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  1. Hey ID 160 here, As was said we had probably over 40 people at this scene all the cops were dead and we stayed around the area to 1. Save all of our injured and make sure they either had trunks or got guns taken off them and 2. To finish off all of the officers and make sure they had no bodycam on them. I did flee to seek freedom and escaped during this scene but I am not going to leave before all the evidence possible is gone and all of my allies are saved especially when from our perspective all of the Law enforcement on duty was killed in this scenario. I can't seem to find how t
  2. This is really out of hand and you all need to stop discuss about the topic posted or make your own threads to argue about who’s dick is bigger and who had less cheaters or less toxic people. You guys are ruining the attempt to change something for the better on the server by making the arguments about yourselves rather then the topic... it’s corny and childish. Be adults and argue somewhere else.
  3. Can y’all both save the arguing for outside of this thread and maybe in PMs as we should try to keep the convo on topic with suggestions and ideas rather then back and forth that just bogs the actual conversation down. It’s useless from both sides and isn’t contributing to making the server better at all.
  4. This idea is great I just want to add that if this does happen PD needs to be scaled down to the size they were a year or two ago because at this moment it's almost impossible to do even small crimes with many groups it will be even harder when your backup is 6 people. Smaller gangs should be able to rob stores without 30 cops pulling up on them. If everyone follows these new rules and PD becomes not only a realistic size again, but follows realistic RP (Such as not always driving a super car or having a carbine and a micro equipped just because) Then the server as a whole will move in a bette
  5. So you're saying because you are frustrated with the type of RP you are being given it is okay to just do as you please? I believe it is completely unrealistic for you to be using real guns and giving demands such as ''walk or die'' as not only a legal law abiding citizen, but as a CO. In real life a CO will NEVER have a live gun inside of the prison as you shooting someone for punching you would ultimately again land you in jail for murder. Tell me as a member of staff how realistic you find this ''IC response'' which just seems like you getting excited to shoot people with no repercuss
  6. Hello ID 22 here, so to start my response off most of our allies got incarcerated together as can be seen in the video there is a lot of us there at one time. I joined in on the fight for two reasons 1. to back up my allies which I see nothing wrong with and 2. for a chance at different RP then sitting AFK in the prison, I don't believe I broke any rules in being involved with this fight. As you can see in the video the officers just start tazing people without assessing the situation clearly first, If they attempt to go after the whole group they can't expect the whole group to do nothing abo
  7. 100% would love to see this we’ve needed this for a while now
  8. With the holiday's coming fast in the week many people flew out of town to enjoy them with their families in other places. Death Row was going great becoming friendly with other groups and getting business done on many levels including signing new artists and renting out apartments and houses for others in the city. We thought the week would be pretty quiet with barely anyone in town, but someone is always their to mess with you at any time. Most of Death Row members didn't always carry a weapon on them as it wasn't needed, but when Mike was told that his members were being robbed by other gan
  9. The day started out like any other Death Row was working on new music deals and trying to find new talents. Mike was chilling in the studio when he got a call from Pops, Mike answers the phone and Pops starts the conversation by saying ''Yo, did you see this shit Weazel News is making reports about?'' Mike was confused because he really never kept up with Weazel reports as he didn't believe in the bullshit media. Mike told Pops to just come to the studio and explain to him in person what ended up happening and how it effected them and then hung up the phone. After Mike met wi
  10. Instead of us sitting here using this thread to complain about us losing shootouts in game and how its ''unfair'' that gangs ally we should be using this thread to point out how poor crim RP has become. I personally became tired of being scared to rob an enemy gang member or even a random criminal because of OOC rules and I'm sure all of you have as well. We should be looking at the overall aspects of why crims aren't enjoying their time on the server anymore. To me it seems you aren't allowed to have beefs with gangs anymore and it shows simply that every single fight or aggression against an
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