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  1. Balastas

    [buying] a car

    buying a car max price 250k
  2. Since everyone is crying that max 2 hours of jail time is too much i suggest to completely remove prison punishment and replace it with a pat on the back when a person commits a crime 🙂 (grp servers have more time than 2 hours and noone was complaining about that just sayin')
  3. Buying a house for maximum of 180k.
  4. All of criminals talking about FearRP like you can never win a fight against a gun in real life IS JUST BULLSHIT. This server as I said many of times is FAIL RP. All criminals are crying that how hard is to be a criminal. when in fact even robberies are their your side. On this server once you're on gun point you lost, that's it. In real life robberies are always messy, fast, even unsuccessful since everyone is stressed everything might go bad, even a robber might drop his gun on the ground on accident and guess what he's fucked. On GTA is just too clean yet every criminal is crying how shit is to be a criminal. EVERYTHING except surrendering is fear rp for this server. And looking from psychological side of human if you're under stressful situation there's 3 things what human can go trough: 1. Most common that person will obey orders 2. Person might go into a shock condition 3. A person can go wild and try to defend himself even if he has almost or none chance to survive EVEN THIS bouncers didn't even had a fucking gun
  5. I agree with you but i'm just trying to say owners wont nerf anything, lets be honest here since this server is criminals vs cops, you nerf criminals and they will quit server or quit robbing (they become civilians = they have nothing to do again people leave) so that's why there wasnt any changes even if you look at the farming site, admins says it's not rp to make them safe zone. But in fact how is that non rp how many of farms gets robbed irl 24/7? It's just fail rp server even if everyone pretends it's not. That's why there is no changes even if people asks for it.
  6. they will never leave normal zones that's pretty obvious since server lets to rob you freely. I mean where does it happen that one robber goes on robbery spree? If you've robbed once you will hide in real life since someone is already looking for you, this server ain't rp at all. And it should not be called that, yet everyone tries to make look it like it's high skill rp server. Criminals roam trough streets like crazy, admins dont do anything since they understand if they nerf criminals most of them will leave or quit robbing and there's nothing else in this server. when in real life there's cctv, people arround. It's just fail rp server by itself.
  7. ofc it shouldn't they rob anywhere anyways why to give them immunity in some places? + most of them dont even follow any rp.
  8. idk not mine experience, went to high end car lot, got shot there (in a fucking car park where in real life would be lots of witnesses), came there after one hour whole gang shooting there, when back from there 2 cars were shouting "stop or you die" when driving 80 mph. THIS SERVER is already running arround criminals so stop complaining about making criminals even more op. Look what kind of cars criminals have?
  9. well if you havent noticed los santos is one big getto. you drive trough the city "stop or you die blyat", you walk trough the city "hands up blyat, or i shoot", you work in a farm "hands up blyat"...
  10. -1 why to increase on something when cars are stolen anyways all the time? this is rp server where is rp that you cant even leave your car near your job??
  11. I agree. But not sure how for other people but sometimes I try to talk to find out that people can't even hear me (even when it works perfect on other games)
  12. I don't know why it's only 120 minutes, on grp server we would get way more of a punishment, just makes no sense.
  13. Going to be honest about it and I bet Iots of people thinks the same. I'm going to follow traffic lines, speed limit, going to look at both sides while driving trough intersection. Although I'm not going to follow traffic lights. Why? Simple cuz there's no TRAFFIC in the first place. These traffic lights are created for TRAFFIC not for empty roads. If there would be npcs driving I would have no problem doing that, but to stop at every red traffic light when there's no one is just pointless even if this is "RP" server. Honestly I don't even think that this server should be called RP since we're living in post apocalyptic world where the town is "ruled" by less than 200 active people. The problem is that Los Santos is too big for 200 people if it would be smaller city i wouldn't say anything about fully following traffic lights. Another thing about this. RP DRIVING punishes civilians without government job. If you're a criminal you don't give a shit about driving rp since you just rob people, if you're in government faction you get paid by by working. If you're a post carrier/trucker/security you get PAID BY DELIVERY, where's rp in that aswell shouldn't all jobs get paid by HOUR?
  14. -1 Mhm I really don't understand why people would want that. This server has under 200 people at peak of the day. Los Santos city feels empty as it is why to make it even more empty by puting things outside the city so you would basicly be alone most of the time?
  15. I've noticed aswell that actual new peoples when I've started to rp had small clue how to actually rp. Yes it's easy to understand Powergaming/Metagaming, /me/do/ooc and so more, but how actually to rp them right. Because if your first rp is being robbed by "put your hands up motherfucker" and you get frisked that's it it's just not a good example of rp. So maybe whoever has a good knowledge could actually make such lessons or situations just to show people how it's done (since i don't actually see peolpe rping crashes and stuff like that). (just a suggestion not sure if actually necessary)
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