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  1. I will be unavailable to be in town for a while. The highest offer of 820k will be the buyout at the door shortly.
  2. Have received an offer of 800k. Will give it 24 hours to see if anyone else offers
  3. I have a 2g listed with water/boat access that is near Mors Oceanic insurance if that interest you. You can build a 2-3 car external garage in its parking area.
  4. I own a few in the area, the one listed has the price on the door.
  5. I am selling my 2g with water access in La Puerta. This how is great for boat owners and fisherman alike. Right next to Mors Oceanic Insurance and one of the quickest boat rides out to the ocean. There is plenty of building space and you can build a custom garage for 2-3 cars in the parking area out front. I have attatched a picture of my garage from my other property in the neighborhood. This apartment does not have one built. The interior is the typical apartment style of the area. Don't hesitate to ask any questions. Current Buyout-$1,000,000 Billy Gorganzola Phone#-3796676 Email-Bearski#4698
  6. Have you tried building outside of the house? How big is the area that the city allows?
  7. I am interested in purchasing a Banshee 900R. Please contact me if you are interested in selling yours. Billy Gorganzola #3796676 Bearski#[email protected]
  8. Thebearski


    My private offer stands if you ever de-value the house in your eyes.
  9. Thebearski


    $1,050,000 Phone#-3796676 Email- Bearski#[email protected]
  10. Thebearski


    1,000,000 Phone#-3796676 Email- Bearski#[email protected]
  11. Thebearski


    1,125,000 (my last offer) Phone#-3796676 Email- Bearski#[email protected]
  12. Thebearski


    1,050,000 Phone#-3796676 Email- Bearski#[email protected]
  13. Thebearski


    1,025,000 Phone#-3796676 Email- Bearski#[email protected]
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