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  1. +1 No crime allowed should mean NO crime. Hence it's a variation from the rules that two crimes are allowed in ncz's. Fraud and tax evasion. It's contradictory to the very name of no crime zone, so yes it should be added in this instance as it is a special exception.
  2. Yes, it's s bit of a conundrum to figure out logistically, but making it so criminals are harder to id is not a good solution and borders on pg. A command to implement fingerprint body and if they met those criteria then it would give you their name perhaps? If not it wouldn't return anything
  3. If they'd been arrested before or had a gun license, then they'd have fingerprints on file so they could identify them that way. So you're trying to benefit one side while punishing the other. It's a little slanted currently, but it's necessary since criminals have pretty much free reign. The RP should be carried out by PD to fingerprint the corpse if they needed or wanted to ID them. -1
  4. +1 Great idea! I think this would definitely increase roleplay for criminals as well as lead to more crime if the criminal on criminal variety. Perhaps giving a break to us poor civilians. What if robbing a store had a % chance of being traced money that would set off alarms and possibly a warrant/bolo for the perpetrator? Not sure how hard that would be to code, but it would add a little something to the RP environment.
  5. Poor and low quality RP is always excused because "it's part of life", but that just feels like a cop out answer. Put some effort into it, be smart, be creative, and have fun with it. Robbing someone could be a really great experience, but it rarely is here. This change would definitely get the ball rolling, but the rules discussed would also be necessary to truly improve the life of Civ RP here. I think this could and should be implemented, criminals would have to think about the time it takes and weigh whether it's worth it or not and whether the cops would show up (HAHA). So it adds a little something for the criminals to actually think about and consider.
  6. This would get exploited by people and cause more civilian hassle. Also it would lead to server rule breaks. Not a good idea at all. Giant -1!
  7. There is never anyone at City Hall when @CrowCargogoes there, which you probably missed in this conversation. So where is the recourse if you can never find anyone at City Hall?
  8. I've learned to carry no money and no items on me. Plus to waste as much time as possible of the criminals while staying compliant and within the rules. It's all about the rp so a 15 minute robbery for nothing should be good. This is a cops and robbers server, it isn't even hidden under the surface.
  9. Criminal RP actually hinders civ rp currently to the point that civs basically have to hide and have no opportunity to have meaningful scenes that they enjoy. As stated, it should be a deterrent as civ rp is basically a black hole currently. Anytime you try to do something, some scumlord decides to interrupt your rp with their low caliber, no quality rp because they need/want money. Why punish civ rp to the punt that they don't even want to log in only to be faced with sitting in a ncz or getting robbed and possibly killed. Try playing a civ in this city instead of scumlord and you'd understand the absurdity of robbing people in broad daylight on busy roads. There should be something in place to regulate criminals to the same rp standard that civs are supposed to. Fear RP and valuing your freedom is largely ignored for the criminals. It would make them be more creative in committing their crimes, which is what should be the case.
  10. So you agree that it isn't entirely based on real life, so the argument that "it's part of life" is a fallacious argument at best? For the record, I've never done any of those things in game either. I'm a Civ RP'er.
  11. Again, how many times have you been robbed in real life?
  12. The threat was resisting arrest. We weren't under arrest. Only having a civil discussion on police refusing to arrest someone for a crime that was committed with evidence. Agreed on cops vs criminals
  13. It wasn't at DOC, it was at mission row. I was there when happened and got threatened by an officer myself. Simply airing opinions it's not permitted if they don't like what you're saying, which is what this is all about, getting clearly defined rights of citizen's of LS. As for civ RP, it's frowned upon here. Criminals have all of the rights and no matter how fast from reality, being robbed is a part of life. My question is, how many of you have ever been robbed in real life? How many of you have been robbed multiple times in a day? Robbed in a public place during daylight? The argument is always, it happens in RL all the time, but I doubt many of you have ever experienced it in RL. So that argument is flawed from the start. The only solution is to make it so the criminals get nothing but rp from these situations and I'm telling every new player IC how to do that to avoid a claim of mg. When criminals try to rob hundreds of people and get nothing but rp from it, that's what they signed up for right?
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