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  1. I can confirm that the bag has indeed vanished according to logs. Will confirm further.
  2. mikex

    Panel access

    This bug was fixed & will be pushed in the upcoming days.
  3. Pending response from @BallinByNature
  4. I think this would be cool and could even become a new job for the city. Vending machine restocking could work just like atm machines.
  5. +1 , If we can make the boat FREEZE just like the command, it makes it so no one falls off / glitches. It would be great for fishing.
  6. This was already suggested and while it seems like it's a great idea, it has major downsides.
  7. Okay, your household is permanently banned. Locked unless Sr. Admin+ wants to bump in @Serthon @Archaeah @Chuck
  8. So you're saying you don't know the account @kingtrix ? That really doesn't ring a bell?
  9. Hello and thank you for making this punishment appeal. Now before I get into the logistics about why you have been permanently banned, I am going to give you another chance to tell the truth. Would you like to use your appeal as a chance to tell the truth or not? mikex
  10. REFUND ACCEPTED Thank you for posting this refund request. After reviewing the request and evidence attached to it, I've decided to authorize you a refund for the following item(s): $4,444,480 $1,654,332 Total : $6,098,812 I will take care of the removal of the 2 houses first and then we can settle your refund. Feel free to message me or a Head Admin+ to take care of this refund. Regards, mikex Price for first house : 4,444,480 Price for second house : 1,654,332 Grand Total : $6,098,812
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