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    LSPD - Kidnap

    there's 2 police officers nearby enemy, hur dur lets shoot the fuck out at their direction. That's the problem with this server, police is filled with admins yet such shit happens.
  2. Balastas

    New player.. few random questions

    you need to alt tab game when you log in. Try it. 🙂 Good luck.
  3. the point he made ------------------------------------- you that's how it is 50% of the players can't read or understand basic sentence. Let me break it down to you he was going after that there's nothing else to do apart doing criminal shit that's why the robberies happens everywhere. And litteraly there is nothing to do. there's 6 jobs, 6 official jobs. and then few more where you grind driving. I've litteraly seen more rp in grp servers, this is basiclly grp i dont even consider this rp server if you look at it how everything works. In my mentioned grp i haven't seen so much crime as here, you just get out of the car and look another chav asshole already shouting "hands up blyat". Stop pretending that this is hard core rp server when there's almost no rp apart voice chat. Public streets should be considered as ncz since in real life there would be shit tons of people you wouldn't get robbed in highway infront of people would you? that's where rp would kick like following your suspect waiting him to get somewhere quiet and stuff like that. Now you go to a farm you're picking your stock into a car and so called "rp robber" shouts hands up and just steals your van. Pretty much irl yeah happens every second everywhere.
  4. +1 But the thing is that admins know that there's nothing more to do besides robbing shit. That's why. To all people who says "it's part of irl to get robbed". Answer me that how many times you got robbed in daylight infront of other people or in general robbed? Personaly 22 years of my life going trough countries, going alone at nights and stuff like that i've never experienced such thing so basiclly it's not rp go on a robbing spree? And 100% apart being in law enforcement or gang and do some criminal stuff there's nothing to do. That's why you can't even leave your car for 5 minutes somewhere or it will be chopped. I'm not trying to shit on this server but that's how it is.
  5. Balastas

    VOIP Criminals

    Try to listen music as police tries to pull you irl m8 it will go smooth. i bet when you will be lying on the ground while gun pointed to your face "i was listening to music" excuse wont work.
  6. Balastas

    [Punish NCZ Parking Abuse]

    Hur dur dur *we have only one parking spot somewhere in the ass hur dur dur why people are abusing NCZ* I don't want to talk shit about this server but that's why people ain't doing anything else besides robbing other people.
  7. Balastas

    Getting robbed

    To be honest i've seen more rp in GRP than in here. most people with 50 iq says "oh but it's rp to get robbed" well is it rp to get robbet on every corner? Nope so where's the rp? This whole robbery thing is shitfest irl 80% of the time criminals will get caught eventualy, here you just need to go down few blocks and you're good to go.
  8. *whinges* I can't outrun cops which makes my 24/7 robberies harder to escape please nerf the car. Can people stop crying about criminals and how "hard" it's for them? I suggest one thing if you want to make it like irl for criminals. If you die as a criminal you lose EVERYTHING does that seems fair? Okay then.
  9. I like the fact that there's turning signals. I hate the fact that i need to use them with arrows since i cant have my hand on mouse then.
  10. Balastas

    [Government Factions] Pay

    I'm not understanding people who says oh it's high risk in real life. Yes in real life it's high risk since you've got only one life. In RP you will respawn after you die with all of your money and stuff like that so where's the high risk in here?
  11. Balastas

    There's no more peace to DECENT players

    It's not about that. To be fair i'm really new to rp but I can already see besides being medic/lspd or in gang there's nothing else in this server. So the most fun thing is to rob people even if i'm not doing that.
  12. Balastas

    There's no more peace to DECENT players

    To all who says that's not how life works that there should be green zone in farm. Have you ever seen that someone would come to work places and start stealing shit from there in real life? No? That's the answer. The thing is that server should be ruled by cops not by gangs what we can see now.
  13. Balastas

    Trucking job pay reduced.

    It became really low salary job. I'm not sure what was before but I drove from city to the different side of the map i got paid about 1.8k. To be fair farmers and couriers gets way more. I instantly quited truckers job and thought no way that's worth.
  14. Balastas

    Police officers and traffic behavior.

    The problem itself is the traffic lights and so on. I'm just a new player to RP but i can already see it. Think about it there's no AI, only empty roads sometimes you don't even meet another player for miles so you expect people to stop at every traffic light and to do what there? There's no interaction what so ever. It's a ghost town with millions of traffic lights who traffics ghosts. To be honest it's more fun to play Trucking simulator than driving here and you're driving like 80% of the time to earn money.