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  1. they should add supers/new sports car to the credit shop in my opinion id easily pay 200+ for a super car lol
  2. btw ive tried to make this post in the past early 2018 never happend lol
  3. +1 but before they add super they should ADD all the sports cars and other cars that are yet to be added to the server!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. thats not an irl scenerio in public lol, its actually against the law in every state in the us to so a burn out on city roads
  5. yeah iv'e gotten verbal warnings as well one time i pushed someone out out of an ncz by mistake, yet again i have not had any admin records in over 8 months since that one and it was something minor, i have also gotten offenses in the past voided after i followed the proper steps and appealed them, admins in the server have a pretty good sense of judgement from my experience of being here maybe a year or so now. Also after reviewing the DM report video it was honestly just a mistake/confusion same ways some cops in irl can sometimes make mistakes and shoot the wrong person, it's not like he purposely logged in that day and said to himself i am going to DM someone today and went out and did it.
  6. Hey, how's it going eclipse, as the title states, i was thinking reworking how vacant houses are treated and making it a bit more realistic/better for empty vacant houses of inactive players on the server. I am proposing all property owner of the server have to pay maybe a weekly/monthly property tax fee in which they must go in person to maybe city hall in person in order to not have there home ceased the same way people in real life pay property taxes yearly, after missing set amount/being late on your property tax payments your home gets taken away/put back onto the market for sale for another active player to purchase this method also works as a realistic money sync to inflation, the more garages your home has the higher your property tax is. What do you guys think? is there anything i should change or that should be added on? I feel this will make the server feel more rp/realistic as it's how it is down in real life and it will create rp for city hall having landlords/home owners dropping by to pay property taxes all while removing a bit of money from the server, it also gives players who are searching for a him a chance to buy new homes that get ceased for failure to pay there taxes on time, maybe after 2-3 missed payments on property tax payments your home is put up for sale and auctioned off by the city which will add another money sync, the money from auctions/property taxes can be used to pay city/government employees!
  7. this idea has been brought up multiple times always get archived some one made a list with over like 30+ cars that are not added in the game which are sports/sedans/coupes but that never got implemented after archive i would really love to this this get done or have these cars auctioned off or something
  8. Current offer is 4 million cash for it by Anon Bidder
  9. I play in the US and my ping is perfectly fine even with 300+ on the server upgrade ur internet lol
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