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  1. i guess that ps skills come in handy sometimes 😛
  2. stexi

    ID 47 (FearRp)

    Feels bad to get fucked by game mechanics on pulling out a gun two times #rekt
  3. /delete this, big fail/
  4. stexi

    ID 47 DM

    That bag had bunch of drugs inside, and as i can see you heard/saw every word i said... Also as i know you didn't died there, you called the cops after i left you laying and they revived you
  5. I don't, i wasn't there when that went down before, the guy who get robbed and injured should have it
  6. stexi

    ID 47 DM

    Well why i started to shoot at you in the first place is because you were running around, took my shit i even asked you whats up in there but you didn't say anything so you ran off, then after that you wouldnt answer and plus you started talking shit to a guy who has gun pointed at you... so i dont get it hows this dm
  7. I mentioned up there that one of our guys were robbed somewhere north by two guys matching those two by description before this happened..So we had KOS right? We were searching for them around when ID 84 called on radio that he found them.. I was in that area and after he rammed em, i told them to get out, the first guy did and he started shooting before i did so i killed him and the other cause he did not exited when i said so
  8. You're just being salty now...XD You were told what to do, and you didn't so its pretty much you end up killed
  9. If you decided not to do so that's your bad mate I mean first of all you should filled that report correctly...
  10. So you're saying that your friend can get out and start blasting while you cant cause you're sitting inside and talking? I mean what would you expect when theres a guy chasing you and another one comes too cause you previously robbed and killed one of ours o.O
  11. Aye, i totally agree to that, as far as i know one of ours radio'd that he's being robbed and shot at the freeway gas, you two were matching the description..We were hunting you as i got radio call from the guy who rammed you that he found you and i came, your friend acted before us and started shooting and by that whole time you were sitting in the car and talking in voip instead of getting out and put your hands up...
  12. Had this sitting in my pc i guess someone would like to use em FEEL FREE TO USE
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