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  1. no one wants to rob civs at least not real crims this probably is stopping us from fighting or interacting with other gang members trust me we dont wanna go for your oil or your fish
  2. congrats to you guys enjoy playing with yall every day !!
  3. just like i hope you realize just because you write long paragraphs doesnt make what you say true and you can type till your keys break and we will still feel the same way and have different ''truths'' you havent played a serious crim and i think for you to have most the claims you do you need to make a crim character and seriously play it for 6 months as your main and join a gang and we will see if your opinion ( because thats all it is has nothing to do with the ''truth'') changes
  4. you meming about it and showing clips of an entire different game shows your mindset. The PD montages are gonna be real dry soon with no crims to shoot at
  5. why can you guys never just admit you did wrong and ruined others experiences there seems to always be an excuse when it comes to PD players. The other side of people involved are telling you they didn't enjoy themselves you ruined their gameplay. Hearing that should make you stop and think how you can make everyone have fun rather then just winning and getting to throw people in jail on a game. Like we've been saying eventually you will have no serious opposition as people don't want to play a game where they aren't having fun because the biggest group in the game abuses loopholes in rul
  6. even the road ones arent to stop moving cars irl ... its too warn traffic that something is happening there and not to cross like what
  7. because crims are frustrated and starting to not have fun anymore in general and its a mixture of things. meanwhile we try to explain why we arent having fun and every PD member comes into every thread to put down everything we say its getting to the point where most of us choose not to login
  8. read what we said rather then just reiterating a useless answer it makes 0 sense to use wood barriers to stall a car just because these arent fully indestructible does not mean its not abuse
  9. they were also shooting at the car on the highway going 220 when the 811 shot no shots at them lol but its fine no point in arguing with the almighty pd faction
  10. it's people like you who will make sure the other half of the server never has fun and it shows not gonna argue with you on every topic because you can't just admit you play to win and its fine. Enjoy your physics class
  11. There is another choice follow the car till it runs out of gas or crashes from driving fast.... or LOSE THE SITUATION. its okay to lose just like crims do you can too. PD effectively ruined his RP by abusing this to win. You feeling you had no other choice shows the mentality that its impossible to lose
  12. This is what one of those barriers look like they are made to stop people from walking not driving it would fall apart as soon as impact happened as its a piece of wood in slots held by more wood. In real life these would slow your car a little sure but it wouldnt be destroyed like what you saw youd be able to go right through it just like a water bottle. but on this game it stalls your car just like a water bottle does. Please tell me the difference ill be waiting.
  13. this right here is a perfect example of the pure biased actions. Should I be able to line up water bottles while im chasing criminals as the game mechanics cause them to stall cars? If I did that id get a nonrp and be one step closer to getting banned but if you did it you'd either get told its an ic problem or get a warning for unrealistic actions. is it only allowed because you are police and we are criminals. It's abusing game mechanics which happens often from PD but no one blinks an eye.
  14. they werent used for that though they were used with the intent to destroy the car which is unrealistic those barriers are supposed to be used to block off crime scenes not turn into a brick wall to stall a car... If they were actually destuctable at any speed and just slowed the car down like it would realistically I would agree it makes sense to put them there I guess... but you used them in a way to end the RP so that you could win. He was going to get away only due to the slim fact a cruiser smashed into you otherwise he would have been caught. Instead you guys decided to use pl
  15. you still shouldnt abuse something that completely ends the rp just so you can win those barriers shouldnt have been set up as its unrealistic. thats not a tactic thats effectively setting up a brick wall that cant be passed just to win. The fact you think thats okay shows the mindset you guys have.....
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