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  1. Hello and thanks for making this report, The Panhead gang recieved information that the Zetas gang and 3 more had a meeting about us and that they will start hunting us down. Due to we have snitches placed into each gang who gives us all the information we need we started to counter their attack on us. We randomly saw a blue contender outside of the clothing store and when i ran inside i saw it was Jonathan Mercer, who is a Zetas gang member. He instantly called backup and i decided to gun him down since he was a threat, further on he decided to keep talking on the radio which is pretty nonRP if you ask me since he ate a couple of AR ammo. The whole situation that he called backup while 3 heavily armed gang members ran inside the store shows more than enough that he does not fear to die, if he would decide to just get on his knees it would end up in a mug or better said it would end up in a robbery. He chose himself to lose his life. I have nothing further to add.
  2. I revoke my offer aswell, since i am now a gas station owner.
  3. "Ta anklene hans for svarte faen" - Eriksen 2k18

  4. In the end it is his gas station.. if he does not want to sell for the prices we gave him then it is completly fine, however i do agree with you.
  5. I agree with both @Com783 & @DDevastatedTV but we have to respect the fact that it is his gas station, so he decides the price anyway, [email protected] if you consider offers... 2,750,000$ - Adrian Johnson #4656185 You can also reach out to me via email - ((Rapha#5521))@eclipse.com
  6. @Hazel File is removed, link does not work anymore.
  7. @Cidos & Oscar, Rockstar pushed a GTA:V update and this means that the RageMP developers have to push a "compability" update to support the correct version of Rockstar. You can either re-roll your game version to the previous one or you can wait for the rage devs to push their update something that will take 1-3 days. Regards, Adrian
  8. @Chirlon Soon 2 whole months have passed, can anything be done soon?
  9. @MusketDeezNuts In-case the reported party denies that he is the one driving the bike into the water i can provide a longer clip + the evidence that he admitted everything in /b due to he well claimed he can do that because of beef which is also wrong. (Already a 8 sec clip took me 3 whole minutes to upload, so i just wanted to give a quick in-sight about what happend) He would also be in a bad position if he lies about what happend due to that would fall under "lying to a staff" Anyway no further comments from my side until stafd wants me to reply
  10. I encounter heavy fps loss after furniture update, i just mention it for the devs to know. Specs: I7 7820x 5.2ghz (max temp 70 degree) 1080ti rog strix 11GB (max temp 65 degree) 128GB DDR4 HyperX Fury Ram The game itself + rage is installed on a 1TB M.2 SSD with a high read/write speed. 850W PSU I used to have a solid 144fps locked (i locked it in my gpu settings) and ever since that update i drop down to 58 at peak i have 113 fps. Even while my hyper-v servers are running on the same PC at the same time i have never had any issue in any game. All other games i play beside GTA (ecrp) still run flawless. Once it drops down to 58 fps it also comes with heavy stutter/laag its like goin back from 144hz monitor to 60hz, extremly annoying.
  11. XD But it is actually a +1 from my side aswell
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