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  1. lets go guys!!! well deserved after all the hard work you put into this
  2. interesting idea, hope you will keep it up
  3. its a hunter on a bf400 without lights on cause in gta5 its shit seeing during night time if u have lights on
  4. fun and good rp with your members, however even tho i know only two of them so far, but i like the fact that mainly its a secret organisation.
  5. nice i was just now on your thread a minute ago and got the notification on a new story, good job and was a fun read
  6. keep it up royals, great storys
  7. keep it up, finnaly another latino gang in the city, something we needed. i hope that you will do great and bring alot of good rp ops for the other crews and people in the city in the future. wish you nothing but the best. so far my personal experience with you rping was amazing, *never give up and keep pushing forward with plans that you build within the faction, is whats most important because that will give you the drive to keep moving*
  8. nice!!! amazing post man
  9. MistNinja


    huge dissapointment from my side.. i was looking forward to rping with fso, their story and the whole style included a proper asian culture oriented group.. was something i was looking forward to having alot of fun rp experiences, sadly right after the day of meeting you.. it already went downhill, i do hope that you still get eventually a chance to have another go at fso in the future.
  10. sick post and love the editing
  11. MistNinja


    welcome back
  12. is this faction still ongoing?
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