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  1. Thanks. Depending on the price you get it for, we can negotiate on the price for me and decide on a reasonable margin for you.
  2. depends on the upgrades. Most maxed sell for around 850k-900k so around there
  3. Find me a neon and I will pay a price that will ensure you profit
  4. stormy69

    [BOUGHT] Neon

    HMU if you tryna sell #5139685
  5. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Axel Storm Character to Transfer To: Corey Storm Requested Transfer: $625,000 Reason for Transfer: Corey had a tough time prior to moving to Los Santos. He was a college student with a dying mother and had to spend his time focusing more on the family rather than his school work. This, unfortunately, resulted in Corey having to drop out of school to take care of his mother. After his mother passed, Corey spiraled into a series of deep depression and was left in a dark spot for a good chunk of time. Because of this, Axel told Corey to come move to Los Santos to start a better life.. which he ended up doing. Now, Corey is a Junior Driver at DCC and a Cadet at LSPD. Being the proud cousin Axel is, having seen his cousin rise from the ashes, he would like to reward Corey with enough money to buy himself a car and a place to live. Corey has been sleeping on the couch in the DCC office for the past couple of months and Axel isn't around much to provide Corey with a place to stay. He is hoping that this amount of $625,000 will be enough for Corey to get a small place for himself and a decent car to get him to his 2 jobs. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? A friend or coworker.
  6. Never took any. It's at High End. The car is purple
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