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  1. Account name:Chris Crawford Character name(s):David Garcia Admin who issued punishment:NBDY Date of punishment:11/FEB/2018 Punishment received:Cheating Reason given for punishment:I got banned for my alleged involvement on a discord where they are developing cheats for Rage MP/Eclipse. Your explanation of what happened: I hold the rank of 'Admin' in the discord server of a person I know, this discord server sells a Assassins Creed Trainer and a GTA V recovery tool. These hacks both do not work on RageMP/Eclipse. Besides that, I only hold the rank of 'Admin' on that server so I am able to join a certain channel cause we mostly use this discord to hang around on when we play the game : League of Legends. I dont see how I play any part in developing/advertising this discord server. I think the main reason I got banned is the fact that there are two players on that discord server that got permanently banned for rule breaking and one of them claimed to have undetected hacks for ECRP. Assuming a person is involved in hack developing/advertesing just by the rank they are holding is not the way to go. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have dedicated a lot of time in this server and people in PD can also confirm that I'm here to have fun and roleplay just like the most people that are on the server. Post any evidence or further details:
  2. No money advantages at all over other players that dont donate, pay to win is a no go from me.
  3. If anyone is selling a banshee 900R, please let me know!
  4. -1, IRL officers dont 'code 0' (game crash) so you can steal their cruiser.
  5. G-Kings waiting for their customers.... Grove members getting arrested after a SWAT raid... Getting ready for people that ain't come by grove to buy....
  6. For best reading experience it is recommended to play the following song while viewing the Grove Street Families faction thread: GSF or also known as Grove Street Families are a street gang that operates from Grove Street or also known as Ganton. Ganton is located in Eastside LS and after the activities by GSF in Ganton it slowly became their main stronghold and now runs with the name Grove Street. The main origin story of Grove is unknown but it's known for Grove to be the or one of the oldest gangs in the city. The gang started gaining major notoriety near the 1980s from Ganton and spread out claiming the whole block. The Circle in Grove Street is one of the most scared and respectable spots, recent leadership mostly lived in the houses around the circle in grove street but once the respected G-King passes the torch to the up and coming double O.G or next G-King they are expected to move into one of the houses and pursue full operation from that area. As shown by History the names of the leaders from GSF have all made the names for them self. Now it's time for the Young Bloods and real O.G GSF members to reunite and bring respect, hustle, and loyalty back to the hood. Gang activity as a Street Gang GSF seem to be the most organized out of all the Street Gangs in LS. They follow Strict rules and keep their business running smoothly with good leadership and planning. They mostly operate from The circle located in Grove Street and try to keep it open for their customers, stepping on their turf can be seen as major disrespect towards them so it's not recommended to pull up unless invited or interested in the "product". Goals GSF next goal is to get a foot again in the gun trade but they are still reestablishing them selfs after recent events of vacating members and leadership. Grove Street has never been as active as it is now. The new kings have major plans for the streets and they intend on regaining control of the east side again. Corruption has spread across the country and it has reached the whole new level compared to what it used to be in the 1990s. GSF used to fight LSPD corruption but after defeating it and staying low. it's slowly managed to vex itself back into the city. Death of African-Americans has never been as high. Racist organizations, Corruption, and Enemies of Grove are all major targets and won't be taken lightly. These are some of the problems GSF works to solve and will, with time. Ryder was born in South Side Los Santos, in Ganton that is. Due to his close relationship with Carl 'Tyson Black' and Smokey, he got involved with the criminal life more. Ryder was expelled from high school for assaulting a teacher who was wearing Ballas colors, although Ryder claims he is 'too intelligent' for school. He's been a drug dealer since the age of ten, never stopped doing this. Ryder is one of the three G-Kings grove has, Grove Street Families does not have ONE leader among them. They have three G-Kings that rule the Grove Street Families that you can see above. ((OOC Section)) The Grove "Code of Honor" is 4 OOC rules everyone and even the brand new members are expected to follow and they are the following: Every single member is responsible for research about GSF and is expected to have HEAVY RP with no intentions to sabotage RP for other players on the server. Every member is supposed to base their character progression on GSF. That means once you are invited into GSF, we expect everything in your past life to be forgotten and only focus on the gang, once you are kicked/removed from the gang your character will be most likely be CKed by the leadership after agreements You are expected to follow server rules and if punished you should expect the same OOC level of punishment in the gang. For an example, you might be kicked for breaching any type of Server rule. You are expected to inform management of any issued punishments as well. You are expected to be able to RP properly with others. Be open-minded and be nice to other players of ECRP. If you are OOCly being negative or bringing us a negative picture you will be immediately removed This entire faction thread is Out Of Character, you may not use any of this information In Character. FACTION THREAD NOT FINISHED YET
  7. I was the officer that was saying multiples times : They are metagaming. I was not in one of the TAC channels so I can just say that. @DISCO Also, if you're not involved. Stop replying to a thread.
  8. Hi, I'm one of the officers that arrived after the above things all happened. In the VOD below you will see that the beige contender in the back tries to hit me once as I dodge it, he then reverses into me which mean he broke the VDM rule. Mask ID 3379_7029
  9. We have around 16 members in LFB at the moment, 2 of them are admins right now and 2 former admins/mods. So how can you say this. Your faction is comprised almost exclusively of admins (and former admins) for Christ's sake...
  10. La fuente blanca is official, get over it.
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