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  1. gohena


    How much would the minimum weekly payments be anyways? also some people will probably add a tax to the payments kinda like a loan
  2. gohena


    2.5 might be a bit too low for a down payment
  3. gohena

    Selling 3g in vespucci

    You shouls probably post pictures of the actual house iteslf
  4. gohena

    Trading Super for another Super

    yeah i the only one i have seen since you sold me yours had been yours ((and i play like 5-8 a hours day almost))
  5. gohena

    Trading Super for another Super

    prob mine i am always changing the color on it
  6. gohena

    Trading Super for another Super

    this is an infernus i bought it for 4 mill around 2-3 months ago, it's the only one in the city iv'e seen in over a year.
  7. gohena

    Trading Super for another Super

    I am also willing to add cash it it's a super i really like, Also down to do temporary trades/switches my phone number is 3975962
  8. gohena


    you ripped him off selling for it 300k
  9. or like an armed guard faction/job
  10. I say we have atleast 1 cop station at major NCZ zones and let them be the protection
  11. gohena

    Los Santos Triads

    haha yeah i use to be in that gang on samp ngrp r4
  12. gohena

    Add the Faggio Mod to ECRP

    oh then +1 yeah we need more veihcle types
  13. gohena

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    The real question is, what will Current Donators get in exchange for having free bleets removed? I say we keep the 50% fuel perk instead because literally the only reason people get vip if for those two perks.