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  1. I'm in a very love hate with the changes, i think for the most part they are a good stepping stone in the right direction. But, and a big but, i do think there needs to be more scripted support for low level criminals. As someone who has been on all sides, i can say that as a fully legal character you have sooo much more script oppertunities and RP oppertunities that are not really restricted by OOC rules. Meanwhile on the criminal side, when starting out poor & uninformed as we all did at one point, i feel like hitting a tree for 6 hours in rust would be more interesting than afk fishing. TL:DR; script more low level crim activities and actually encourage them, don't want to seem a downer but i think the chances of this happening are slim to none.
  2. Itzsonzy

    PD RP

    +1, although i will say this "make an IA report !!!" attitude has been around for a long time. But then you have to think from a cops POV, they have to all day long deal with people who just ask for supervisors and complain even though they have done the crime that's been complained about. Would be nice to see more encouragement from FM on displaying good roleplay from PD, like most other factions.
  3. "New Start" After weeks of contemplating, Aki chose to make a move. She decided to leave her Family behind, and enter into a new Scene she had been watching and curious about for a long time. Even in her first days, she was impressed with the Structure & Discipline that was valued throughout the entire of Dojin-Kai. This is something Aki had longed for in her previous Family for a long time, but she recognised due to her inexperience in Leadership she was unable to give the harsh mentorship required to make her plans a reality. Luckily, the Shelby's already had a strong connection with Dojin-Kai, so when Aki decided she would like to be a part of it she was welcomed with open and respecting arms. It took a little while for Aki to adjust to the new lifestyle set out for her, but with the help of fellow Members she began getting a hold of things very quickly. As each situation passed she came more Pleased with the standard that she saw, and the operations that were done. Tray and Aki even found themselves in an interesting situation up on chilliad labs, with a member taking a wrong-timed nap they chose to stay behind on top of the hill and deal with LSSD while waiting for the member to wake up so they could escape with everyone else. Aki had had countless run-ins with Law Enforcement up until this point, so she assured Tray everything would be fine and began thinking of a story for the Officer, complemented by a hard poker face. With their Weapons tucked under the seat in Aki's car, they began to be questioned by the officer on what they were doing at a "drug" ridden place such as this. Being the resouceful person she is, Aki chose to ride with an interesting story that the Officer couldn't refute... "We are up here dogging, it's a free country" Somehow this story worked, and Aki & Tray were sent on their merry way once their fellow members had woken up. Atleast it will make an interesting one for the scrapbook she thought. After these events, things went reasonably quiet so Aki chose to take a nap. When she woke up, she was asked by her Kyodai if she was ready for a ritual that all recruits partake in, the Sakazuki. Aki knew very little about this tradition, but she trusted her Kyodai fully and entered the Dojo in high spirits. Aki and her Kyodai had a long conversation while sat in the Dojo, mainly pondering on their lives and what they had done up until this point. Aki listened well and respected everything her Kyodai said, and the life he has lived. With their spirits held high, they both cheered for the Dojin-Kai and downed their shots of Sake. After this shot, Aki began to feel light headed and requested to lay down. After doing so, she completely passed out and began to traverse the depths of her own mind. During this time, Aki spent a long while looking into herself and the things she had done up until this point. She recognised that she had made mistakes, bad choices and everything of the sort. But one, single thing remained a steel beam in her mind... "I have no regrets." She woke up to a comfy pillow on her head and her Kyodai sat near her, paitently waiting with his legs crossed. He then helped her up onto her feet, and both Teacher and Student bowed towards each other as a sign of pure Respect.
  4. Good luck, looks pretty good so far
  5. Dont see what my ID is but i am the one with the white hair who shot at you specifically. The ram had demands given long before it was taken as seen in the video. The DM was due to a situation i witnessed earlier in the day of you specifically robbing one of our members, which then lead to a shootout at loan and ended in the our member dying. Also, not to mention that this same day you had on several occasions been given demands by me and multiple people, and enganged in several shootouts. I would also like to ask while we are on a report; what is your guys IC reason for hitting our HQ?
  6. No matter what that sentence still underlines your intentions going into that situation.
  7. Hello! I'm looking for a warehouse, not looking for anything with an asking price over 3Mil. Preferably in the city and ideally in an industrial estate. Contact #3055300 with offers / properties. Will need to view location and interior before purchase!
  8. Demands from a car are still demands, it's just they do not place you under FearRP, so i think you have not followed something there. Again, the fact that he is injured means there is no RP needed to take his clothing, same as taking any of his possesions. He is RPly injured and unable to move. It's literally a 1~ second window between him getting in and the car going into the water. Up too admin at that point. I have read all relevant information and stand by what i said. You guys were fully aware of the fact that what you are doing could end up in you getting killed. Hence why you even said yourself "Take them down the alley and clap them". You may claim ignorance all you like but it doesn't really slide in my books, good day.
  9. ID 445 here, i see alot of accusations here so i'll try and go through them 1 by 1; The VDM and DM are very simple ones. As far as VDM, you can literally see in the first video that you were given demands and actively did not follow them, therefore i had the rights to ram you. On a side note on this point, i didn't even intend to ram you as i expected you to head straight forwards and not hit that left, so i didn't really slow down an anticipation. As far as the DM is concerned, again as you can see in this video we were not shooting directly at you, but at your friend stood right behind you with a gun pointed and later began shooting. As far as the NONRP and PG, i'll start with the easy one first. He was down on the ground and taking clothes has an AME, therefore i did not need to RP taking his clothes. Then onto the NONRP, i have a very strong reason to take those clothes. The reason we were chasing you in the first place was for hits on our HQ, along with the fact that the person in question had been kicked from his organization, but was still actively wearing their uniform and even going so far as to pose as a member to attempt to start beef between the organizations. I have several recordings as proof of this and will be happy to provide them to a staff member in DMs upon request. Then the car going into the water; i did not actually see it IC so i was confused as shit, but it seems to me like he got in, tried to get it free and that was the result due to where it was sat. Pretty simple explinations. And last but not least, the kidnapping. I was actually not present for this so i can't really comment at all on it. As far as i'm concerned it seems like you have just cast a very wide net with this report, without much reasoning behind it. You were both very aware of what your doing, expecially your assosiate. You knew that going around in their clothes posing as a member would represent them badly and got killed for doing so.
  10. "Calm after the Storm" Aki had taken a few days of rest and relaxation, where she spent the majority of her time at the poker table learning to play with the big boys, and hunting animals, and a few humans. She made a return by organizing an arms deal with a known contact. It was arranged on Aki's terms, and at the right price everything went smoothly. Although, this didn't stop Aki from striking a menacing pose while awaiting the contact to receive the delivery of the Merchandise. Meanwhile a Horde of eastern european Rats arrived at an unidentified location and began attempting to rob a Family member in the middle of the street. They were swiftly disposed of with pleasure, by Aki sat at a vantage point, picking them off like it was no big deal. https://i.gyazo.com/338664789431e455ec9317cde7827782.mp4 The next day lead to what was becoming a familiar sight; Aki headed over to The Source requesting a shipment of Suppressors & Extended Mags, as she wanted to give her Family something to play with during these quiet times. As always, Business was done smoothly and swiftly and both parties left with exactly what they needed. Aki then received a lovely present from her cousin, Benny which was delivered with the help of Andy. She took the new whip all over Los Santos, noting that it somehow felt nostalgic even though she had never driven it. These feelings were quickly replaced by Pain at the hand of a rather odd accident... https://i.gyazo.com/f4b64e02f135f1b2f04c0ee3950837d5.mp4 And so that marked the end of this days trip. Luckily Aki only sustained a broken shoulder and some minor bruising from the accident, and LSEMS rushed over to help her out. While recovering at home, she still took off the sling holding her arm into place to Grip her newly aquired AK-47, posing infront of her mirror and smiling with excitment at the next oppertunity to pull the trigger. NOTE AS ALWAYS THAT THIS POST AND ITS CONTENTS ARE OOC INFORMATION
  11. You can park a boat at the house, i'll admit its a bit of a pain in the ass. Have lowered the starting bid and buyout accordingly.
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