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  1. hello that is me
  2. BrockOlly


    Wow! Good luck for everyone, very cool house
  3. Selling a marquis! It kinda looks like dis. Post your offers below! #4042008
  4. Very cool! Much luck
  5. Don't worry @Serthon will give thou the role since @Serthon is very epix
  6. I am big kirminal
  7. Congratulations to @Levi208 and @Jabar Williams. With a bid of 3,400,000$ you've won the auction! Please contact me at #4334745.
  8. 3,400,000$ for Joel Weatherby. Extended by 5 more minutes. (Jabar is bidding in his stead)
  9. 3.3m for Joel Weatherby. Auction extended by another 5 minutes
  10. 3.2 for the man in the back! Do I hear 3.3??!
  11. Current bid is 3.1m by Jo Campbell, auction will be extended by 5 minutes from now.
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