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  1. This can be done without scripting or implementation from Server Management. Any players can implement something like this "Acting Academy" through Roleplay/In Character Methods. +1 I think this would be a great thing to have.
  2. I understand the risk of potential server rule violation by a rare occasion where a member does this to avoid faction duties. However, like every faction in the server, all have functions both IC and OOC that have the potential of someone violating that server rule. PD/SD for example have the option to close 911 calls. That said, I don't see any difference than for DCC to have a command where they can also close their calls. I've never seen someone from PD/SD abuse the command of closing someone's call for illegitimate reasons, so I doubt someone in DCC would do so, chances are, they'll probab
  3. You‘re right on that, “people dont like call center”
  4. I HIGHLY +1 a standalone dispatch faction, for the following reasons, however it may require extensive scripting. Would be interesting, to have it so, Player calls 911 Player reaches a Dispatch (live) Player Dispatch speaks with the player and asks the situation Caller gives description Dispatch Notifies the proper authorities via CAD/MDC system of the necessary information in a formal structured so that the authorities will have all of the info handy. Dispatch will be able to communicate via Radio in all Gov Freqs, and will have access to everyone’s units, P
  5. @Xoza @IAmTurtle - solves License and code 0’d concerns Aviation System on the Server San Andreas Aviation Administration (SAAA) Regulates and Licenses all aviation related matters Trains and Issues Piloting Licenses A Government Faction/Division itself (Private) Airlines Individual companies and/or individuals with licensed pilot(s) providing aviation services. Licensed with the Business License and Inspection Office Regulated by the SAAA San Andreas Aviation Admini
  6. Would be great if theres an option for players to check at the police desks!! +1 to the suggestion
  7. Have the following weapons be available for purchase by any Licensed Gun Holder in addition to Modifications that does not aide in Criminal Conduct. - Allow players to choose skins and designs of each firearm as available on GTA V. Disclaimer: Weapon stats can be adjusted via Script. Please do not use the weapon stats as a reason not to support adding the firearms. - SNS Pistol - SNS Pistol Mk11 - Pistol - Pistol MK11 - Combat Pistol - Heavy Pistol - Pistol .50 - Vintage Pistol - Double Action Revolver Ceramic Pistol (Government Issued Only) — PD, SD. Legal Purchasable
  8. Was going to say exactly what you said. Thanks for saving my time! +111111
  9. There are a BUNCH of Arcade Exterior Buildings in Los Santos, Grapeseed, Paleto Bay, etc.... maybe its time these start being used... maybe Turn this into Another Player Owned and Operated Business Opportunity.......... This will allow everyone to practice their shooting, civilians, criminals, and cops. This will not give one player a leg up over the other. No extra stats will be given or upgrades to one player as a result of their time spent I'm these games. These games should remain FULLY IC to not break the immersion.... This can be and should be IC, why do we keep deeming someth
  10. With the marked Kamachou's recently added, would be awesome to have both PD and SD get additional vehicles added as well. Sheriff's Department Marked Intercepter (Police3) w/ Sheriff Livery Marked Buffalo (Police2) w/ Sheriff Livery Unmarked Intercepter (Addon) Unmarked Police Scout (Addon) Los Santos Police Department Unmarked Intercepter (Addon) Unmarked Police Scout (Addon)
  11. +1 to Money Laundering -1 to counterfeit
  12. ++11 A year ago, I made a detailed bus revamp suggestion as well. This adds more detail to it with the uniform, and customized bus stops.
  13. +1!11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
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