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  1. 👀 comet retro where?

    1. Brawnkoh


      Retro when?

    2. DaniDota


       u n b a n  w h e n ?

  2. The forums and the website panel are two seperate things. You create a game panel account by registering in-game, to do this just join the server and you will be able to register and do the roleplay quiz!
  3. Day 17..


    1. DimitriS


      Aww 😞 

    2. xxxJustTimmy
  4. just dont get robbed tf? I've never been robbed whilst mining.
  5. Nah You can conseal AK's (with foldable stocks obviously) in sweatpants 'n stuff. Same goes for shotguns. They are not extremely large, they're around 60cm's with folded stocks, and I don't know but the average length of a grown male is 180cm, seems pretty possible to me. Yes, it'll be somewhat difficult, but it's possible.
  6. Robbery in a maximum security state prison? 👌
  7. AYE Second biggest gang in the city fr fr Wish they'd let me back into the city so I could 'cause some more troubles for Sullivan 'n that. Sent using iPhone XR from Deportation Island.
  8. fuck u dad

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. xxxJustTimmy


      wtf is this? Is it because I'm banned? Bullies ;(

    3. DaniDota


      Well, I was put on an emotional rollercoaster, having my appeal accepted and then poof, response gone? :(((((

    4. xxxJustTimmy


      LOL probably because they don't like you 

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