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  1. gohena


    yep, sold for 465k
  2. If you got one for sale hit me up to negotiate a price, 3975962
  3. gohena


    if i get no other bids it's yours.
  4. gohena


    starting bid set to 350k
  5. gohena

    My situation.

    glad everything went well
  6. As the title suggests, i feel it would be a cool idea to have more then one tier of donators with different perks on the forums and discord, it will also be a motive and a little bonus to the people who already reached donor status on the server, if you guys have any suggestions or ideas on what the perks/add on's should be leave it down below on the comments, i'll edit this post and put the ideas onto here with your name as credit.
  7. gohena


    Best offer takes her home, have had this beautiful home for a while now, located right next to High End and access to the free way for easy and quick travel through the city. 3975962!
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