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  1. As the title states I'm looking for a nice 1G and or 2G that is in a nice secluded area where I won't be bothered by loud streets, and highways. Budget : No budget currently, but be realistic with your prices.. Thank you. Feel free to contact me via phone number : #4343778 Text should include : 1. GPS location 2. Garage space 3. Price and if It's negotiable.
  2. +1 There's been a few situations where people who I've injured either refused to move their weapon over to their inventory so they couldn't be looted by me forcing me to do 2 things.. 1 finish them off which I hate to do cause it just deprives them of rping further.. or 2 RP taking the firearm off their person which majority of the time they just stall or just completely ignore the RP.
  3. XavierLR

    VDM ID 94

    Is this report going anywhere? If not I'd like to drop it as I've deleted all my footage from the situation and rather not have to wait on other peoples footage that was also involved as I'm sure they've deleted it as well since the situation was so long ago now.
  4. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Tray Laurie Character to Transfer To: Evan Ivers Requested Transfer: Maxed Mamba Asset # Asset # Reason for Transfer: Evan Ivers just came into the city with his family to come visit a few of his friends one being his buddy " Tray Laurie " they met up had a couple drinks and talked all night about Evans experience so far in the city. After a while of chatting Evans brings up he just got hired at LSC and Tray congratulates him as he knows It's always been one of Evans dreams to get in the mechanic business.. Later that day Tray decides he's going to get a gift for Evan for getting his dream job.. He runs to motorsports buys a Maxed Mamba for Evan and is looking to surprise him later tonight with it. ((OOC REASON)) (( Havn't been enjoying crim RP that much and most of the people I used to play with are either taking a break from the server or just Crim RP in general, so decided to start up a new character for the time being. )) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Trusted friend. Does the character you're transferring from have an active loan with a loan company? Negative Does the character you're transferring from have an active debt? If so, how much? Negative
  5. XavierLR

    VDM ID 94

    To my knowledge the chase started from the reporting party ramming my ally Harley in which they called backup to which several of us responded. I don't have footage of the chase starting as I was just responding to a backup call and didn't initiate the chase. I only started recording when the reported party started to VDM.
  6. XavierLR

    VDM ID 94

    This is going to be my one and only reply to this report till told otherwise by the staff member taking the report. You say we attempted to box you in but you decide to 1. Break check which In my opinion It seems you tried to break check one of the vehicles or one of the two drags following behind to which you then decide to purposely ACCELERATE directly into the drag that's now ahead of you... You had more than enough time/space to move around the drag but instead you decide to blatantly VDM them off their bike he was in no way blocking your path whatsoever. Extended clip of #2 - https://streamable.com/8obaua I'd also like to request your POV as you said you saved it for the exact situation. : )
  7. XavierLR

    VDM ID 94

    Player(s) being reported: ID 94 Date of interaction reported: 7/30/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your characters name: Tray Laurie Other player(s) involved: Harley Pavlovich and a few others. Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Players may not kill victims who have complied with a plausible demand in reasonable time unless involved in severe hostile activity against them or an ally within 3 hours. Players on foot should only be attempted to be hit with a vehicle once with valid motive. Vehicles cannot be used as weapons in active shootouts unless where unavoidable. Players must be able to explain their reason and provide proof of prior reasoning if requested. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand. How did the player break the rule(s)? As shown in several clips ID 94 was going around ramming/attempting to ram my allies several times with zero IC reason. The reported party was also notified In-game through Pm's to save his POV which he responded that he did. Evidence of rule breach: Clip 1 : https://streamable.com/lymret Clip 2 : https://streamable.com/ms85hn Clip 3 : https://streamable.com/8veebw
  8. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Jett Albright Character to Transfer To: Tray Laurie Requested Transfer: $1,000,000 Reason for Transfer: IC: Jett Albright will be leaving the city for a long period of time to reflect on his life and see where he wants to go with it, so he'll be spending a few months possibly years with his family back in liberty city where his mother & younger brother currently stay.. With him being away from Los Santos he's decided that he'd give his friend Tray Laurie most of the cash as a thank you gift for being there for his friends in time of need weather it be money, physical, or mental support for those around him such as his friend Sergio Martin who's still hospitalized to this day. Tray Laurie is looking to better himself & get a job at LSC/Bayview, so this money would help him be on the right track and get himself properly sorted in Los Santos as he currently relies on his brothers to support him in his everyday life. As for the rest of the cash in Jett's bank account it will go towards the plane ticket, and overall his life expenses as 160k is more than enough money to live in liberty city. OOC: (( I don't see myself playing on this character anymore or at least no time in the near future due to overall not enjoying the game as much as I used to, so with that being said I'll be spending all my time further developing my relationships on Tray Laurie and just the character overall, instead of switching between the two characters constantly and obtaining very little RP from both sides since I'm unable to focus on more than one story at a time. And my application for SD was recently denied due to OOC stuff, so that was another motive to completely quit this character for the time being and just focus on my single character that I've been enjoying playing for the past couple of weeks.)) How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Trusted member within the support team. Does the character you're transferring from have an active loan with a loan company? Negative. Does the character you're transferring from have an active debt? If so, how much? Negative.
  9. Selling my Maxed Novak Looking price : 470k HE or 450k Cash if you want to go first. Can be negotiable if given a reasonable price. #2013134
  10. XavierLR


    Best of luck guys!
  11. Best of luck boys can't wait to see where yall take this.
  12. As the title states I'm currently looking for a vehicle that isn't something basic like a Rapid GT... I want a car that's Fast, Clean, and has a good amount of customization. If you have a car that meets any of these requirements feel free to contact me via my number. #2013134
  13. good people running this gang best of luck boys can't wait to see where this goes.
  14. Best of luck buddy can't wait to see what you guys provide!
  15. XavierLR

    NonRP ID 149

    Thank you again for making the report and I won't be responding any further unless told otherwise by the staff members taking the report. @Striax If you have any further questions feel free to dm me on discord, so the report doesn't get filled with a back and forward argument. Xa#0599
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