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  1. Congratulations, well deserved. I've had a few great RP opps with y'all.
  2. +1, doesn't hurt at all to add it to the server plus seems helpful.
  3. Title says it all, has a custom licenses plate. You may send offers to 3689882.
  4. Responding as Kevin Slash. For their HQ attack I wasn't apart of the situation where the full Kamoda was given demands, I was driving a Chino custom and was heading towards Aztecas chop to go chop it, but then I heard shots at Aztecas HQ so I went there and found out it was our members shooting at a few Aztecas high commands, so basically just responding to a backup call. I'd also like to add, Aztecas & GD went to our Scrapyard turf in the city and went to where the gates were and there was a Novak parked in there so they decided to bolt cut it and attempt to chop i
  5. "and the way it affected me was the fact that I couldn’t engage in further gun fights after being immediately picked up since I had to go get food, water, and a pain killer " You literally chose to get off your bike, you could've drove off and possibly gotten away, before I even yelled demands you got off your bike so you effected yourself. Last reply unless a moderator ask for an explanation, have a good day.
  6. "What was the reason for the situation and chase?" Don't know what chase you're on about since nobody was chasing each other but I'll explain the situation; Irish & Triads had Aztecas car after picklocking their vehicles and taking it to Aztecas Chop and chopping it there, and while I was entering Aztecas chop there was an Azteca member behind me and I stalled, so I decided to get off my bike to be prepared to get robbed due to the fact we're having IC conflicts then he got off his bike so I aimed a gun at him and gave him demands. "Why did you fire shots at the individual whi
  7. Amazing edits and beautiful visuals, keep up the great work.
  8. I wouldn't report it whenever I lost nothing in that situation due to the fact I got away, it would just be pettiness so I decided to mention on here and talk about it a bit, and it always isn't one person, it is multiple people in PD who are always taking an advantage into ramming someone who is going at least 180+ KPH which puts both of our lifes in danger.
  9. Heavy +1. Recently just experienced a chase with PD/SD and one had an 811 out, while he had the 811 he thought it was a good idea to ram me with it thinking it wouldn't do any damage to the 811. Now, say that a criminal rammed with an 811, they would obviously get a non-rp yet if an SD/PD does it they'll come up with a reason saying it's not non rp because it's built to ram or some other reason they come up with. Hope to see some changes in the future with LEO factions about non-rp.
  10. ID 50 here, wish I could show you my POV but I was never informed he would be reporting nor was I told to save my POV by anyone. I can confirm that I was going 185-190 KMH from Braddox all the way to where he started to pull me over, I also didn't feel like getting arrested due to the fact I had a .50 on me so I decided to call it out on the radio because me going 190 KMH could've caused me to get arrested for Reckless Operation. Would also like to point out the fact he broke FRP in his own video.
  11. Title says it all, 3689882 is my number, SMS me offers.
  12. Responding as Kevin Slash. Really have nothing to say because Tim already explained the situation we were mentioned in. (https://streamable.com/86b92m). Thank you for notifying me, always can PM me if you have any question.
  13. Replying as Kevin Slash for section two from clip one. What was the reasoning for such a powerful show of force against a single rebular? Don't know what you mean by this but I'll attempt to answer it. Basically got a backup call that someone near Vespucci Store heard a few gun shots (could've been desync) and saw nobody that seemed suspicious other than the three-man Sultan Classic with masks on so someone started chasing them so I decided to hop on it to see what's up with these guys, then we came to a full stop and they stalled then on their screen I rammed them yet on
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