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    ID 16 (DM)

    I don't have any evidence, but a guy name Deniro he is in the gang, shouted stop because I was lurking around his house, but I didnt stop since he didn't even have a gun in his hand, he said it in chat, I think you can check the chat logs and I also told the people who followed me (comet and another bike) to f*** off or they will die, but then a bike, retro came, pulled a gun at us at the alleyway, but that's about it.
  2. DarkGrape

    ID 16 (DM)

    @Brawnkoh I shot at the car not the person, to stall it.
  3. I want the admin to check both of his characters, because I did not see what character he was logged in to while I was following the car, I want to see when he switched characters. And I'm not lying 🙂
  4. @arcangel I have my nvidia set to only clip past 5 minutes, and I camped the house for like 20-30 minutes. Also i'd like to see some evidence of you planning everything outside the house.
  5. Player(s) being reported: ID 42 ID 124 ID 243 Date of interaction reported: 2019/08/27 Unix time stamp from HUD: https://imgur.com/a/MlyZgpT Your characters name: Dmitrij Alexandrovic Other player(s) involved: - Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Metagaming (MG) Metagaming is the act of relaying IC information through any method not considered IC that has the potential to change current or future roleplay scenarios or using that information. How did the player break the rule(s)? I saw a car (that is in the video) drive past me near the government building and I followed it, ended up at mirror park and saw him park up to a house, I parked my bike 2 houses down and went to camp the house, after like 20-30 minutes a guy came out (i dont know if he logged in or if he came from outside the house) I told him to get on his knees, frisked him, took his radio and 2 of his guns and his bag, we went inside the house and i told him to get on his knees again while i search the house, while I was searching the house I didn't see him sent any texts on his phone and if he did that would be powergaming also since his arms were up, then eventually i took the loot roleplayed me taking his battery and Icly threw the keys to him and walked out to find 2 people waiting for me and telling me to put my hands up, in this case I had my gun in my hand and I only heard and saw the girl so I started shooting at her and then turned around and saw the other guy thats when I ran, but kept on fighting until they injured me. So basically they got there and knew exactly what was going on without knowing it ICLY. Unfortunately i dont have the full video where it shows that im following him and waiting for him outside, because I have my nvidia set to only clip the last 5 minutes. The girl also told me that she has proof of her receiving the text from her friend so I'd like to see that. Evidence of rule breach:
  6. sexiest man alive.

  7. I have no idea how hard it is to write code so I'm just an ignorant guy trying to help out the players with suggestions, in this certain suggestion I'd like to mention the Poker Timeout and Poker Time bank, both very well known throughout the online poker scene. How it should work: 1. The poker timeout would be around 30 seconds after those 30 seconds have passed and the player hasn't decided what to do, his hand automatically folds and he cannot play anymore. 2. Poker Time bank - if you're thinking about what to do next and the 30 seconds given don't feel like they will be enough, press the time bank button and add another 30 seconds so you can think your next move through. You wouldn't be able to choose the time bank option every hand, maybe every other hand or every 3 hands, so you would need to choose it wisely. Benefits: 1. No more people afking or sleeping at the poker table (i know about /afkmath but it comes up like every 20 minutes and there are 2 warnings before you get kicked). 2. Just a cool feature, definetely not neccesary but still would make poker more immersive to play. Edit: I just thought about it, but don't really know how the poker bug works, when you alt+tab when you're in a poker game and the cards get dealt, but you alt+tab back in to your game and find out that you're bugged and the UI doesn't come up, I believe that if the 30 second poker timeout was a thing it would counter this bug, but I'm not sure.
  8. I dont take them as a joke, no. Im just saying that it's good that you guys take these types of comments seriously because of what might happen, but the comment I made was intended to not be taken seriously, I've never done mass dm and will never do it, because i think of other people too and me doing that would just ruin their day, and all 6 of my dm punishments were not mass dm, they were just me being a stupid kid that did not read the rules properly, I got unabnned recently so why would I just go and shoot up the bank just to get banned again when I've played on this server every single day and was having fun with my friends, It would've just feel like a waste of time to me. Since I was unbanned I tried my best to provide the best roleplay I can and follow the rules, but since the threatening rule isnt a thing at the time i didnt think much of it and there were no recent bans regarding this topic so I just didn't know about how me, jokingly saying something in chat would result in a permanent ban, again im sorry for writing edgy stuff in chat and i've learned not to joke about something this serious. If you guys do unban me if you'd like to keep a close eye on me and make sure i dont break any rules and if i do break a minor rule just perma ban me forever.
  9. 24 hours have passed, why aren't these players punished yet?
  10. A balkan gang in Los Santos sounds amazing, very nicely done, very excited to see you in town, good luck.
  11. Alright my phone must've bugged out then, stupid androids hahaha, sorry.
  12. Account name: twister2k Character name(s): Dmitrij_Alexandrovic Admin who issued punishment: YuSoHelpful Date of punishment: 2018/8/19 Punishment received: permanent ban Reason given for punishment: Threathening to mass DM at bank. A Your explanation of what happened: I think this was when I was in prison because I got 2 charges that were added to me 2 days ago by a metagaming cop so I jokingly said something like: "there might be another bank shooting" (is said it IC) or something like that which resulted in me getting perma banned for not even actually doing anything, just joking around about how some people shoot up the bank and leave the server. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because there is no rule stating that "Threatening to mass DM a bank" is a banable offense, no rules were broken and plus I'm actually trying to change this server by posting suggestions, reporting real rule breakers.. I still don't understand how admins thought I was being serious.. Post any evidence or further details: None. Edit: i dont think that perma banning me for something I said as a joke should be punished by a permanent ban, but I get it why staff members react to these types of comments in a serious way, but i'd like to see my ban being changed from a perma to a weeks ban or even a warning, since this was not stated in the rules and I have been perma banned 3 times already and re-read all the rules more than 3 times. Edit again: just wanted to add that i'm sorry for being edgy and I hope you understand that the comment I made was not meant to be taken seriously, since these types of bans rarely occur I couldn't learn from other people, I was just so frustrated that day about the whole legal system, but a DOC officer calmed me down and told me to write a suggestion in which case I did and it got a lot of attention and answered a lot of my questions about it which I thought I was right about but never realized or thought about the process of how things are made on this server and now I just feel so stupid for writing that stuff in chat, I'd never want to get perma banned on this server again, believe me.. I've had 3 perma bans before this one and I never gave up trying to get unbanned, trust me after missing out on a lot of opportunities because of the perma ban I would never perform these types of actions which would get me perma banned, also I never would've thought that I could get a perma ban for just talking about doing things without actually doing them since there's nothing mentioned in the rules, but if there is I'm just blind I guess or stupid. If you watch my forum history you can see that I'm active on the server, reporting rule breakers, writing suggestions, providing good RP, i have over 100k+ XP on this server and it would just feel like a waste to me if I wouldn't get unbanned. Again.. I'm sorry for my being a salty boy who can't control his anger properly, but I promise if I'm unbanned i'll try my hardest not to say or write stupid stuff in the chat or say it on voice chat.
  13. why was my reply deleted? :))))) truth hurts?
  14. The legal system that we have now makes no sense. Let's start from the beggining. I know that not many people especially the ones who are staff will give two craps about this, but i'm really mad about how nobody has talked or mentioned it before. All I see being done with the legal is system is just the developers forcing updates that we dont want down our throat, making decisions without letting the players vote. Like for example when the poker table was added to the prison along with the mine, the "being afk at jail" was removed without people having a chance to take a vote on it and decide if it's a good idea or not, because now when the max sentence limit is non existant and players can't even stay afk in the prison for a long time, it makes no sense. In my opinion instead of adding features to the server that are useless and hated by the majority they should start working on the new legal system which is called the Judicial system, where people can actually fight their cases with attorneys and have their sentences reduced or at best removed, because now... If a cop thinks you've commited a crime you're automatically guilty without having the chance to prove your innocence in a court of law, atleast change the Miranda Rights that are being told to you when you're getting arrested because at the moment it just sounds like a bunch of fairytales being told, since you don't have the right to an attorney in this server and you can't do nothing about it, the Miranda Rights make no sense whatsover, they are basically there just for show. Now lets talk about reducing the sentences for prisoners, the only way to reduce your sentences is to literally go grind at the mine for 10 minutes and get 10 seconds of your sentences, how is that balanced? Atleast boost the ores value so it would be actually worth going to the mine and mining or remove it and have higherups talk to prisoners and monitor them and decide if they have been good or bad in prison and reduce their sentence based on that, also you guys added the poker table but it's not even made right for the prison, you basically just copied the design and the buy-in amount from tequilala to the prison without thinking about how hard it is to get the 1500 stamps to play with. Also a lot of cops break the metagaming rule all the time while adding charges for example: this incident happened to me recently, I was driving in a stolen car with a mask on, the officer (Mikael Cowell), that was chasing me never came close enough to identify me and the car was not even mine, he literally placed two charges on me for felony evasion and Grand theft auto eventhough he didn't see my face because of the mask and looking at the charges I was not driving my car, so how in the world would he know that it was me? Metagaming, unfortunately I don't have any proof unless the officer (Mikael Cowell) has it. Don't get mad at me, i'm just trying to make this server stay afloat so it doesn't die on us again, because this server is really fun to play on, but please, staff, you need to listen to your players and post petitions on your discord before implementing them in to the game. TLDR; 1. The Miranda Rights are useless, because they make no sense, because there is no Judicial system. 2. Prison is really unbalanced and should be redone completely.(removing or fixing the poker table, adding "afk in prison" back and buffing or removing the mine and replacing it with a higher ranked DOC who you can talk to and reduce your sentence for good behaviour. 3. Police are metagaming and everyone is just ignoring it because they do it without there being possible to gather proof of their rule breaking. 4. Developers and staff making decisions without posting a poll where people can vote for or against the features that they want to implement. 5. We need a Judicial system A.S.A.P, because this is getting out of hand really quickly. P.S. 1. Some of the rules should be changed also, like the refunding rules. Why is there a limit of 25k+, I always lose pistols and radios and other valuables because of rule breakers, I report them they get kicked or go to jail or maybe banned, but I never get my stuff back that I bought with hard earned money. Losing stuff to bugs, glitches or rule breakers is the most frustrating thing imaginable, im surely not the only one. Please staff notice this because i'm concerned that the server might start to lose its player count FAST. If you have any questions feel free to comment and i'll try my best to answer them for you. English is my 2nd language so if you don't understand what I mean by some of the sentences just comment and i'll try to explain.
  15. @YuSoHelpful https://imgur.com/a/ZnrjWpP I drove past him before but there you can see it in the screenshot right below the bag the barrel of the gun sticking out. And I saw that he had it pulled out before this happened.
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