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  1. Feel free to drive by and take a look. Its the yellow brick building next to fishing drop off on the way to Tequila Lala.
  2. To give some insight, there is another club currently being sold that's probably 1/4 the size of this club. Its highest offer is 2.5mil.
  3. Not sure if this was intended or not but the speakers are no longer working and haven't been for about 2 weeks. Will this be getting fixed or staying this way? Kind of ruins a lot of RP that was going on in regards to nightclubs and such.
  4. ECLIPSE LOUNGE is now for sale This club has seen quite a lot of business during its opening nights and has had 0 issues throughout nights of business Building does have a blocked off employee parking lot in the back which is gated Club Features 2 Furnished Bathrooms 2 Fully Functioning bars with fridges Very large storage room (12 total fridges and 10 total safes) Guest seating on the main floor VIP Lounge area Lounge Area on second floor Walled off dance floor State of the art DJ Booth 3 Private Dance Rooms There is also 1.5 floors able to still be built for whatever your needs LOCATION The club is located right next to the fishing drop-off. Cant miss it as the banners outside say Eclipse Lounge. CONTACT INFO Ezekial Diablo - 300-3630 Jimmy Pegorino - 398-4070 PRICE LISTING Highest Offer - Currently we know what other clubs are selling for but this clubs size alone is worth the cost Along with adding in all the renovations and such Feel free to contact us via here or send us a text message - we will respond as soon as we can Side Note - Club currently has quite a lot of alcohol inside along with plenty of speakers (I think around 8 or 10). There are also plenty of bags for transport.
  5. Ezekial Diablo here. I knew this report was coming and I spoke to the reporting party IG. However there is one MAJOR flaw in this entire story. No officer finished him off or anything. Upon me almost being in the alley, I saw the reporting party carrying my friend Cesare Levante's body but due to the distance I could not tell if he was dead or injured so I proceeded into the alley with my gun out god forbid. Upon reaching the entrance of the alley, Jennifer Charleston instantly got injured and the only person I saw was the reporting party so I opened fire upon him. While I was about to shoot him, ID 139 rammed him and ragdolled, at which point I shot and injured the reporting party. Regardless of the fact I spoke to the reporting party in PMs apologizing for injuring him. I feel it is necessary that the proper people be placed in this report considering I was the one who injured him. If I had seen the 2 rams occur, I would not have shot and injured the reporting party and I told him this in PMs.
  6. Looking for the following positions to be fillied - Dancers - 7k/hour plus tips and private dances (you keep your money you make) Bartenders - 7k per hour plus tips ALL APPLICANTS WILL GO THROUGH A BACKGROUND CHECK Club is unique in the fact we welcome everyone Must be willing to work long hours and be available weekly on Fridays at 730pm ((UTC)) Before applying please understand the clubs rules - Weapons of any sort are not allowed unless by security with valid permits Be respectful at all times and be professional CONTACT - jimmy Pegorino - Co-Owner 398-4070 Ezekial Diablo - Co-Owner 300-3630 Side note - sometime soon we will need some male dancers for our Ladies Night Events - if interested please text us or email us here. Thank you
  7. Still hiring for dancers and bartenders
  8. Your literally proving the reason why changes need to be made regarding robbery. Twice now you have stated you cut corners on RP when it comes to doing criminal stuff.
  9. This right here proves my point. You legit just said "proper roleplay takes too long". Then don't RP. The rules state as of now we need to RP unholstering a gun and placing it on the ground yet these demands with time limits do not allow us to realistically do the RP for it like the rules call for. It has turned into people giving time limits rather than RPing the frisk because they know the time limits aren't reasonable and its quicker to just injure the person rather than wait for them to RP. It is 100% power gaming. Also with the fact of looking at it from the position of someone who doesn't rob. My main character on this server was in the Rooks. We prided ourselves on RPing everything. Your a criminal. If doing the time is a problem then don't do the crimes. It comes hand in hand. Your going to go to jail sooner or later. And your comparing RP to real life. Well in real life we would slowly unholster a gun to not startle you and make your premature shoot. We would also have to slowly remove other items so you don't think we are trying anything funny. I have seen a robbery first hand. People don't rush to throw their things at peoples feet due to they are startled and scared. In the retrospect of your response, im going to go ahead and assume you may be one of the people this report is referring to. You literally RP for your own SELF gain and care very little for the other people involved in your RP.
  10. In my personal opinion, something needs to be said or done to those who are doing robberies on people. Recently I have been robbed numerous times and they all do the same thing. The entire interaction is rushed and powergamed beyond belief. Robber(s) - Hands hands Robber(s) - drop the fucking gun Meanwhile your typing the entire RP response of unholstering a gun since they decide to not RP frisking or removing it themselves Robber(s) - You have 5 seconds to drop the gun. 1 2 3 4 5 Opens fire This whole countdown thing in itself is powergaming along with deathmatching in my opinion. You can not expect someone to type unholstering a gun via /me and doing everything else when your literally giving them 5 seconds to type out the RP for removing the gun. And then having to OOC equip it and then do /dropgun. It has become extremely irritating in the fact, a robbery doesn't even feel like a robbery. The entire depth of the robbery is gone because they just start screaming and yelling and then when you start to type out the RP for unholstering a gun or dropping the gun. They start screaming your stalling or going into OOC saying your stalling. Then ICly they just shoot you or they just scream and yell. I honestly feel a rule change needs to happen where these "ultimatum choices" need to not be allowed. It causes more issues than it does improve the RP we are looking for. Another option to fix this is we imply a minimum time thing that is allowed instead of people saying you have 2 seconds or 5 seconds to do something. Not everyone on the server can type a million words a minute and truthfully they shouldn't have to. At one point or another it can be seen as stalling but on the other hand. I have been told by numerous people including staff we are to RP everything during a robbery now including dropping the gun or unholstering. If this is not correct, please correct me. But at this current point in time, it is impossible to RP any of that stuff during a robbery without being shot to death because they want to force the RP in their advantage. Would love to hear anyone elses opinion on this. Added note - I am noticing this more and more with the smaller gangs or randoms doing robberies. Most of the bigger gangs enjoy making the RP full of actions and commands rather than force your hand into skipping RP.
  11. Still looking for 1 Bartender, 2-3 dancers Bartender - 7k per hour plus whatever tips you get Dancers - 7k per hour plus whatever tips you get and private dances you do MUST BE AVAILABLE EVERY FRIDAY AT 8PM UTC
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