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  1. Congratulations to @Levi208 and @Jabar Williams. With a bid of 3,400,000$ you've won the auction! Please contact me at #4334745.
  2. 3,400,000$ for Joel Weatherby. Extended by 5 more minutes. (Jabar is bidding in his stead)
  3. 3.3m for Joel Weatherby. Auction extended by another 5 minutes
  4. 3.2 for the man in the back! Do I hear 3.3??!
  5. Current bid is 3.1m by Jo Campbell, auction will be extended by 5 minutes from now.
  6. The curent bid is 3,000,000$ by Joel Weatherby. Auction will close the 15th of january, 18:00 UTC. The highest bid will win the auction. If a bid is placed around 18:00, the time will be extended by 5 minutes each bid, to give everyone a fair chance. Minimum raise increment is 20,000$. Good luck to everyone!
  7. Please do not edit your offer in an attempt to fly under the radar. If you bid you must be willing to pay said amount. Current bid is 2.9m
  8. Bid is currently reset to 2.5m, by @dawpi
  9. Yeah, there's no other way to do it reliably unfortunately.
  10. ((OOC information; It's a level 6 company, with a maximum loan of 600k and a maximum interest rate of 50%. for those that don't know, loan companies can be upgraded by purchasing tiers, which changes the interior material/colour and max. loan. We decided to stop at 6 because we prefer the black look instead of the brown wooden look of the higher tiers.)) Please also mention your name when bidding, and obviously make sure you have the money.
  11. International Online Unlimited __________________________________ We at Beans Corp have decided to part ways with our company, opening it up for others. The International Online Unlimited company building is a beautiful land mark in the middle of Los Santos, Rockford Hills. It will serve as a great headquarters for your business. The building also has an underground parking space to store your favourite vehicles. Upon buying our company, we will provide you with the software that we used to conduct the loans, if interested, we'll also guide you through the process and help you become the business man you've always wanted to be. For more information regarding Beans Corp, please visit our website, or contact us. __________________________________ Bidding will start at 1,800,000$ Buyout price is placed at 4,800,000$ Prices were calculated by Beans Corp
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