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  1. I'll be there, just don't be upset when you all lose........
  2. BrockOlly

    ID 83 (9. NRP)

    Since he did not reply, I will conclude this without his input. Seems to me like he was baiting a cop chase, and really had no reason to drive like this. User will be punished for his third offence of NonRP.
  3. BrockOlly

    ID 83 (9. NRP)

    Thanks for reporting! id 83 | Swisher_Kvasys | You have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story. Why did you ram cruisers and enter/exit the scene the way you did?
  4. Going to be closing this soon, current offer is 890k Any final bidders?
  5. I aint begging but I kinda want that super -Bob Beans
  6. Player is ban evading and will be permanently banned. (Niels_Klooster / Jimmy_Wilson / Tyrone_Biggins)
  7. That's not really how an auction works buddy, if you want to discuss it privately send me a text. #4042008 @JassemBenRayana
  8. Please provide a way for me to contact you @JassemBenRayana
  9. Good to hear, since it's an auction though, I'll keep it up for a little while longer, until I come back from my vacation!
  10. Lowered starting bid to 750k
  11. BrockOlly

    ID 44 (14. DM)

    I was one of the mechanics he was threatening, if you have any more questions just ask
  12. @nixu211 Here's a picture for you! Sent from ifruit 6
  13. Hey @nixu211 could you leave me your contact details so I can call you if you've won : )
  14. There appears to be a small error, the starting bid is 1,000,000$
  15. A Beautiful house for beautiful people Starting bid is 750,000$ If you place a bid, make sure you are willing to buy it. Contact me through #4042008 Perks: - Close to tequilala - Pool very cool - Nice view of Los Santos - Accessible driveway - Porch - Quiet neighbourhood Location:
  16. Just business 🤧
  17. BrockOlly

    ID 146 (NCZ)

    Sorry for the late response, I forgot this report was still up. I personally believe this situation could have been handled completely IC, and there were no rules broken here. If they left the car and then disobeyed your orders, it would've been a breach of the NCZ rule for me. Players are indeed allowed to flee, the situation here just dragged on quite long.
  18. Just for your information, vehicles without license plates still have plates RPly, and can be looked up on the MDC.
  19. Woah I remember going here and meeting the owner, friendly guy, though he declined my business proposal. I only had a small glance of the stock but the guns seemed to be in pristine condition!
  20. I can't tell of you're joking or not, the admin was merely spectating you, as for the car flipping, it was a bug, which he undid by flipping it and apologised for. That's just my two cents though. Since the report is regarding a member of staff, senior admins will have to deal with it.
  21. Ayy I got the same case Simplest 1 monitor, wrong keyboard, no mousepad setup imaginable; Ryzen 5 2600, Geforce RTX 2070, Gigabyte X470, 16GB Ram, 2TB storage
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