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  1. If it was in fact a bug shot this whole situation should be void
  2. You didn't say meta the other that commented did. You say this is the first time you take stuff to the forums well I have never taken anything to the forum. Anyway I'm at work and can't concentrate on this fully right now. This is harry davis btw
  3. My apologies then you were 1 of the 6 that didn't go death, instead you shouted meta when we found you in the bush, little did you know you were being followed the entire time. SWAT was o my deployed because of the fact your blue 6x6 had shot at an officer leaving a robbery. It's tiresome that we have to go through these reports because you don't listen to facts at the time of incident and you fail to accept that we had every right as you already nearly killed a cop. It is always the same, shoot a cop and lose so you try rp death to get out if jail time. You was tracked every step and that's how the insurgent was straight on you
  4. I was the driver of the swat vehicle, you had just lit up an officer with a heavy and fled the scene, we had a trace on you and a heli following every move, this is why your vehicle was shot at. Thankyou for half a report. The reasoning was also explained to you at the scene to which you all refused to rp and made it so you died.
  5. You do realise we are playing on an rp server right? Rply would you stand at the boundary of a gun fight to "scavange" guns? And when did i say i shot him because of the colour of his shirt? I shot him because hes fleeing a scene of a cop that just was murdered, see in the video the panic alarm raised as i turned to make my way to the opposite end of the pier? A call was made that he was over run and needed support. Its really valiant of you coming to your friends rescue though.
  6. Im sorry mate but 1 your video doesnt show you wasn't shooting and 2 if you wasn't shooting then you broke fear rp by getting out of your car where people were killing each other. And if you say "if i get backup from my gang" are you insinuating that the whole of the Vise lot need to be done for dm as they were shooting at us for arresting one man? Not being funny but you dont have a leg to stand on and this report is falling apart the more you try to justify it.
  7. Shots were being fired the whole time so your argument is invalid, you dont show yourself not shooting, you clipped the bit you wanted admins to see. I wont be responding anymore unless directed too by staff. Have a good one.
  8. Yes you start the video when you are leaving however you dont show what happened before that, what are you doing there in the first place, should i let someone that has just been shooting at us leave? I do not think so. Should you be there "watching" a shootout happen? I do not think so. You are clutching at straws with this report, if you valued your life you wouldn't be at the scene in the first place end of. If you are there "trying to leave the pier after fishing" would you have pulled up to a full blown shootout? No you wouldn't.
  9. Harry Davis here, Let me get this straight, you are reporting me for killing you when we have been in a shootout for 20 minutes, you just "decide" to pull up and stand about at the edge of a war zone? And you expect me to know you wasn't the ones that just gunned down an officer? if that is the case then you are not valuing your life and infact breaching fear RP because noone in their right mind would "just be spectating" a full blown shootout. If you watch the video you can see how many different directions I was getting shot from. Also you dont show the whole situation just you leaving in your video.
  10. Which part of the water doesn't sync are you not understanding? So boat, submarine or Aqua man himself wouldn't have been able to find you and this is exactly why its against rp to evade into water
  11. I was also here, you jumped into the water to evade knowing that water doesn't sync and there is nothing we could have done, we even contacted you /b and told you to come back as that's non rp to which we didn't get a response from you, also we didn't even search your car so how could we have "stole burgers" from it. it seems you will use every excuse under the sun in order not to admit to what you did. GREAT RP civilian
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