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  1. I'm really enjoying reading the posts. Was curious to see how the two Russian Mobs would interact with each other. Keep up the great work Dimitri
  2. CarryOut


    Really going to miss interacting with you guys. Even though relations deteriorated over time ICly, I've got mad respect for you guys OOC. You helped in ways you could, and always tried to be positive at meetings, no matter how bad things got. Sad to see you disband for this, but I wish you luck in all of your future endeavors.
  3. Really going to miss interacting with you guys. Even though we never really saw eye to eye ICly, I've got mad respect for you guys OOC. You helped in ways you could, and didn't in ways you didn't want to. Sad to see you disband for this, but I wish you luck in all of your future endeavors.
  4. CarryOut


    Interacted with you guys a bit already, but really looking forward to seeing what you guys can accomplish!
  5. Hello Dr. Pathetic and Kat, thank you for taking the time with reviewing this report. I'd like to start off by giving a bit of context, since the reporting player provided the shortest clip they could possibly provide. I had logged onto the server, and was immediately informed that LFM were sitting at the only turf we own, instead of one of the several other ones they own. One of my faction members had suspicion that they went there and sold to our dealer, so I told everyone we should go check. When we went down there, I was completely unarmed, and had no drugs or weapons on m
  6. Hello. Since you are reporting my entire faction, I figured I would respond on behalf of LNF. I am also the driver of the Komoda in the second clip. You began chasing me, after one of my members got injured from me crashing. You only found this out because an Azteca Kamacho pulled into the scene, then a moment later several LFM cars pulled in. https://streamable.com/bmg4rf The chase lasted for quite awhile, including me going to Central MD where you boxed me in. Upon me leaving you said "only 1 car follow him." I knew you would not stop following me no matter where I went, so
  7. Una Vendetta personale e un accordo Fatto | A personal vendetta and a deal made It was date night for the Capo Famiglia and Madrina, and he was prepared for the evening with his female companion. Jace had recently purchased a new apartment, and he wanted everything perfect. Roses lined up on the floor, leaving a trail upstairs into the bathroom. This trail led to a basket, which Leah very quickly found out held an assortment of bath bombs (not the kind of bomb that Irish use don't worry), salts, candles, and things of that nature. Jace wasn’t the romantic type, but when he n
  8. So recently there was a script change that was introduced that has calls automatically be removed if the caller moves away from the call location. I have a few issues with this change in general. 1. It isn't realistic to a sense. If someone makes a phone call saying they are injured, a medic is dispatched out to them. In real life, the only way you have to know if the medic is no longer required is if another 911 call is placed saying nevermind, but I only know a few isolated instances where that occurred and the medic stopped responding. If the medic does arrive and there is n
  9. +1/-1 for a few different reasons. I see a bunch of people saying it would only work with text, and not VOIP. On the server, if you are going to speak another language, then you have to type it [RUS] or whatever language, then the words. The rules are pretty clear in regards to that. I like the concept and the idea of the script support for letting it say someone is speaking another language, but the thing I disagree with is making it be only learned through a university. I know some factions, or even groups of friends, teach each other languages. For example, as a factio
  10. CarryOut


    Saw you guys fishing earlier today. looking forward to interacting with your faction more in the future!
  11. I get where you're both coming from. IAmTurtle, isn't that how it is in real life. People are able to drive cars for for hours straight without having to refuel them. I think the change is good ultimately, and I have no complaints over gas tanks being shrunk or enlarged to fit certain vehicles. I also think a big change should be gas prices, but I've never personally owned a gas station so I'm not sure what the prices are right now. They used to be $5 to import per liter, but they may have increased. I also understand that unless the gas prices were increased scriptly to be ordered,
  12. CarryOut


    Had a few small interactions, but finally got to formally meet. Really looking forward to RPing more with you lot in the future!
  13. Look. Allimsayin is that server wants to be realistic. I don't think it's realistic to get into a shootout with PD, then upon winning said shootout. GO up to loot the cop and be all "Oh his gun that he was just shooting me with just magically vanished within the 2 seconds it took me to get to his corpse."
  14. Had a good run. I enjoyed the RP interactions I had with everyone. Whether it was shooting people, working out deals, or even just vibing out. R.I.P. the homies.
  15. You currently can make money off stamps. Stamps serve 3 purposes in DOC to my understanding. 1. Use them to lower your time in prison, I personally think this one is useless because 1000 stamps reduces like 10 seconds, or something like that. 2. Stock up on food and water, yes water and food can be cheaper in prison depending, and you're not doing anything else anyways. I know I used to stock up on water whenever I could in DOC. 3. It converts into actual money once you get out. If you have 1000 stamps, you get $1000. Granted it is all pocket money, but you still do have it.
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