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  1. If you're having issues with verification, please PM me on discord and not forums. 

    Discord : mikex#0001

  2. Problem with planes is the syncing with Rage is *terrible*.
  3. If you would just look around, the GPS is now a store item which you must have in your inventory for it to appear.
  4. Hello, and thank you for making this punishment appeal! @SinisterStalker As per our punishment guidelines, player Haytham_Hawking was punished for his first offense of metagaming. To provide some insight into the situation and explain my reasoning for this players punishment to the reviewing senior administrator or above, i will go ahead and include the following screenshot (which was sent to me by another support staff member) that is to be used for reference during this appeal. "I told him on discord that he would not be smart to admit that he was driving it" As outlined in the rulebook, metagaming is the act of relaying in-character information through any method that is not in-character that has the potential to change current or future roleplaying scenarios or using that information. The things you said to the new player over discord were not only relayed through a method which is not considered IC (making it highly unfair for the other players involved in this siutation as they cannot see what the two of you are talking about) but it also has the potential to change the mindset and response of the new player and thus effectively change and alter the entire roleplaying scenario. Regardless in whether or not the new player acts on the information given to him by you, it does not make you more or less guilty of metagaming in my opinion. Appeal will be pending review from a senior administrator or above.
  5. Lovely suggestions! Very well documented 🙂
  6. +1 would have to be thought out more thoroughly, but a cool idea nonetheless.
  7. During the testing phase of the new Quiz processing panel we had a few apps which sent out the account verification email instead of the deny email which is what you've received.
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