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  1. Looking for investment opportunities that can promise a decent return. I have roughly 2m to invest. Please reply or contact me via text #4855342
  2. Thanks for that. Just changed price. It's 380,000. And yeah theyre fluctuating. Ive seen them sell from 320-450 so just depends on the buyer.
  3. Selling maxed: 9F Cabrio - High End $250,000 Sold! Specter Custom - Paleto $380,000 Also selling a Dinghy (will come with my house that is for sale as well)... Text for offers 4855342
  4. BUMP! Lowered buyout to 1.1M. Was bought for 1.2M. All offers (aside from lowballers ) are welcome!
  5. I've seen 2G's in Vespucci go for much more than you've offered. This is a 3G and comes with a boat.
  6. Dropped to 1.2M buyout. I WILL TAKE LESS - need gone!
  7. Lowered buy out to 1.3m. Shoot me some offers people!
  8. 3G Vespucci Canals Vacation Home! - 1 Safe & 2 Additional Containers ***Comes with Dinghy!*** Buyout: $900,000 SOLD! Offers down below Contact Information: #4855342
  9. How about we get a group and meet up sometime this weekend? I’m free whenever
  10. I got one. How much you want it for?
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