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Found 15 results

  1. The Shadow Corporation. has been in business since the start of 2019. We offer a variety of services that include, but are not limited to auto, asset, estate, event, finance, legal, loan, rental, trusts, and business services. Our goal is helping business be better for clients, employees and citizens. Meet with our team today to see what we can do for you; past, present and future. As a government licensed and legal entity we are sworn to be fair, impartial and unbiased. We are confidential and informative and are passionate about every aspect of business. Auto Ownership dba Atomic
  2. Isn't this weird that we can cook drugs but we cannot cook foods, but still we can eat raw foods. So I am here with a suggestion for how to add cooking food in ECRP. It will not only boost RP in server but also make ECRP unique from other RP servers. I tried to make this idea/report flawless and simple with all my research possible. Every sink or tap furniture must be a source for water refill, it's funny that a person have a house but don't have water to refill their bottle or drink. Cooking UI: - Cooking furniture UI will be just like drug tables, but instead we cannot learn recipe, w
  3. I know that there is already a considerable amount of debate regarding players starting businesses that would directly or indirectly compete with major factions like the LSEMS and DCC. I would like to start a discussion here regarding the latter, that is the DCC and possiblity of factions that could function in a similar manner as the DCC. To give the reader some context, I have ICly attempted to start a cab company of my own and there are certain things that a cab service would require at the bare minimum. For example, a fare meter. Or even a treasury system where the funds would be collected
  4. Not looking for something huge, just average. Would Prefer it was in the heart of the city, Outside is a possibility, only if the price is right. Contact me on #3255433 or Reece#[email protected]
  5. I believe that Airports should be utilized and airlines should be created by players. Airlines can be another business with obtaining pilot's license (teaching standard flight practices and how to fly with other aircraft at the same airport [landing & takeoff rules]), purchasing aircraft, fuel prices, and setting own prices. Different airlines can compete with prices and create a great economic competition. If not, then airlines could be a government faction and only a license is needed to fly. Here are the following routes I recommend (planes listed are from vanilla game, not mods.
  6. Looking to buy a Gas Station/Ammu-Nation/General Store Send your offers to my email. Contact: Frix#[email protected]
  7. Firstly, "Why are you making a server suggestion about this? This could be done IC by the government" - You try and speak to the government, I've sent messages to more people then I can count talking about this and other things and they are ignored, because just as I said in my last suggestion these people don't need to answer to anyone and therefore they won't. I still think that the government needs reformation via staff action, however I know that won't be done. So currently with the faction system there is either government or illegal, that's not really fair for the people who
  8. "Superior Training. Trusted Solutions." This thread is Out of Character and information on this thread may not be used for In Character purposes. This is purely to introduce Merryweather Security Consulting and give you a more in-depth view of our core principles, the structure as well as the role-play that we provide to the community. Section 1: About Us 1.1 Purpose The Purpose of Merryweather Consulting is to Provide Security, Provide Protection, and to Provide Specialized Training Applications to our clients.
  9. Do you want to brand your business? Would you like to have a formal portrait of yourself? Would you like a premium, professionally designed logo, brochure, flyer, or banner? If you answered yes, then Blackburn Premium Designs is for you. My name is Michael Blackburn and I am a professional graphic designer operating in the state of San Andreas. I have been a graphic designer ever since I left high school, and I recently opened this business as I believe I am ready to be an entrepreneur in something that I love. I'm looking forward to working with you to make the best designs for yo
  10. samo

    The Monroes

    The Monroes story begins with Narcos. Narcos was one of the biggest gangs in Los Santos. Weazel News even made a documentary about Narcos and their leader, Samo. Soon after Narcos split will call apart the leaders and elites created the Monroes. They learned that the real money is in the heavy gun sales, high class robberies, and extortion. They learned petty crimes are hard for such a small reward. They don’t believe in bloodshed for no reason. They believe that business is power and money brings power. The Monroes are a small but well experienced members. They don’t need numbers to win wars
  11. I have a question how do you capture a turf and buy a warehouse to do illegal stuff in? Thanks! by Guzzten
  12. I will offer my service doing signatures with a main focus on having great shots of the game itself. I take care of post-processing the shots and will plan the shots with you and take them. This service will not be free just PM me a decent offer (InGame cash) since I do this in my freetime. Example This is a simple example I will take my time with your request to get the best shot. What I need from you is in the PM Character Name : Price offer : What theme should the signature be ? (serious,minimal,etc.) I will stick with my minimalistic style bu
  13. mew

    stock market

    Stock market so players can invest in companies, could be a great way for new dealerships and other companies to get started. also a great way to take over a company if you manage to buy enough.
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