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  1. BrockOlly


    Looking really good boys & beans!
  2. BrockOlly

    The ability to put someone in the trunk

    Maybe it's enough to be able to mask an on-duty person, so what @verydoge12 said wouldn't be a problem
  3. BrockOlly


    damn dawg don't shoot me
  4. BrockOlly

    Remove VOIP

    I personally like voip and looking at the poll everyone else does too. It's much more personal
  5. BrockOlly

    Freestyle night at tequilala P.2

    v e r y cool
  6. BrockOlly


  7. Do you still need a car? I got a specter for sale
  8. BrockOlly


    Price dramatically dropped to 220k ! this is 80k profit
  9. BrockOlly

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    Personally I don't have a negative feeling towards you guys. You actively try to stay within the boundries of the rules which I like. Sometimes you could have a hickup but who doesn't? For the RP, it's really hard to crete enjoyable criminal RP for both parties. Mainly the criminal RP is unenjoyable for the receiving end, but that's normal right? Who likes being robbed. What I would like to see is more talking during robberies AND for the receiving party to be able to get out, without it turning into a gunfight. The intention of robbing should be on the RP, not the loot. Also guys this thread started off great but it's become very negative ;/
  10. BrockOlly


    Price changed to 250k Also present on High Market
  11. BrockOlly

    [2.1.0] [2018-06-22] ECLIPSE Roleplay

    :xddd: :clap~1:
  12. BrockOlly

    Prison and PD

    Same for salary in the office part for most government factions. Interviewing can often take a long time aswell. +1
  13. BrockOlly


  14. BrockOlly

    [FOR SALE] Fully Modded Trophy Truck

    Can't say sensible offer if they don't know the price, right? For everyone wondering, a maxed trophy truck goes for around 300k.
  15. BrockOlly


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fully modded SPECTER for sale! Price: 220,000.00$ (Stock price 214,000$!) Speed in the city: ~200km/h Speed on the highway: 210+km/h Pulls up really fast Don't miss out on this deal! CURRENTLY ON THE HIGH-END MARKETPLACE Contact me now! #3438693 (( Discord me to come online Brock Olly#4448 )) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~