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  1. Outfit has been changed as minimum 2 times. Old photos, past. Very soon will come continue.
  2. Same as this. CK should be with admin assist.
  3. I do understand your point of view and situation as we can all clearly see it in the video, but it seems that you're failing to understand what I explained. You said that there was no time to get in the vehicle? There was enough time to get into the vehicle. Also I mentioned that I did not see that there was a passenger in the car already. Besides I never said the driver was under fear RP, but also the driver was not shot at no point of that situations. And you did a great job quoting the rules, so you should understand what I said about us having a valid reason thinking that you was actually the guy who aimed at us, giving the valid reason to attack as he did show means of harming me and my allies. And if you want to be very pin-pointy about the windows then in the footage we can see that the whole back window is gone, so is the back side window on your side.
  4. Suspect, ID - 16. To start off the description of the whole situations I would like to ask to upload a longer video to show how we all got there. If you will provide the footage then it will be clear that you were chasin ID 163 for some time and we made a trap for you in the alley, so it was not just a blunt attack for no reason. Secondly, let me explain what happened at that moment from my point of view. As you can see in the footage then we all are deep inside the alley way and what I could see from there is an individual in a white suite aiming in our directions and a white comet in the background. I could not see the ID's of none of the white suit players, therefore I could not even metagame how many people were there, therefore I had no idea there was a passenger in the comet already. Next thing I see is the individual who just aimed at us, therefore showing means of trying to hurt us, which gives any of us in the alley a valid reason to attack as stated per DM rules, runing back towards the car which is turning around at that moment. Then is the blind spot that we don't see, what we see in the video where the car goes around the corner to approach the other alley exit where we were running to. At that point it was assumed that the individual who held us at gunpoint, jumped in the car and drove with the driver around the corner, therefore we were under assumtion that we had valid reason to open fire. Clearly with the reporters POV it is obvious that it was not the case and I see it now as well. Yet again it was unintentional breach of the rules and I hope the administration can understand how it might have happened from my explenation of the situation from my POV. Here are screenshots of what I thought happened, showing and proving that it was not a crazy or impossible assumption that happened.
  5. Thinked twice, youre right. Ill just place for 180k and just it will be final price.
  6. Price will stay for all time.
  7. Appartment for sale (Jamestown St. 29) Price: 199 999$ Contacts: Vova Tarkov #0660 + bonus: 8 x bobby pin's in stash
  8. Suspect, ID 224 here. I was heading to the foundry and as I was passing by the red vehicle I saw only one individual next to it and then heard shots fired right as I passed by. It made no sense for a person to shoot an empty car, so when I heard the sound of a car being hit I assumed my car was hit. I turned around and tried to cut him off, never VDMing him as you can see in his footage. As I thought that the fire was opened at me and my car got hit, I had a valid reason to open fire what I did. Now seeing your POV, I understand that this whole situation was a misunderstanding. I am cool giving back your stuff if you're fine with it as well to void this unfortunate situation.
  9. Vova Tarkov

    The Valors

    It’s been three years since Gregor Smith was trialed by the government and found guilty in various of charges that lead to his deportation from the city of Los Santos and the country in general. At first he found refugee with his Spanish friends that supplied weapons to Los Calaveras during the war from overseas, but soon after he was on his way to find new connections through the ones he already had. It was well known that biggest part of Southeastern Europe's underground was controlled by the Balkan mafia. Their power stretched over several countries, such as Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Albania, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, parts of Greece and other. Such connection would only benefit Gregor Smith, so he was introduced to the Balkan mafia’s boss son Yuri. In the next few years they became very good friends and they started to make future plans and partnership when Gregor Smith would return to Los Santos. Yuri saw this as an opportunity to come out of his father's shadow and prove himself as a worthy successor after his father. This was the chance of the Balkan mafia to widen their influence and business into another continent. Plan was set and the first phase of it started with Gregor Smith receiving permission to return to Los Santos. First task was to gather all the old and loyal people that still were around. With the news of Gregor’s return a lot of the ex-Los Calaveras met up to welcome back the good old friend they lost 3 years ago. Without much business or gang related talk they hanged out and remembered the good old times. Gregor Smith told everyone that he has big plans for all of them and that he needs to know would they support him. Not even knowing no details about the plans everyone agreed. Securing the trust of his old fellow soldiers he had to return to Europe to confirm everything with Yuri and start the second phase of the plan - manufacturing. Left without no knowledge of Gregor's plans and no directions of what to do the ex-Los Calaveras members just stayed close waiting for Greg’s return. With the news of Gregor Smith being back in town and some ex-Los Calaveras members hanging out again The Council assumed that the gang is back together and reached out to demand the tax that everyone is paying to The Council. Without the guidance the ex-Los Calaveras members assumed that Gregor Smith will be bringing Los Calaveras back to life to finish what was started three years ago which lead them refusing to pay the tax and become enemies of The Council. A month passed in active shootouts between ex-Los Calaveras who by that time were already labeling themselves as Los Calaveras again, but there was no sign from Gregor Smith. It felt weird because before leaving he said he will be back in 4 days, but it’s been a month now. The Los Calaveras members kept holding their ground and not giving up, thinking that it was what Gregor Smith imagined them to do. Upon his return to Europe to meet with Yuri, Gregor Smith gave a detailed report of everyone he got in contact and passed on Vova’s contact details just in case Yuri could not reach Gregor Smith himself. Sort of next of kin information for emergencies. During the time back in Europe some people that did not like the fact that he was working with Yuri and being the bridge for the already strong Balkan Mafia to possibly become even stronger put a hit on Gregor Smith in hopes that by destroying the bridge they will cut off and destroy Yuri plan of expanding the organisation. The hit was successful and Gregor Smith was assassinated. But the plan still was in motion as Yuri was determined to follow through with the plan. Right before leaving Yuri receives a secret task from his father that has to do something with The Russian Mafia in Los Santos. After the meeting with the organisations members and explaining what has happened, what are the changes and what are the future plans, it was decided that the leadership has to meet with Zetas and Triads, give them the news and explain the situation and let them know that the person who The Valors will be working with wants to be good with the council and is willing to pay. But there was one last thing they had to do before they could meet with the council. With a symbolic goodbye to an old friend and the organisation for good, it was the next step - reaching out to The Council and hoping for the best. The first attempt to reach out to Jay Gamble as Zetas were the first that The Valors leadership wanted to speak to, did not work out as Jay Gamble at that moment was out of time. Luckily or not, The Valors ran into few of The Triads. Now when it was obvious that The Council is not happy and believes that The Valors will not be anything different from what Los Calaveras was, although there was total change of leadership and the whole situation before was big misunderstanding and lack of leadership decisions towards the correct way, The Valors had to sleep on everything that happened and figure out a plan B as Plan A totally failed. For hierarchy The Valors use the names of chess pieces! Short Term Goals - Establish positive relationship with other gangs - Keep recruiting new members - Build up armory and supply all the members with significant fire power. - Build up the economy of each and every individual in the organisation - Educate and train the members of the organisation throughout all the ranks Long Term Goals - Shift the criminal organisation power in the city - Getting businesses to wash money. - Implement and finalize treasury system for The Valors - Getting mass import from Balkan Mafia overseas. - Acquire real estate for the organisation - Implement and approve durg lab ownerships RECRUITMENT OPEN 20K EXP MINIMUM (IC ONLY) ADMINS ARE WELCOMED TO JOIN FACTIONS DISCORD
  10. Can you upload more photos? Where can be seen house overall, thanks.
  11. Make new character, all thoose CK'ed guys could start all from beggining.
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