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  1. Hey, thanks for appealing your ban. @Serthon will respond with his verdict shortly.
  2. Video speaks for itself, you DMd twice in a few days, hence the ban. Since it's been a while, it's up to senior staff if you're to be given a second chance
  3. House has been put for sale for 880k
  4. Today, the beans rolled out again. Some people gladly bought some beans! Others didn't... Tune in next time for another episode of bean or die
  5. Hello, thanks for reporting. Philo should not have died in that situation, you broke the deathmatching rule by killing him. If no rules were broken, he would have walked off and would have remembered you. When a rule is broken, generally the RP is voided, in this case, him dying. Report denied.
  6. Report will be concluded since player is banned.
  7. I'm taking this report tomorrow, not concluded yet
  8. Punishment is already voided, as I said in your other thread, why is there two threads?
  9. The unix given in the report was incorrect, so I punished the wrong person. Sorry! Punishment will be voided.
  10. BrockOlly

    ID 43 (DM)

    I did come to you in an in-game report, but the way you explained it to me then made me think that it was a crossfire situation. The clips here show that you kill a player without identifying him. Aside from that, you also should initiate RP before shooting someone. Decision lies in Dimitri's hands.
  11. BrockOlly

    ID 51 (9. NRP)

    He's been given enough time, user will be punished for combat logging.
  12. I cannot verify that you actually got this info ICly, but you get my benefit of the doubt. I issued this punishment because from my perspective you were camping their gang spot, which you gathered OOCly until they come online, so that you could rob them. Seeing from what you said here you might have gotten the info ICly, in which case the punishment can be voided. But I'm not 100% convinced you did. Appeal will be handled by a senior member of staff. For the whoever is taking this appeal, this is what he posted on the Forum Street thread.
  13. @Shorty Where did you hear this? I issued the punishment because you guys acted ICly on a forum thread, which was OOC information.
  14. Hello and thanks for reporting @SgtRiasBaixas. After careful review of this report, @HaminLord and I have come to the conclusion that the following punishments will be given: ID 176 | Francisco_Luther | NonRP offence #1 | Promoting poor quality roleplay . ID 192 | Lance_Luther | Warning on logs for Disobeying an officer inside a NCZ. ID 53 | Marshall_Rias | Warning on logs for disrespect against fellow members of the community. Francisco, Answering a /do with "No because I am being falsely accused", is not the type of roleplay we accept in ECRP. You should always aim for a realistic answer, even if it doesn't play out in your favor. Lance, You should obey an officer inside No Crime Zone. You enter the car at the end of clip 2, while two officers are telling you not to. Eventually you do return and continue the RP, which is why it became a warning. Marshall, While we understand this scenario might've angered you, we expect our members to be friendly to one another at all times. We do not accept OOC toxicity and disrespect, if you have an issue with another member of the community, you are more than welcome and advised to PM him or a member of the ECRP staff team. This report will also be forwarded and discussed among the Los Zetas faction management handlers and leadership.
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