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  1. +1 I am unfortunately one of the people that has waited almost 4 weeks to receive an email stating that I was declined for my scenario questions. I had the correct information in my answers but the admin wanted me to clarify some points. But unfortunately the system does not allow communication with the admin and also any scope to just clarify any points for a quick resubmission. I now have to resubmit and wait potentially another 4 weeks. I am a hardcore RP member with vast amounts of experience on RPUK and WOW. 2 months wait to play on ERP seems a bit drastic. I think something has to give or they will end up losing a large array of people. End of the day ERP is supposed to be a community that evolves........ Just my opinion and I’m still very excited to continue trying to join and won’t give up. 👍
  2. Mate I think the wait time is around 4 weeks! Worth the wait. Look forward to meeting you on the flip side.
  3. zakara711

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    One way to get yourself banned on the forums 😳
  4. Guys I’m on 3 weeks! Must be a crazy busy server!
  5. zakara711


    I’m on about 19 days and nothing yet.
  6. Ouch......going to be an even longer wait again.
  7. -1 anyone is subject to being robbed just like IRL. But as already stated, a good form of RP should be adhered too. And if not then use the appropriate reporting chain.
  8. zakara711


    Apparently all applications seen by admin do not show any user details, they just approve or deny. its a waiting game
  9. Wait! Then wait some more! Then wait a little longer....... From what I have read on this forum. Wait times can be up to 1 month my friend.
  10. zakara711


    Guys chill, wait for admins to review. Enough said between you all.
  11. That’s the email you should receive when initially joining mate. I have the same from day 1.
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