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    (( Discord )) The Beans gang specializes in making drugs. 'Beans' are a secret word for drugs, shh! Bob Beans This man is a professional BMX-er, sometimes referred to as a BMX God. Billy Beans He lost his mind transitioning to Los Santos. He is currently serving a lifetime in prison. Kelly Beans She left the business to pursue her love for cotton candy. She is still a respected member of the Beans family though. In the 19th century when the long depression in USA started, the Beans family needed to escape somewhere so they can live properly and consolidate somewhere at least. They managed to leave to Russia, which at that point seemed stable and pretty welcoming for them. As people were leaving Europe and Russia to look for better life in USA, Beans family had to do the opposite. They moved to a small village near Moscow called Dubki and started their beans business. It was hard in the beginning but they managed starting up the business. In the 20th century, the Beans family that was already settled down in the Soviet Union experienced a recession. The Beans family who immigrated there a few decades ago had to change their lifestyle. They used to have the biggest farm of beans and were known because of that all over the Soviet Union. But after a while the business of only growing beans and selling them didn‘t make much profit as they had to give a bigger part of their income to the ruling authority. The Beans family managed to find out something way more profitable though. They started growing not only normal beans but the more profitable and valuable kind – Beans with a big B (weed). While selling the casual beans, their younger family members were sent to the streets to sell special kinds of Beans and it all went very well apparently. Business was going really well as the legit beans selling was an ideal cover that allowed the Beans family to sell weed really easily as they had the storage & farming facilities for growing the new product. It was going just great for few years, when in 1986 the soviet police found out about their shady business. The Beans family got information that the soviet police will come after them, so they had to pack their things and leave if they didn‘t want to get caught and sent to Siberia. They were shook that they managed to figure them out, but stayed strong and were ready for everything. And the day has come. In 1986, July 26th, three black chebureks with tinted windows rolled in. They thought this is it, but apparently it belonged to the local mafia. They came to have a talk with the Beans family. Apparently Beans were one of the main suppliers to that mafia and they got information about their supplier being in danger. So they told about the places they have abroad and suggested them moving to USA becoming their partners and continuing their successful Beans business there. Because of the last name no one suspected that these people might be sent by someone else. It was the best suggestion they could get at this point, so the younger generation of Beans left the soviet country and moved to the USA. They started their business from a few seeds they managed to bring with themselves. They stayed in Virginia to stabilize their business. Aleksandr Beans and Nina Beans had three babies – Kelly , Bob and Billy. They knew when they grew up, their kids will continue the family traditions, so they sent them to the west coast to spread Beans business there. Bob and Kelly managed to get a degree and sell beans in the background to their friends, but Billy got caught once and got a lifetime sentence in prison. As far as we know, Billy still manages to get some Beans in prison and successfully trade them in prison. Bob and Kelly managed to establish themselves in Los Santos after getting their degree. They seem to be not very close, but secretly they still manage to contact and to do their family business together. They are spreading and involving more and more people into selling their original Beans. Bob Beans is currently looking for members to join his business. The plan is to make the biggest Bean empire the world has ever seen. ((This thread is under construction and subject to change!))
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    History has been updated! massive thanks to @Zyzla
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    Hello I'm Samo!

    hit me up if u want to buy beans
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    Preparing a batch of brand new Beans Selling Crystal Beans to SADOC ( thanks to @Grape ) Another transaction completed!
  5. You can appeal your ban sir

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    More pictures added
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    If you find Bob Beans in this predicament, he has fatally injured himself after a BMX accident. Please help him because it 100% wasn't his fault.
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    if u see a bald man driving a bmx it's probably me
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    yes find me IC
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    Setting up business with Grove Street Fam. From now on they will supply us with the most pristine beans. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Running from the police They trying to steal our beans
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    This post is dedicated to selling / attempting to sell Beans ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( he didn't want to buy any ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got some customers -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Option to remove Bleets/Ads

    -1 i like it
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    Mask 1798_7369 , Mask 6049_7891 Deathmatching 7.2

    Hey I was there so I will give my side of the story! I am the person alias'd 'robbinhood' in the purple jester. Prior to this event there was a big gathering of zetas (I think) and irish, that were camping the ncz waiting for people to leave. Pretty bad RP scenario in general if you ask me. I was confused myself as to who the guys were screaming at, so I got out of my car. It apparently wasn't directed at me though. Jax suddenly gets shot down, even though he didn't take any actions after the commands were given, remember that they were just shout commands and we didn't have a clue who they were aimed at. While this might not be the purest form of DM I feel like such RP should not be complimented.
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    Nice! Now you can finally answer to /s what gang?
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    Application system hinders player experience.

    Oh about the waiting period, if people can't wait a couple days to get in, then they also won't have the patience for impounds, admin reports, 911 calls, mechanic calls and what not. Waiting a day or two is no big deal at all and it triggers me when people complain about it on discord
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    Application system hinders player experience.

    I don't agree with you completely, but I do think the application system needs a rework, if only to relese some pressure that's currently on the staff team for doing them. While it is true that the general RP level in-game can be seen as lower than what the application prepares you for, the system in and of itself does have its place. Before, you could simply join the server after an easy 14-question quiz, bringing in a steady surge of players that don't know the slightest thing about RP, and how to act in certain situations. The applications are in place to ensure that everyone who passes it, knows the basic rules and is capable of speaking english at a decent enough level. It of course cannot force players to follow them, but allows staff to be more strict on reports, since they don't have an excuse to not be following the rules. All in all I think the applications have influenced the server positively, but has negatively increased pressure on the staff team.
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    Reconnect to the server command

    Hi, seeing as the rageMP F1 menu doesn't allow you to reconnect multiple times, I thought it could be handy to add a command or something similar that would reconnect us to the IP. This could be usefull to fix VOIP, change character, fix cars exploding client-side only etc. Suggested usage: /reconnect popup window: Would you like to reconnect to the server? Yes/No
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    Ability to "Strip" weapons

    Very cool, very epic suggestion
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    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    In all seriousness, you're right, but it's close to impossible to change the mentality of a large group of players like this, sadly.
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    "Hands up this is a rob" mentality...

    Hands up this is Bob
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    Increase the amount it costs to fix a vehicle.

    My criminal character has 30k in the bank, I agree something should be done about how people treat their vehicles, but I think this is a wrong approach.
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    Toggle command for on-screen radio frequency

    fix: Add command /showfreq this commands shows the frequency the way it currently is displayed I need to read the comments before posting, oof.
  24. Title. I understand the argument that dislikes could lead to a more negative effect of the forums, but it can serve a bigger purpose. For example, current likes on a user don't mean much other than amount of posts, since likes only add up. Being able to dislike will give the forums a more personal feel in my opinion, what do u guys think? PS: I know this type of forum supports it, so I don't think its a hassle to implement it