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  1. In my opinion this punishment shoud stay in place, your attitude when speaking with you was not something we tolerate on this server. once RP was resumed you continued to mix and speak about other servers. A quick check into your chat logs will confirm everything Pending Head admin RedHot
  2. RedHot

    Joe_Riggy MG

    Hello, and thank you for submitting this player report! I would like to take this opportunity to thank both parties involved for remaining patient while this report has been carefully reviewed. With that being said, after extensively reviewing this player report as well as taking the statements of both parties into account, i have decided to conclude this report. After review, we have determined that there was not sufficient confirmation and evidence behind placing the charges onto the reporting party. It goes without saying, but attempting to identify someone through clothing and assumpt
  3. @IAmTurtleplease respond to the report giving your side if events. RedHot
  4. PLAYER REPORT ACCEPTED Thank you for your patience while this report was under review. After reviewing this report and evidence attached to it, I've decided to accept this report and issue the punishments to the following players: [Zamal_Morton - [Non RP] - [Performing a robbery on the side of a main road that is RPly populated] [Darius_King - [Non RP] - [Performing a robbery on the side of a main road that is RPly populated] As all players failed to supply footage there isnt much I ca
  5. Hello and thank you for taking the time to come to the forum and make a report. After looking over the evidence and checking logs of all players involved I have decided to deny the report for the following reasons. Scamming is not against the rules, there are other ways to avoid a scam and you took the risky route, at no point did either player lie in /do either. The badge that was shown was not at any point within a /do explained that it was not infact a detective badge it was just a badge with a name on it. report denied RedHot
  6. @McQueenIn your response you say you were on a "Broken path" how is a main road a broken path? You also say "of course he's going to be robbed by a NEW GANG" so there is no reason for the public robbery other than you are a new gang? Why is it non rp that he kept something consealed, when you did not try to frisk him to make sure? That is on you and your own failing. Please provide POV as instructed. RedHot
  7. Hello and thank you for posting the report. This will be handled by myself and @RogueK RedHot
  8. Team Update Aldari_Tagril has resigned from his Administrator and Assistant Head of Faction Management position, Thank you for your contribution throughout the years.
  9. RedHot

    ID 173 FRP

    Report Denied To start off with in your POV you skipped the draw anim and later it played, this is when everyone else saw the weapon, meaning he was not under gunpoint when he drew his weapon. I have watched 3 other POV's from the scene to determine if this is in fact the case and they all came back that you both drew weapons at the same time. RedHot
  10. Any more petty reports like these will result in a punishment, The reports section is for rule breaks, there is no way you felt "insulted" by these comments. Denied RedHot
  11. After looking into this report I have decided to deny it. I do not feel it was used in a racial way and to be honest I know you dont either. These petty reports trying to one up the other side need to stop, we as staff do not have the time for your petty squabbles. I have personally spoken to the staff member involved and reminded him that its important to stay respectful in ooc at all times. RedHot
  12. RedHot

    ID 90 Non-rp

    As per server rules you can hit someone once with a vehicle not in a shootout if you have reason to, here was a clear reason to knock you with the vehicle. The vehicle was not traveling at speed to do any damage to yourself nor the vehicle. The second video I have seen the POV of the 811 and there was no contact made, this was already brought up in a conversation on discord which im sure you already know. Report Denied and Archived RedHot
  13. Failed to follow guidelines. Locked and archived
  14. Please do not waste staff time with petty reports such as this. Do not take reporting other players lightly. Report denied and archived. RedHot
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