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  1. Good job boyz well deserved
  2. LSD starts to grow up in the streets and between the racers around Los Santos, everyone around starts to see too many oranges around Los Santos which makes everyone likes to race with LSD and sometimes people waiting for our texts about the coming races LSD made its mark around streets, also LSD got a tacos truck today in case people are hungry when they race as well LSD wanna thank everyone for joining here are some pictures from LSD Day.
  3. Thanks so much for all the good comments you posted when i started this faction also wanna thank you for all the support ,, thank you homie
  4. Appreciate the comment mate , thanks for keep supporting us with your good comments
  5. appreciate the good comment especially from a big faction like the rooks
  6. One day Moda woke up to a phone call from his old friend and the trusted person James Eriksen,'' Moda I need to meet you in your HQ , i will be there in 10 mins see you there'', Then Moda starts to make his way to the HQ and he said on the radio '' Eriksen will come to HQ any second open the garage for him so he can park his car and take him inside the meeting room'' After 5 mins Moda gathered his higher-ups around him and they were listening to Eriksen ''I have a job for your crew, basically there is a shipment coming in a white big truck it has some NOS, Car parts as well and I wanna put m
  7. One day Moda woke up kinda early after his phone was ringing, that call was so important and moda and the crew were waiting for that call for along time. The crew was looking for a new garage and they finally found one but they couldn't find the owner of that garage so they had to look after that guy or do anything to get that garage since no one used it before so it was kinda dirty and had some dust all over the place but it doesn't matter as long as the crew put their hands on the garage. Moda picked up the phone and it was the owner of the garage he told him to meet me at the garage in 10
  8. Appreciate these words Macc especially from a big faction like Irish Much love here
  9. One day Moda gathered up the crew in the garage they used to hang out in, once everyone came Moda told them we can't hang out in this garage anymore and we have to start to look for another hangout spot, it was the decision of the leader so everyone said yea sure and before they start to move out and collecting their stuff from the garage Moda got a call from Lola high command in irsh about to set up a meeting and talk with Los Santos drift. Los Santos was growing up fast and some people start to see the orange color around Los Santos so Moda said to the crew we have a meeting with Irish and
  10. These are some Clips from our racing moments , we love to race no matter what will happen
  11. Racing with The Crew Moda woke up and then he starts to text all the crew about the new frequency so can everyone gathered around, After about 30 mins everyone starts to wake up and checks over the radio so we get to know who is coming and who is still sleeping. After that everyone starts to meet at Bayview so they can fix their cars before hitting the roads or getting some new T-shirts as well. After everyone got his car fixed and was ready to hit the road we all start to convoy towards the garbage track so we can start to race and practice more on the track since most of th
  12. Friend Arrival Back in Japan Moda had a friend called Jamie he also got arrested and was locked up in prison and today they let him go back to Los Santos so Moda had to go to the airport to give him a warm welcome since Jamie is one of His best friends and both of them went through too many problems together in japan. Moda made his way towards the airport. Moda gave him a warm welcome and he starts to tell him about the crew and Jamie seemed interested as well to join since Jamie is always got Moda's back all the time. But there was a problem that Jamie los
  13. Recruitment Day Moda went out to start to drive his car and try the new engine and also shinning with the new red color and while he was driving he met two people and these people were looking to join the crew also they were looking for Moda for like two days but lucky they finally met each other. So Moda told him lets to go to a spot so we can speak without getting interrupted by Cops. Then they start to introduce themself to Moda and tell them about their driving skills and of course how they start to know about the crew, Moda start to like them because was looking for peop
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