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  1. On the topic of mechanics skipping required and logical RP, if a LSC mechanic ever just plows a car and skips RP please bring that info to me or any other high command at LSC and we will address it. I also recommend bringing it up in a report if you deem it necessary. I hope that the future Bayview owner holds such a high standard for RP. There has been a noticeable lack in RP by newer players that are mechanics at LSC and we are actively punishing/correcting. I hope that Charlie is doing the same at Bayview as well while we wait on Luke's replacement. This is an RP server, players skipping RP does not give other players permission to do so.
  2. Yes the mechanics ram the vehicle to flip it over because there is not a script way to do it. With that said, there is still the required /me RP that is done to convey the actual action of flipping the car back over because we can't scriptly do it like the tow hook. i.e. hooking up the car to the wench and rolling it back over. Then as you would in the real world you would need to check the car for damage/fluid leakage and get it running again or tow it to a mechanic shop for repair. This is standard RP practice of both mechanic shops in town. If people are doing that then they are being really lazy with the RP side of the server or are so dang cheap they would rather fudge the RP to save a buck. There are two mechanic shops that do this as a part of their RP jobs.
  3. Player(s) being reported: ID 10 and ID 47 Date of interaction reported: October 12 2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1570902306 Your characters name: Billy Gorganzola Other player(s) involved: 61, 184 Specific rule(s) broken: 8. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. How did the player break the rule(s)? Player 10 was driving a super car and it flipped. Instead of calling in a tow company to flip the vehicle and repair it, they flipped it with another sports car (47 was driving and I am not sure of the model). After the vehicle was flipped they spammed up arrow until the vehicle started. Poor RP. I was unable to see the super car flip and there was no report made of a bug that caused it to flip a the time. If a mod wants to see the chat footage I can make that available. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/c0vfs (Chat blocked because of support chat)
  4. Dear Mick, I appreciate your response and understand the troubles you have had since starting your new position. I look forward to seeing how you improve the LSPD. Billy Gorganzola
  5. Jay Gamble, The day before the permanent ban you were on LSC property and I asked you about 2 robberies that happened on LSC property. You said there was a new crew in town wearing blue as well and it was mostly likely them because you didn't hear anything from your boys about them robbing LSC. So we lifted the ban for the time being at this point. We were reasonable. I looked over our CCTV footage of the two events to see what vehicles were used in the robberies. I was skeptical of this because your crew is notorious for not allowing anyone to wear any shade of blue or have their vehicles any shade of blue. After watching the footage and looking at the vehicles your boys were driving it was apparent that it was indeed Los Zetas as a part of the first two robberies. So i came to the general store you were standing outside of and had the discussion with you that you referenced where I asked you to "cut the crap" and explain why you were targeting LSC. You refused to have a discussion and I left. I understand that, i was upset and not speaking level headed with you. At this point the Los Zetas were not permanently banned as of yet. High command at LSC was still having discussions with each other one what we should do based on your story of their being another gang in blue. It was the next day when a robbery happened again that we laid out the permanent ban on the Los Zetas. Yes we call in patrol units when people in blue enter the property and hang around. Yes we call when people in blue cars enter our property, its for our safety and our customers safety. 4 months of this behavior by the Los Zetas has caused this. Blue means one thing in this town....Los Zetas. There is only two reasons y'all come to LSC now, to strike terror and/or steal. Billy Gorganzola
  6. (( @MrUntouchable215 this section of the forums is IC))
  7. Dear Office Vyse, I am one of the high command at LSC and we have reached out to Jay Gamble on multiple occasions to see what the reason was and why they continue. They do not have a reason and continue to attack LSC's employees and customers. There is no stopping the prejudicial targeting of LSC. We have also had more patrols recently but when we make calls for the issues there is rarely enough police that respond to counter the number of Zetas at Los Santos Customs. Low employment or low funding? Either way it needs to be addressed. And as to why I am calling out the chief. I do not know him personally but, the time of their robberies and his start date have a direct correlation. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. Sometimes it takes a loud noise to draw attention and make change. Consider this the start of my loud noise. I am interested to see what you and your co-workers come up with in regards to the need at LSC but until there is change, my position stands. Billy Gorganzola
  8. Dear Los Santos Citizens, Since Mick Reefer became Chief of Police a little over four months ago, there has been an apparent lack in the LSPD’s ability to protect and serve its citizens. As a manager of Los Santos Customs, I have felt that since Mike Reefer took over, I have no trust in our city’s police force to protect me or my place of work. The Los Zetas gang specifically has increased their activity in the city and specifically at Los Santos Customs. They rob, loot and kill with no fear of LSPD being able to do anything to stop them. More than once a week the Los Zetas gang waltzes into Los Santos Customs and clears out the customers and employees of their vehicles and of their possessions. This issue is not just one of Los Santos Customs but throughout the city. Us citizens pay more than enough taxes to fund a police force to be able to contain the Los Zetas and other gangs in the city. The time has come for someone to take over for Mick Reefer that can handle the criminal activity in the city. We need someone that will dedicate the time and resources to staff a police force that will be able to protect us citizens. Join me in signing this petition to remove Mick Reefer as Chief of Police.
  9. @Roderick. Hopefully I can bump into you sometime soon.
  10. I am interested in renting until i can buy this house Roderick.
  11. I would like to recommend @Doey. Ever since i came into town he has driven the crappiest of vehicles. Seriously, they all have rusted floor boards and the roof paneling is falling out. Any who he has been a great boss for me at LSC and has done wonders for me getting established at LSC. Not a better person in town than Darion Rueb. Hail King Darion Ruler of LSC
  12. I am looking to buy any of the properties in the two buildings pictured in La Puerta on Rub Street. You can contact me at # 3796676 Sincerely, Billy Gorganzola
  13. I still have the footage from the first time i saw them. I can upload all 45 mins or so if needed.
  14. Player(s) being reported: ID 82 and 144 Date of interaction reported: 08/11/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1565547606 Your characters name: Billy Gorganzola Other player(s) involved: Thaddeus Grey (120), Id162, Id 199, Id 23 Specific rule(s) broken: . Non-Roleplay (NRP) • Spawning a scripted work vehicle and using it for crimes or submerging any vehicle in water. How did the player break the rule(s)? Both players were seen driving around in a go postal van town masked up rather sketchy looking. Came to LSC two times and caught me off guard. At one point the cops showed up and chased the new player. Later we found one of them upstairs picklocking a car and the other on our roof assisting him. Evidence of rule breach: (first time spotting them) https://streamable.com/q09ad (At LSC getting caught for something) https://streamable.com/tzabm (caught lockpicking) https://streamable.com/wj6bu
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