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  1. Character to Transfer From: Your answer here. Character to Transfer To: Your answer here. Requested Transfer: Asset : Car Feltzer plate [WEOHH3E2] Asset : 80.000$ in cash Asset # Reason for Transfer: Niko Firehawkings a old friend of Jamal who told Jamal back in the days to come to Los santos due to Jamal's issues in his country.. has always promissed Jamal a new car and to take care of him. Now that firehawkings is going to be leaving town for a long time he decided to leave some of his assets to Jamal his bestfriend from back in the days, Niko is also going for quiet a long time out of town helping his family. he left a note saying: Dear friend of mine i have always promissed that one day you will get that car of fine you always wanted.. here you have it, the keys are stored at the garage house. Let the guard know who you are and ask him to give you the paperwork and registration of the vehicle included with the keys. in this envelope you also recieved 80.000$ in cash.. its all i have left after paying for my trip out of town and heading to my family in Slovenia. Stay safe old friend and wish you best of luck. And don't get into trouble!. Your answer here. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? as said in the story mesasge, a note and a envelope has been sent to Jamal at the post office.. he will go story wise to the guard at the public garage to recieve the car mr Firehawkings promissed him. in the envelope was also a check of 80.000$ for him to start a proper living
  2. 300k most likely the only offer ill make
  3. ask yourself first why the mechanics are not online anymore before going for such ideas.
  4. how about make it so until someone is exp 5k or 10k, they do not recieve such large taxes? because honnestly for the people who have been here for a long time its completely fine and since your post stated that it is bad for the new eclipse roleplay members, i would say just reduce it for them for a duration of time. as for the people who have been here for a while you should by know realize this has been also invented to clean out some of the money and keep the money circling.. including making the whole taxes system more realistic (eclipse is moving more and more towards heavy rp) also you could make it so the tax money gets distributed to goverment factions by a certain % but hey that is just my opinion on the matter.
  5. i was one of the mechanics in the workshop garage at the time and i can confirm that there was no animation what so ever.. we all were suprised at how he even got the vehicle bobby pinned and how he even got out of that garage..., it also is fail rp to bobby pin a vehicle when alot of people are in a mechanic garage, and if there would be a animation there would be no way for him to even succesfully bobby pin it, as someone would of notices it eventualy due to customer cars being worked on all the time and employees coming in and out of the garage nonstop
  6. +1 extremly because tequi-la-la is becoming boring and is anyway only a poker place, and yes i do love me some poker.. but we need clubs where people will drink and hangout and such
  7. -1 the devs have their hands full on this map already working out things and fixing stuff and so on, another reason is our community isn't large anough... sure it looks amazing yeah.. but ussually something like that also brings with it a ton of glitches and bugs, including the fact that this will give you a arma 2 and 3 dayz or altis life mod feeling where u for each extra map have to download 3 - 10gb of zip files to even be finnaly able to play on the server
  8. +1 great idea, it would also at least make people aware that the vehicles there are taken by the police and it would make it accesable to the cops only + make the lspd look freaking amazing! for the medics i do also agree to that because alot of random people tend to go there to either steal cars or park their cars there in hope to abuse the NCZ rule so that their vehicle won't be stolen. overall it would make people realize that its a LSPD and MD zone only
  9. +1 this is literary genius if we can buy first aid kits to at least help to extend the ammount of time the victim has before he or she dies, you can just store a med kit inside your vehicles and than even rp it that you are taking a medkit out open it and take a certain component out and than you can also rp the whole first aid procces... and we could also get some teaching from medics for first aid, so the civilians can go to the medic center to learn first aid. so the devs can add to /licence also first aid training or something, so that the person is trained on first aid ^^ boom and now we have it that if you want to use first aid! you need to pay the medical center a bit of money for basic training on first aid and than you can officialy purchase first aid kits and use them on the victims (why this would be good? so people can't abuse it by just going to a victim without rping and do /firstaid ID, they can learn how to properly rp it! Unless this would be too much work for the medics)
  10. I was thinking that we should do two changes on the medics system one for the medic to see the number that is calling and just simply call the number back to directly communicate from the car or the office if the situation is still on going and in what condition the person is. Another suggestion is to add a option to just hang up the call for medic or cancel somehow the request for a medic Another option would be to make it so that the person who called.. if he moves away too far from the scene, the call will be canceled automatically? why we need that? because two medics already explained to me ooc and ic, if a person is in an accident there's 10 calls instead of just 1.. which also is extremly unrealistic if you ask me, if something hapens irl sure 1 or 2 people will call the medic center.. but not everyone around there as others will hear from the person calling that a call has already been made Also there's another option to limit a medic call somehow which idk if the devs can even somehow code that.., so that if you are near a victim of any accident or crime who needs medical attention.. a maximum of 1 or 2 players can call a medic near him ((what would that do? it would first of all reduce the ammount of calls the medics get, it would help the medics be more efficient at saving lifes in los santos and less stress for the medics!)) (yes i may not be a medic but i am alot of times in an accident or near a accident that hapend.. and i understand why alot of times the medics cannot get to the patient in time)
  11. actually you didn't even suggest in whitch way so i shall just say this, opening the casino with blackjack and other games in the future would be a way to spend money, as someone already said more clothes would be another way... than theres also in my opinion more houses to be opened up for purchasing in the future so theres even more choice of what you want. but this could take quiet a while for all of this to be added since the devs already now have their hands full of work, got to be understandable about that
  12. than how about you don't try to steal lower tier cars since you know its not worth it? if the devs make it so you can instantly lock pick any low tier car, wtf is gona be the point of even having low tier cars, than ofcourse everyone will focus on high tier cars, and the city is gona be packed with bysicles because screw cars till i can affort a high tier car where the thief won't lock pick it within 15sec right..., yes i maybe agree with the 1 but just a little, but the 2 is just meh to me, also if the cops want to find out the chop shop locations they could just hire someone undercover to find out the locations or just bring one of their own employess undercover... besides most of the time cops have more to worry about than chop shops and their locations
  13. +1, i as a young male human being would like to enjoy a bit of fun at the beach, without having to wear my casual everyday clothes
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