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  1. I am sorry to hear that, I had no clue the last owner did that. Rest assured the transaction will be done in a proper manner the way it's meant to be done so no scamming occurs.
  2. Text 3975962 or leave an offer down below, best offer takes it. Japanese themed nightclub/bar located at Vespucci beach. Buy out price set to 3 million, sale will be done at property through cash. ((Front door))
  3. Or text an offer to 3975962 before it's gone.
  4. maxed drag for sale listed for 299k at HE
  5. still for sale offers above 2.7 mill will be considered.
  6. I was thinking some where around the 260ish range keep in mind the custom plate, it cost me around 120k to max it out so in total 280, 170k base price plus another 120k to max it
  7. Text 3975962 or leave an offer down below
  8. Text 3975962 or leave a reply on here with your offer and number i am open to offers. Can carry a body in the trunk with 200 KG capacity and hit 200+ in the city. 190 highway, Custom plates read PHANTOM.
  9. gohena

    ID 95 OOC Insults.

    It's a game, and i roleplayed a criminal. I played well within the rules that allowed me to commit my actions, just because i did an action ICLY that's well within the rule book does not mean you can go around OOCLY calling me scum; If you can't comprehend how a game with set rules work and you feel offended and the need to insult people when people use it to it's full advantage that's on you; But clearly judging by your OOC admin track records it shows you seem to be lacking that in that department and doing a very bad job at following said rulebook. You've literally got unbanned for the second time less then 3 weeks ago and now you're back OOCLY offending people, If you feel the need to voice your opinion then might i suggest the Server Suggestion section of the forums? I can guarantee you that you will be far more productive in getting the rules changed that way then by calling someone a "scum" and "bottom feeder" Because you feel scamming is wrong.
  10. In real life choppers police and news choppers can fly for about 2-3 hours MAX before having to be refueled, i say keep x rays units, just nerf the amount of fuel they spawn with, for example they should spawn with about 30-40% fuel. to make is realistic so they have to fly back and refuel giving people a chance to get away. Also, we are based in California where it's pretty hot therefore increasing fuel consumption even more for a helicopter, on top of the fact that police helicopter have to carry extra equipment and weight, like a spotlight and high definition camera which increase fuel consumption even more.
  11. Player(s) being reported: ID 95 Date of interaction reported: 08/08/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 42 1566186746 Your characters name: Ishido Yamaguchi Other player(s) involved: ID 11 ID 30 ID 95 Specific rule(s) broken: 7. IC and OOC Interactions OOC insults. How did the player break the rule(s)? I was at the zeta shop buying a burger because my char was hungry when i am approached by ID 95 in which he begins to talk to me then harass me oocly calling me "scum' and a "bottom feeder" because of an IC interaction i had on my char previously before i CK'D for actions i committed that are allowed within the rule book. Evidence of rule breach:
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