see anything wrong with saying "paki" IC'ly , if he was offended he could've simply asked me to not say it again even though the insults are all IC and aren't supposed to be taken to heart OOC'ly, I apologize if I offended you in any way. also, I don't see how Bo get's offended with our IC insults when he says even worse to other players. https://streamable.com/9pnd8x have a good day now.
  9. Stephen has summed it up already, I pulled in as backup and expected us to hold him up but a shootout happened all of a sudden and I wasn't really expecting that, I was expecting us to hold them up and then leave as soon as we finished robbing them. Thanks for notifying me, and have a good day.
  10. Hey, Darach & Stephen basically explained why we pulled up to their HQ and decided to rob them, I was also told they shot at Darach earlier and I heard they were at LFM HQ on the radio, so I decided to respond to the backup and head there to see what's going on. I do feel like we had enough people, we had at least 5-10+ more people at the chopshop right down the road from their HQ. Have a good day now.
  11. Hello, before I start I'd like to say I do not have my POV as I realized at MD I was not recording and this is all on me. While I was patting Black Santa down I was shot from the roof to my left and one second later of me being injured the UI popped up, and on my screen Black Santa was still next to me and my character was not on the ground yet while injured as he was still falling down, so I took the opportunity to take his radio as he was still on his knees for me and right next to me, and I also remember the server lagging a bit so the /ame was possibly delayed. I'd
  12. Hello there, before I start to explain my side this is my POV (https://streamable.com/ntxrow). Now, this situation started by a shootout near butchers, so I decided to get back inside my elegy and flank the man on the BF, but then the sultan RS pulls on me and I kill them two. I've always crouched and nobody has ever had an issue with it nor is it considered bug abusing as far as I know, it's considered bug abusing if you hold "C" then press "T" it allows you to crouch without holding C which is what I didn't do, all I did was hold C. I also crouched to protect myself behind my ele
  13. Thread is looking amazing, good luck and wish y'all the best.
  14. I believe you tagged the wrong forum account as I'm Kevin Slash & not Xavier Slash, although I've notified him myself to respond to the report.
  15. I hope you realize that discord is for fucking SA-MP as well, maybe next time read #announcements and stop accusing us Slash's of "hacking" and "ban evading" you smart goblino. I would say the SA-MP name but I'd rather not get banned for advertisement, please next time before accusing us of something Slash's haven't done read the WHOLE entire discord information & announcement, and I'd like to let you know I've banned you from the discord personally. Also I'd like to add this Slash Nation discord is public and it is not some "Clown" discord that is private, everyone
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