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  2. Do not have the money to buy expensive cars? Want to drive in luxury with no commitment? Rent a vehicle today! Landstalker XL Elegy Retro Custom Coquette Classic Cheetah Classic V-STR Caracara 4x4
  3. Perseus LL.P We are an up and coming asset management firm offering leases to real estate and automobiles.
  4. Not sure why the categories were removed to have a mixed of advertisements in one forum, which forces the player to do more work in searching for their intended advertisements. Please implement the categories under Advertisements or San Andreas Marketplace (IC). Real Estate Active Real Estate Listings (Rent/Buy/Sell) Automobile Active Automobile Listings (Rent/Buy/Sell) Job Offers Active Job Offers (Full-time/Part-Time/Contractor) General Advertisements (Events/Articles/Blogs) News Outlet (Weazle Article
  5. I agree with this suggestion to. While it is always amazing for cops and criminals to have updates, the most important player on the server is not the cop nor the criminal. It's the actual player (group-less, new starter, civilian, citizen, pedestrian, blue collar, white collar worker, wage worker). IRL majority of the population is made of this type of "player" not cops and robbers thankfully.... There have been many many suggestions being made by the community to focus primarily on citizen roleplay, and I also VERY much agree that basic general scripts if added can drastically improve t
  6. It's possible if scripted to allow the player conduct the TRAM. Like the tolls, it can be restricted to only allow for 2 trams to be operated, first come first serve. This could be used as another transportation method for players, and like everyone has said ROLEPLAY opportunities. Player could purchase a Tram Fare at the Kiosk, to then be allowed to board the tram. If they are restricted from that, players can be set to "SPECTATE" the tram as they are inside of it, and when they want to exit the tram can simply press F
  7. As previously said, because of the lack of density, I'd also maybe take this suggestion ICly, and speak with Sheriff's Department about it. Maybe ask for some sort of division's implementation to focus on environmental, fishing, hunting, and etc laws. Due to the small man power of this, it may be more fitted as a division within LSSD than its own department, and their office can be located at the Beaver Station. ex. Parks and Environmental Enforcement Division (PEED) While it would be VERY nice to have a dedicated Park Ranger Department on the server ((GTA V has a Parks Ranger
  8. Player owned Parking Lot and Garages. - Use the same concept of High/Low End Dealerships. - Set up parking lots that can be player owned and are huge enough to have little affect on gameplay rendering for some players. Player drives to the parking lot ( /parkvehicle [Plate Number] [Number of hours]) **Player will be charged a price per hour requested** **A waypoint would pop up for the player to park on (Parking Spot #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, etc) Player will drive onto the the spot, and the script will automatically detect it. Once scri
  9. +++111 Major Support for this suggestion!!! You hit the nail on the spot! Very detailed and practical. This would undoubtedly shift the server to less of a criminal to more of an ALL OUT VIRTUAL WORLD WHERE majority of the players can cook together, eat together, buy groceries together, farm around in different areas together. !!CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS WILL TURN INTO LUXURY DINING EMPIRES!! This entire suggestion, every detail of it and more needs to be added to the server no doubt!! As for GRAPES? San Andreas has huge areas of Grape farms, cow farms, coffee beans, and coffe
  10. +1 There are always constant illegal parking more than PD can handle honestly. And if there would be a designated separate group tasked with parking enforcement, it could even specify or separate the penalties of parking. Parking next to a Red Curb / No Standing Anytime / Active Driveway ($500) Parking on Sidewalk/Curb ($250) Parking where emergency vehicles are obstructed ($1000) No Valid Parking Permit Displayed ($800)
  11. +1 Mayor/Governor works. Two primary "counties/city' - Los Santos (Metro Los Santos, parts of Los Santos County) - Blaine County (Grapeseed, Paleto Bay, parts of Los Santos County, etc.) There are many reasons why an elected body and an established legislative body can only benefit the server.
  12. +1 TO ADD WOOD TO YOUR FIRE - WATER MAINTENIANCE JOB at the Department of Water & Power!!!
  13. BIG +1 This will bring ECRP to another level if its possible!
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