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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I'd like to create a big community for those who wish to roleplay as afro-americans - a street gang. I had my first attempt of creating one, but sadly had no luck, I didn't know how things are working around here, that's why I'll leave this one here. Topic it's under construction, it's based on a blood gang (video will be linked downwards). If you're curious of how a street gang works, or if you're passionate of afro-american roleplay, then don't hesitate to join the movement. I'll start my inactivity in a few days, so it won't happen that soon, but would be cool to see a reasonable number of players down for this idea. Requirements - Willing to roleplay (high-quality roleplay, more /me, /do) -Willing to perform text roleplay (voice chat it's acceptable, but for screenshots and forum stuff, text roleplay it's more enjoyable to see) -Experience it's not mandatory. If you're serious in what you do and you do it with passion, you're good to go. -Creativity. -Willing to perform realistic illegal roleplay. Goals -Grow strong as a black community. -Take control of south LS. -Make connections (obtain guns and drugs). Discord group - https://discord.gg/6JSaAP The image of the gang (better watch the video for inspiration)
  2. What is a Vice Lord: The term Vice Lord has various meanings. Vice means weakness, Lord means ruler. Thus Vice Lords are weak to the flesh as it relates to human faults, but are rulers under the dispensation of Allah. A person is a Vice Lord by choice as s/he is initiated into the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, nevertheless; women are called Vice Lady. The word Vice also means strong grip as in Vice President. Vice Lord meaning the "Strong grip of a Ruler". Rules for members/non-members: -Don't flag, stack, or otherwise rep affiliation to any gang if you don't have permission. -Electronics stay in pockets after night, only phones, but straight to face no texting. -Nods are most common for of random respect, but if you know the dude it is what it is. -If someone has a nickname, don't call 'em out of it, especially around people you don't know. Vice Lord Nation structure: Vice Lords Symbolisms: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affiliation: People Ethnicity: All but mostly Black AKA: Almighty VL'S Colors: Black / Gold / Black-Red / Red Saying: If you ain't conservative you don't deserve to live / All is well / Fluid for life ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC Where you can find us ? I am still working on a topic and gang. But I also need your opinion about it. If you are interested to play with us, write a comment or text me. It is important. It is not simple gang bang stuff. It is a small world with it's rules. If you want to become a member of gang you need to be on gang's location and follow the rules. Also you need to show proper RP level. It's better if your character is black, because gang members are conservative. It means they are still affected by slavery times in US.
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