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  1. 08/2021 Bradford Goodman 08/2021 The Congregation 08/2021 The Lawyer
  2. Please delete, missclicked
  3. Take it, or leave it from an old friend
  6. I feel you, we all face unfairness cases around. Guess I know how to solve it. We could actually create a suggestion about creating a Government faction or something similar where Administration memebrs would be the foundering members. We have some government website here, which can also be modified/edited. So the point is, if a player feels like something happened unfairly, they would be able to report it to Government, then Government members would state their opinions and handle a situation by voting. I think this could be something useful, IC/OOC.
  7. Thank you for informing me, but the thing is that usually there's no much attention paid to the comments which are meant to change a particular thing in an idea/suggestion. I decided to suggest something different, that also linked to health care as mentioned in my post.
  8. Greetings community members. I came up with an idea of being able to refill water bottles in apartments/houses. First of all, I want noise abroad that, I don't think current refilling method is much realistic, I mean, yeah, ofcourse, you can refill a water bottle at a beach, why not, but still, would we drink some ocean water? I don't think so. I think it could be better if we were able to: Buy a faucet (Maybe a specific type of a faucet) from a furniture store Add the faucet to our apartments/houses (The same way we add rest of the furnitures) Refill water bottles using faucets from our own apartments and houses. That would be much more realistic, I guess... There's another thing we could do: We will still be able to refill bottles from the oceans and et cetera, but they could be harmful for our health. Imagine, you refill a bottle from the ocean, and drink it, it would erase the thrist, but it would lower our HP (The ocean water would make you kinda sick) On the other hand, it would be perfect (In my opinion) if we used the ocean water in order to cool down our drug tables, but use the faucet water (clean water) for drinking and erasing our thirst without becoming sick. And ofcourse we should be able to cool down the drug tables with the faucet water, I think that's a good option for players who focus on cooking drugs to make money, It's obvious that driving 5 kilometers in order to refill 20 water bottles (Cause you can not carry more than 20, they're heavy) is a headache.
  9. Not willing to reply more, it is obvious that Player 283 started shooting first. The only thing I can do now is to congratulate you for reporting your own alliance member.
  10. Greetings, community members. First of all I want to thank staff team for informing me about the report. This is how everything started, I got robbed at Braddock by two people with clown masks, they took my bike in which I had my stuff stored, I described them to my mates through the radio and told them to look for my bike. We've been looking for the suspects all around the city, after a period of time, we located my bike and started searching the area for the clowns. Player 241 (A clown that was being "robbed") was the one who matched the description and was also close to the area where we found the bike, so we decided to ask him questions. We actually told him to remove his mask, we wanted to check his bag for my stuff, but he refused to do so. Honestly, I don't remember who it was exactly, but one of us pulled out a pistol to give him demands to remove his mask and get into the vehicle so that we could ask him questions and make sure he was involved in the robbery or not. While giving him demands, a red vehicle arrived close to the scene, we knew it was one of his alliance members, I heard one of the Lost MC members giving him demands as well and then the shootout started, I don't really remember who shot first, I was riding my bike next to the taxi driver to make sure he didn't call the police. Why don't we mention Player 281 and Player 283? It is clearly visible in the video that they're the ones who started shooting first while Lost MC member was giving demands to a clown. Yours faithfully, ID 205, (Bradford Goodman)
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