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  1. This was said by @Dqniel that you are not welcome back to the community on your last appeal.
  2. Team Update: MEGN has resigned from Moderator.
  3. After reviewing the evidence and looking carefully at each side of the story, The report will be denied. However I will be issuing Jakob_Duncan with a non RP for fear rp. You did not show value for your life when a weapon was aimed at you multiple times. Please remember that ALL rules apply n the prison as they do outside of it. RedHot
  4. Report will be denied for the reason that no robbery took place, a note will also be placed on the reporting parties and @Dimjas record for making petty reports and if you submit these ones in the future you will be reprimanded further. Denied RedHot
  5. @YuSoHelpful Please give your side of events RedHot
  6. @JSmoke first you title this report as "Player theft" yet no robbery occurred, you pull up to talk shit to him baiting a reaction, so either you can kill him or failing that you can report him for retaliating. in your video you can be seen pulling up on the bike and say "Hello Pizza baker, you want to rob me?" This shows clear intention that you wanted him to do something, so these actions could take place. @Dimja You say you showed no signs of "Violence" however you did pull up to and in your words a "Rival" to speak with him knowing your crew were around about to pull up. "I instantly d
  7. Hello and thank you for taking the time to come to the forum, this report will be handled by myself as it is on a staff member. First off I would like to ask @JSmoke and @Dimja why you are baiting a report? Your intentions are clear as to what you wanted to do, also there was no public robbery, you were told to stop doing what you are doing. IF anything, I would say you are baiting a shootout here. Please give your reasons for this. RedHot
  8. Thank you for taking the time to make an report, In both your video and the video provided by the reported party you can clearly see no rules were broken from the Deputy. We do however see you locking a vehicle while heavily injured on the floor, so I suggest before you talk about others RP standards, you look into your own. Report denied and archived RedHot
  9. Team Update: Drizzy has resigned from Senior Moderator.
  10. Team Update: Chapman has resigned from Senior Moderator.
  11. REPORT ACCEPTED ―――――――――――――――――――――――――― After reviewing this report and all evidence provided, I’ve decided to accept this report and issue the following punishments: • Frank_Pittsburgh (264) - Non-RP (Powergaming)- Player will be receiving said punishment for failing to roleplay proper injuries. We understand distractions can happen outside the game, but it is your responsibility to ensure the roleplay around you is fair for everyone. "I could have broken my leg from falling after being shot" is not an excusable suggestion either. Going forward, try not to let desync issues
  12. This player has been banned from ECRP RedHot
  13. Team Update: Philoop has reinstated as Moderator.
  14. Doan has been promoted to Moderator. Skiperz has been promoted to Moderator. thrax has been promoted to Moderator. DrPathetic has been promoted to Moderator. GiorgosK has been promoted to Moderator.
  15. REPORT ACCEPTED ―――――――――――――――――――――――――― After reviewing this report and all evidence provided, I’ve decided to accept this report and issue the following punishments: • Turner_Hicks (16) - Combat Logging- Player will receive said punishment for logging off in the middle of an active RP scenario without making any attempt to return/notify the reporting party of returning. Going forward, ensure all roleplay around you is concluded and should you crash, utilize the #crash_report channel in the ECRP discord. If you have received a punishment that you disagree with, feel free
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