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  1. So if you invest money into that you can do whatever it is you use bags for more efficiently, sure 3 rows are usually enough, but once you dabble into drug synthesis, running weapons, you're the last survivor of a shootout and you need to clean up stuff like this would come in handy, plus RPly i don't like the idea of having only one option for inventory expansion on foot. If you think your character has fun carrying 3 rows of inventory in their pockets you're not completely in it.
  2. edawn

    No Law Zone

    How about a safe zone for criminals? A place that is so heavily criminally influenced no cop would dare to step into it or exercise law while there and/or they could be killed there if they raised their voices or displeased a criminal there. It would still be no shooting zone between criminals (as per agreement between them) it would serve as a place to run away from cops to and know you can chill there and it would give criminals a definite place to go to in a car chase instead of just running around. Cause I understand RPly why criminals can't resist in NCZ, but I think there should be a polar opposite to keep the balance. While more benefits of this are unclear and I didn't touch on the cons, I'll leave it up to you guys to deconstruct and argue for and against such a place.
  3. You've been in town for 2 years and realize that they reduced your pocket size out of the blue? [email protected]$ING GOVERNMENT AMIRITE? With the 4th row of player inventory being gone I think It's time we talk about this. Introducing expanded backpacking! Why are bags the only option of expanding your inventory, even more so when you have to drop it every time you want to use it? Here's how to tackle this if possible - get 3 different sizes of luggage and a map a key to this shiznugget. Fanny pack - 1 row of of inventory, always accessible no need to drop it or zip/unzip it. $500 - cannot fit any big guns Messenger bag - 2 rows of inventory, always accessible no need to drop it or zip/unzip it. $1000 - can fit an smg, micro smg. Bag - 4 rows of inventory, you need a bind sort of like K unlocks a car/house that flips the bag to the side or to the front and is accessible. If you don't you're unable to run. $2000 - all rounder, can fit anything. Thoughts? Critique? Anything to add?
  4. So I've been driving around town and somehow found a university and realized that side of town isn't utilized that well. Also the rules state that you can do [RUS] speech where someone who doesn't know RUS can't understand it.. But we all know how rule abiding the citizens are in this town, so I thought, how do we confirm that they can speak that language? Get some courses going! Presenting a quick draft of a University system where you can learn all kinds of [email protected]#t. Concept: Make University a thing, where you can learn up to 6 languages (we got English as a default). Each course is more expensive than the last starting at 10k for 1st foreign language and adding some sort of significant increase in 2nd foreign language and keep increasing the price massively, since knowing more than 3 languages should be a luxury thing. When you chat in a language that you know youd type /rus /pt /chi /jap, etc. etc. and people who know that language they would get something like Stranger xxxx_yyyy (Russian): Hello, world. Someone who doesn't know that language gets a: Stranger xxxx_yyyy is speaking a foreign language. How do we help people realize what languages others are speaking? Have a mild $5000 course to learn basic understanding of different languages, so the listener who has this "ability" would get a: Stranger xxxx_yyyy is speaking Russian. Further expansions: With drugs like steroids being gone from the game, or being somewhere out of reach, why don't you introduce things like track team, where you could increase your running speed for money and a little bit of effort running the laps? Failing to lockpick a car with more than 20 bobby pins? Get some locksmith courses going in the university/college thing. you get the idea, and this introduces another Government faction or rather a governed building where it would be the Rectors job to find out how to expand this business and utilize the grounds. Thoughts? Critique?
  5. wipe your aliases from other players if you change appearance, not the name. stranger id stays the same and if they refer to you as your old name you know they metagame, changing name should further multiply the disappearing act if they frisk you. that wat they they have nothing on you that could remind them of your past self. also weazel news should have a division that reports CKs, deaths of people in some newsletter or sth. also this should be done by a shady government organization on a certain day in a certain place, cuz this is should stay of record and should be paid for in ingame currency. information could be spread by the medics, these poor bastards need activities when the server is low pop and overall this server should dabble in a lil bit of IC corruption.
  6. Situation: Foot of Mt. Chilliad, surrounding forest, around the lumber mill. Two cops are trying to cuff my friend, after scouting the area on foot i take a tactical position where i know they can hear me but they cant see me, and decide to peek from time to time i initiate RP with: /s leave the body alone, you are outnumbered. get inside your cruiser and leave, this is no place for cops. What do the cops do? Start running around searching for something or someone pulling out their rifles and leaving the injured and cuffed body to lay there. They finally notice me and start firing away their ARs without any hesitation resulting in me driving away, but should cops always bet on these risky situations with their lives? Sure they didn't break the RAW FearRP, but I'm certain RAI version of the rule was broken in some form or fashion. I PM the cops congratulating them on splendid RP, what reply do i get? "we could've had YOU outnumbered, and we also could've had a helicopter, get outsmarted." [after i scouted, after i listened for more sirens or any helicopters, hell i'll even admit i f4'd their online number for this matter, which was 2 at the time] Problems: *Cops are fearless, because they have no investment of their own assets into their job and have absolutely nothing to lose. *Most cops are mentally incapable of losing an RP situation, this is why people instead of trying to roleplay with them would just rather shoot them on sight, esp in a definite criminal area. *Cops are also dicks to everyone who isn't a government worker and just look for a reason to pin a ticket on you. *As arguably the most responsible group of players they are setting a shitty example of what to expect from rp situations in this server and instead of increasing the quality of rp they deminish it to just wanting to shoot them every time you see them. *I didn't record the situations. Solutions: *??? idk fam, but they are the most antiRP group in the server at the moment, and that is sad considering we have a lot of "hands up five seconds man, last chance man, 5 3 1 *GUNSHOTS* " type of people in the server. *I'm thinking of actually taking taxes into some sort of government account that then gets spent on government gear instead of it being script weapons. Fairly certain they'd still have a shit ton of money, but also there's at least a chance of depleting their never ending supply of weapons. *Teaching cops proper law enforcement roleplay and forget manufacturing "bad cop" mentality in the community. Show us, residents, how they work, via weazel news or just government forums, as a lot of us would genuinely would love to know how the hell do they work and what they think is good RP, cuz it's still unclear after so many head to heads with them. Not only would it set an example for future officers but also would let us know what to expect, rather than it always being random, unexpected shitstorm which leans towards the powergaming side. I'm sure every cop should work following a certain procedure, and while everyone has to RP "real world" why does it seem like cops are exception to a lot of how real world works. Offtopicish Questions: How the hell is "/me searches the car fully" a good RP from a cop? It implies that criminals are stupid to the point where they would just let their illegal goodies be in some god damn glovebox or in the interior of the car. Sure, not a lot of us roleplay punching out a seamless hole in a spare tire or somewhere in the seat or hecc even a secret compartment in the glovebox itself but that doesn't include everyone. Because of roleplay like this it's not worth roleplaying when nobody's watching and why the RP is extremely shallow. Bad RP from cops, raising problems, providing possible solutions - the thread.
  7. No, your gang was completely inactive during your absence, you started inviting people as soon as you got back, you didn't care who it was as long as you got the numbers. Not only did we win the battle/war by obliterating you completely, we also stood around to restore points to 20k with your interference What do you do after that? Take the most pathetic path to taking a turf and just took it when there was noone to protect it cause we were asleep, I thought you were an advocate for interesting RP but apparently you're just sour about losing the turf. On the side note, we'd love to keep things IC but whenever Bratva approaches you, your actions and answers boil down to: "Why don't you suck me off?" "Piss off, cunt, i don't owe you a thing" *drives away* etc. Once again I'd like to remind you that your gang wasn't RPing with anyone as it was non existent; add that to the fact that OOC and IC are related in away that you being absent doesn't mean that the time doesn't pass for you in the city I'd say you've chosen to deplete reasonable amount of time that was granted with the reason we went to war with, especially now that the reasons have been CKd. And right now it's somewhere between "i need to take back what is *ours* " and just taking the turf because you need one. -Aleksandr Marchant
  8. Read the rest of the rules and stop making these annoying remarks, before you get told to reread the rules by one of the staff members.
  9. I know the damn rule, but why do u expect me to move away from the location because i saw a dead body there. All my peeps were there and noone called cops. I had the right to stay there, he didnt have the right to come back. -Edward
  10. How are we supposed to ignore a guy with the same outfit as 2 new arrivals who wear the same clothes keeping their distance? The situation required us to interact with the guy who just waltzed into an ongoing situation just to take his car, it was him who broke NLR, not us. -Edward
  11. Well perhaps the rules are sort of anti-RP anti-realism to begin with. The thing with such stuff as simulating realism through RP is that the rules should be flexible in the first place. Sure there are ones that should be set in stone, but holy heck do the they take away from interesting dynamics and possible RP scenarios. I will make sure to reread the rules before making another post like this, thanks for the heads up.
  12. Please elaborate on how IRL you can bribe a cop with anywhere from 100euros to 500euros but u cant get away from a 32$ robbery by offering them 20000$ ? Government Officials usually earn their living from under the table deals, thats why there's so much weed and other substances in the circulation still, because they are paid off, whether it's a cop, a medic, a god damn prime minister even. Cops just earn too much and take away another criminal feat which is big money spent on small cops a.k.a. bribing. But no no no - cops earn the most in this server cuz they don't have to pay for anything and get what - 5000-whoeverthefuckknows/hr ? It doesn't take a drug cartel to earn big by selling drugs my mans.
  13. What this city boils down to atm is the entire town vs criminals. Except law pulls guns out of their asses, refuse to role-play or talk or understand the situation better (implying metagame), everyone plays the "bad ass detective, im the best cop in town" role, literally are not inclined to do any sort of input of their own IG finance to earn the biggest money in the game and when you die you get to keep everything and continue your work. From my single personal experience and many others that I have spectated it feels like Cops are the Deathmatch Murder Hobo type trash players who circlejerk eachother, whereas criminals try to rp it out, plan it out to have it all fail bc the cops have a helicopter out of the fkin blue??? Unless you print out infrastructure of the cops, their spending and where do you get the money from, get actual cops who do their work instead of "mhm, yeah, ok, take it to court (THAT DOESNT REALLY FKIN EXIST BY THE WAY, GOOD JOB ON POURING SALT ON THE WOUND) this whole thing makes 0 sense and is truly anti-fun. Make every RP heavy job so that they have something to lose and then see how they act. Ooof, also love the cop harassment, makes them look soooo heroic and friendly for 32$ stolen from a general store. P.S. If you're going to pull the "uhh, criminals should organize themselves to earn big", honestly @#$k you, if you think that with all due respect please don't reply to this comment. Thanks. P.P.S. Admins who partake in the game, you should encourage your devs to make their "to-do list" public so people know if its worth continuing to play in this addictive shill show, so in turn they find out the reception of the upcoming updates and whether their created product will be exploited in any way by the general public; because it's people that's the core of the server, not your so-far sorry asses.
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