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    Add distance to emergency calls.

  2. Player(s) being reported: MASK 8057_3065, MASK 4423_405, MAS K 1434_85 7, MASK 674_7741, MASK 8414_6878, S TRANGER 4254_ 14 46, MASK 6399_2852 Date of rule breach: 31/07/2018 Time of rule breach: 8/9 PM - CEST Your characters name: Grant Ward Other players involved: Liam Paige, Lang Langxiu Specific rule broken: 5.3.6. A vehicle should never be used against a player on foot who has a firearm except for in the case that a gun is freshly drawn and driving forward over the shooter one time is the best means of a safe escape. If a player is actively shooting or aiming at you, getting into a vehicle and using this as a weapon would be unrealistic and therefore classed as VDM. If you come upon a shooting where someone is actively firing at a friend, you may use your one vehicle hit to stop the attack and flee. How did the players break the rule?: Rammed me while I was shooting at his criminal friend, instead of fleeing they constantly ran me over with their vehicles. Evidence of rule breach:
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    Government Faction {HOTEL}

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    Breaking and Entering houses

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    Stranger 1243_3717 (6.1.2 Fear RP)

    Player(s) being reported: Stranger 1243_3717 Date of rule breach: 24-06-2018 Time of rule breach: Unknown Your characters name: Grant Ward Other players involved: Marcus Brighi and @Jordan Rodriguez Specific rule broken: 6.1.2 You have committed violent crimes and are surrounded by police officers, who are aiming their weapons at you, prepared to shoot to kill if necessary. How did the player break the rule?: Officer Brighi and this lady were in a gunfight. Once Officer @Jordan Rodriguez and I arrived, we aimed guns at her from close range. She decided to run into her vehicle and drive off. Breaking the Fear Roleplay rule. Evidence of rule breach: As you can clearly see, we were all aiming at her. https://gyazo.com/5643375236ad4e401ce7f7b9c1e8e37b