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  1. I'm Carl Backwell in the video, I do not say you broke the rules while you were pointing gun at us, you broke fearrp rule when you decided that it's a wise decision to just jump on your bike and drive away, you can't just run up to vehicle jump on it and then drive off, if there wasn't a bug wher you got teleported on bike you would have been shot many many times, but since there's a bug you just teleported on it therefore breaking FearRP, you can't expect to just jump on the bike and drive away while having 2 guns pointed at you.
  2. I have never seen someone arresting someone just for suspicion of crime, we can detain you for that but if we do not find anything we let you go but o well if we find we will arrest you. If we trust civilians word if you look at it criminals attempts to murder someone infront of our face yet they still cry oocly that they haven't done anything. We don't add charges if we ain't 100%, you ask for us to record, but maybe you can rply get camera and record it yourself then, wouldn't that solve your problem? It would be even easier for us to see what you did and what you didn't.
  3. In real life you don't get arrested 10 times in a day. Either we increase prison sentences to where people won't even be able to think about crime since that will almost mean life sentence or we leave it as it is. Understand that in one hour we arrest like 10 people, you're saying that every hour we should have jury and so on? Also PD won't arrest you without proof, most of the people don't understand what detaining someone is different from being arrested. If we get enough proof of you committing a crime why do we need a jury in the first place? The only way I see a judicial system to work, alright we catch you and you're arrested in the cell to wait for trial. It could be once a day or so on, if you do not come on that trial you wait for the next day while you're being arrested in the cell until trial takes place and you're sent to jail or charges dropped, but if you get sent to jail your sentence starts from then. All in all, don't forget that this isn't streamer server where people makes money out of this, this isn't a job for us we have real life, work, kids and responsibilities to do therefore I don't see a way to make judicial system take place in the server.
  4. If they can see you, you can see them. as far as I'm aware, this post is based on person not getting that XRAY is a helicopter flying above you, not just some kind rp drone with a camera.
  5. you never rped getting up. + you think you could get up faster while cuffed and on your chest than officer to respond to your actions? That's litteraly states as PG. even if it was voided you broke the rules, multiple times the only reason it was voided because there was admin in the scene in the first place, keep in mind he broke multiple rules multiple times, he didn't made a mistake he was clearly breaking them on purpose. Anyways Admins will have footage from whole scene you can take a look at it.
  6. Player(s) being reported: 153 id Date of interaction reported: D11/08/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1565544382 (20 min before this point dont have exact time) Your characters name: Carl Backwell Other player(s) involved: Deferro @SantinoDeferro Specific rule(s) broken: Examples (but not limited to), where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When you are on foot or bike and a weapon is aimed at you at close range (he had a gun on him by SGT Deferro, yet he tried to run about 4 times). not responding to RP, just running away. Forceful roleplay that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming. Other players must be given a chance to roleplay outcomes of actions. (rolling away, instantly getting up and running into car) How did the player break the rule(s)? So I arrived to the backup that SGT. Deffero asked, upon arrival he gave orders to pull both blue drag bikes over. I have tried yet they fled it which made it felony evasion. I came back to the scene pulled out tazer and once he came back he stopped (didn't noticed my tazer), once I pointed it to him he started moving therefore I tazed him instantly he started accelerating since he was felony evading. And it started from there he stared instantly /ooc flaming and so on, he had gun pointed at him by Defero yet he didn't follow the rules, tried to run away while gun was pointed directly at him. After that I was trying to arrest him by cuffing him, yet there was no response for him and he tried to run into bifta. (therefore he got tped back since he ran into bifta without any rp what so ever while he was being arrested after situation was continuing). Eventually we got him in cuffs, I rply laid him on the ground on his chest he was cuffed that he couldn't get up and run so easily (lets be honest when you have your hands behind your back and you're on your chest you cant just get up and start running instantly that will take some time for us to react, he didn't done that therefore he PG'ed". Let alone in fact that when RP was paused it was only him and another bike and once we continued rp everyone was told to leave but suddenly there's 10 people around us? Not forget this gem rp to escape "attempts to roll" with no attempt getting up just rolling away into the car? (standing up and getting into the car instantly) I mean there was no rp in the first place trying to get up from the ground @SantinoDeferro has whole situation on the video, you can ask his footage since he told me he couldn't send it to me due to some admin chat involved in there. Evidence of rule breach:
  7. We don't need more dm. There's much dm in the server already, if you try to fight someone and have rp with that they will instantly pull gun out and gun you down, if you try to interact with gang members someone will come and gun you down and so on. There's actually stuff to do, but everyone here wants cash but not fun.
  8. Obviously seaweeds are outnumbered and bullied, so lets play smart? Lets stop representing the gang if you're just chilling and put clothes/mask only when you're actually going to commit crime? No? okay then.
  9. More and more pd tend to lighten charges way more if the rp is good. Ofcourse there's is always people who wants to punish others.
  10. To make you aware, using ts while not having a radio is Metagaming and I have never seen officer doing that honestly.
  11. PD hoesn't have HSU cars so they use their own cars... Everywhere police in has super cars that is deployed if needed in IRL. How is that non rp? Don't forget that IRL you have cameras everywhere, you can do traffic jams and so on. pursuits doesnt go 200km/h + in the cities like here... If you take like that it's non rp for everyone have a super car. If everyone has very fasts cars police deploys fast cars, where is the problem in that? I just don't get criminals thinking, we are here to rp and have fun that's it is the problem that people dont care about rp. Also racking money? I created this char only to play for PD and i have "18.12:59:54" in game. Yet I have only one 1g house with cars worth about 800k and around 600k in my bank. in 18 days and 13 hours I made about 1.5 mil. How is that racking money? + PD is not some kind of job where you just chill you have actively obey the rules and put time to learn police handbook and so on which actually takes time in itself. And then again it's not like a gang where people don't really even care if you are breaking rules, but in PD you get punished for breaking rules in the first place and no one lets that go trough. I even got a warning and didn't got promoted for 2 weeks for reckless operation of road vehicle.
  12. You forget one point. Officers who drive super cars and have mansions spends hours and hours daily online. The problem with increasing criminal reward is that 70% of the servers are playing as criminals and other 30 percent actually plays neutral or good civs/govs. So there should be 70% of people who has mansions and so on? The problem is in the server. the more crime there is the less of the cut everyone gets and that's how it is. And as far as i am aware there's more criminals owning supers and mansions than pd.
  13. People running away with super cars and we can't charge them without indentifying? While IRL they get your plate number and if you escape good luck with police at your house and then explaining who was driving your car. Also we get heavies and armors and HSU due to being shot all the time and people evading. That is IC problem in the first place the more dangerous job more we get geared up just like in IRL. We get shot almost at every single call makes sense to get armor + heavies doesn't it? PD got nerfed super by removing interceptor for normal police officers now there's only one or two patrolling around the town. IRL police always wins... unless somehow they actually escape which is like what 5% of all cases? Criminals never win IRL. And there's not really that much of a use of high speed units to be honest, they are rarely seeable. (not talking aboud SD since i don't know what's the case in there) And also if you look at gang members they are all set, I dont see them being poor? And to be honest police officer doesn't even make that much. for 15 irl hours we get like 90k which doesn't include our ooc time, dealing with bad rp all the time and so on. The problem is that criminals don't try to roleplay smart they start robing store, then goes on store robbing spree which will definately get them caught and so on. Play smart play safe and everyone will be more happy.
  14. Do you know if person is not responding to 5x times asking for his permission to frisk him I can go ahead and PG that? + Clearly that wasnt DC that was combat logging no one ever crashes like that unless you just leave afk and run to restart your modem. All in all it's against rules to gain advantage while person is code 0. How can you even say that there was no problem with that? person wasn't there for 20 minutes yet we cant enforce rp from our side but you can while he wasn't there. where's logic in that? Or from now on if you crash while in chase there should be 10 PD around you already pointing guns while you log in? Since it's the same thing. not going to argue more going to let admins sort this.
  15. First of all "nigga" was an expression not forwarded towards anyone. And situation didn't go my whay? your members talking about being official fraction yet failing to understand that he was 20 minutes dcing?? rules clearly states that you can not get advantage if person is being code 0. guess what you all did? he dced for 20 minutes, that's how long it took you to find us in the first place, we would have been out of there way back there. guy wasn't dcing he did that on purpouse once MD arrived he didn't said anything that he's lagging but once we made him suspect trough voip suddenly he's lagging as hell and crashing but after he was picked up he has no crashes suddenly? "Roleplay Logging, or Combat Logging, is a term that is used to refer to those players that log off off or go AFK during active roleplay." Also no one crashes like that, noone waits for 1 minute and only then gets a crash... So therefore you all gained advantage over us in the first place which is against rules, or this only applies when pd is chasing you and you code zero? What you're saying is utter lie. You never agreed with RP, you even said "you cant search me without my consent" oocly when you never even responded to the role play in the first place. I even started frisking you before you reported that you're lagging. The only one thing you were showing was clear attempt to reconnect not to rp which doesn't mean you werent combat logging in the first place. Also not saying that you all meta gamed, but how did the first guy got the info that we are there? Since you can clearly see 171 was combat logging And why did i wrote that oocly that he have heavies? Since he didn't respond to rp and i have him time to respond i even asked oocly for him to respond to rp, therefore since I didn't got permission yet i took a look into his inventory there fore without permission I didn't called it in icly until he combat logged thus was clearly going to combat log and there fore to let my backup unit to get the footage and to make him aware that he's going to log out. That was so obvious you can even see i did /frisk way before him even reporting that he's lagging. It was so obvious he's going to combat log in the first place. And to everyone saying oh we are gang we keep rp standarts high. What kind of standarts when you're official fraction yet you gain advantage over combat logging?
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