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  1. bought it brand new and put the plates on my self, i do that with a ton of cars
  2. yeah i think i saw it at HE a few days ago hahaha
  3. i know you can post a refund request according to discord announcement post and they can help refund you a little extra that might help a bit as well. " OsvaldonLast Tuesday at 5:09 PM @everyone inactive players are characters, who own one or more houses and haven't played for at least 30 minutes within the period of a month. Inactive houses are occasionally sold to free up property for new players, it's inconvenient for the inactive home owners, but it's necessary for the server as houses are of limited quantity. Inactive players were refunded part of the money for their homes (base value). If someone paid more money for their home, than the amount refunded and is unsatisfied, these players are eligible to post a refund request on the forums and receive a partial or full refund (depends on the player's circumstances). DO NOT FORGET TO POST YOUR HOUSE STREET NAME AND HOUSE NUMBER. "
  4. +1 there needs to be a clear scripted system in place
  5. gohena


    Front door buyout price reduced to 2 mill
  6. gohena


    Anyways 2.4 mill at the front door, current offer is 1.5 mill.
  7. gohena


    what do you mean, i moved into this town like a week ago.
  8. gohena


    you guys be so salty.
  9. gohena


    buyout priced reduced to 2.4 mill at the front door. Current offer is 1.5 mill, if no other offers received it will be sold.
  10. sold for 3 mill @ a private buyer.
  11. correction i meant 289k na cash only through he
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