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  1. AFFORDABLE HOUSING ASSOCIATES present FORUM DR 82 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DETAILS Address: Forum Dr. 82 Garage(s): 1 Location: near Gas Station, Docks, 24/7, Hospital Move-In Ready: Yes Rooms: 1 Bed, 1 Bath Owner: Affordable Housing Associates Contact: #5451869; heartgg#[email protected] Contract Type: Residential Lease ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INTERESTED? Fill out this form: https://forms.gle/QPwnce4XFaiCJ8eq8 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PICTURES
  2. AFFORDABLE HOUSING ASSOCIATES present VESPUCCI BLVD 24 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DETAILS Address: Vespucci Blvd 24 Garage(s): 1 Location: near High End Market, Docks, 24/7, Vinewood Move-In Ready: Yes Rooms: 1 Bed, 1 Bath Owner: Affordable Housing Associates Contact: #5451869; heartgg#[email protected] Contract Type: Residential Lease ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INTERESTED? Fill out this form: https://forms.gle/QPwnce4XFaiCJ8eq8 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PICTURES
  3. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: James Sardinsky Character to Transfer To: Colt Wesson Requested Transfer: $50,000 Reason for Transfer: Made a new legal character called Colt Wesson. I would like to give him a head start with $50,000. Bio can be found here. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Wire transfer
  4. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ COLT WESSON ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Colt Wesson, a San Andreas native, was born on May 22, 1980 in the rural town of Grapeseed, just north of Sandy Shores. Colt grew up on a relatively small ranch with two siblings and his parents. His parents were a loving couple, but they were demanding, especially when it came to integrity and hard work. Along with his siblings, Colt was often required to perform tough farm work, which interfered with his school often. Colt's grades weren't of much concern to his parents, as they cared only for that Colt grows up to be a productive member of society. During the late 90s, Colt had attended high school in Grapeseed. Similarly to other kids his age, Colt didn't care much about the higher education. He held the belief that he needed to learn the basics and that the rest is hard work in order to become successful. Nevertheless his beliefs, Colt wasn't a mean spirited student. He held deep respect of teachers and his colleagues. Even though instilled with a sense of indifference toward school, Colt tried his best to seem that he cared in order to satisfy his teachers. Moreover, Wesson never got into any sort of trouble (most likely due to the discipline his father provided in the early years). When it came to graduation in 1998, Colt decided not to pursue college education. He witnessed that hard work pays off, especially through his father's success in the farming industry. This experience, however, did not influence Colt's career decision. While looking for a job out of high school, he found a low wage yet rewarding job in Grapeseed. He became a transport driver, stocking the stores in Sandy Shores with produce from Grapeseed. A few months after, Colt received a promotion and received more delivery work around Blaine County. This job was a great fit for Wesson; he felt that he was being a productive and useful human being. While on the road, he met a plethora of people from all kinds of socio-economic status. He had no trouble with connecting with the people of lower classes or enchanting the folks of higher class with his good spirited attitude and charisma. However, all things come to an end sometime. After 10 years of working deliveries as a truck driver in Grapeseed, Colt found himself stranded in the middle of the 2008 financial crisis. Companies foreclosed and delivery jobs became more scarce around his parts. Therefore, he decided to scratch up his savings and move into the city of Los Santos. Although reluctant of city living, Colt had to adapt to the New World Order. Luckily, he found a truck driving job in the industrial docks area which connected him back to going to the northern San Andreas territories. This career continued until today and Colt still can be found on I-1, driving toward his destination. As of today, Colt Wesson finds himself in the heart of Los Santos, ridden with violent crime which he blames the influx of immigrants and the government's inaction for.
  5. 27.08.2019 INFO NEWS FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COVEN CLEANING CEO, MICHAEL BLACKBURN, FOUND MURDERED IN THE STORAGE OF A GARBAGE TRUCK By Anonymous_Submission On the early morning of the 27th of August, local authorities discovered the mutilated body of a renowned CEO, Michael Blackburn. Michael Blackburn was the leader of Coven Cleaning--the revolutionary company that brought new ways of garbage disposal to the Los Santos Metro Area. Los Santos has long struggled with its waste problem. Every year, approximately 500.000.000 tons of waste were produced; that is twice the amount that the United States produced collectively. The innovative method of "degradation disposal", introduced by the company, reduced the amount down to 100 tons of waste a year. The method was never fully revealed by Mr. Blackburn, but it is speculated that the company used highly corrosive acids to melt the waste. Such high amounts of corrosive acid could only be approved by the San Andreas government. Surely, multiple parties would take interest in such compounds for illicit activities. The authorities speculate that the murder was carried out by a violent, organized crime group that took interest in Coven Cleaning secrets. The most known infamous criminal organization is the Zetas, yet the authorities do not believe that the deed was carried out by them. The investigators stated that the murder was carried out by a new, unlisted criminal organization on the rise within Los Santos. The motive, nevertheless unclear, is considered to be that Blackburn was cleaning up a mess after the group, but did not do the job well enough. There was some speculation that CEO Blackburn was himself involved in illicit waste disposal such as getting rid of evidence or bodies, but no proof of such claims was found. Blackburn's body was barely recognizable as it was cut into pieces, with the head remaining intact. One piece of paper was found in Blackburn's mouth. The text read "You failed to take out the trash, and we didn't." The piece of paper was covered in blood, but no forensic evidence pointed to anyone. Indeed, the only DNA traces found were those of the CEO. To add to the enigmatic nature of the murder, Blackburn's body parts were packed into separate garbage bags except for his head. The investigators are scratching their heads. With no lead, the lead investigator said, there is no way to pursue the perpetrators. The local authorities have posted a notice that any person who brings forward any evidence leading to arrests will receive a $100,000 reward. As for now, the mystery is cold and unsolved. Coven Cleaning has been taken off the stock market due to its disbanding. Stockholders found great losses due to that event, but there were no volunteers to fill in the CEO spot (most likely due to fear).
  6. Updated with ACT IV, V, and VI
  7. Howdy, I would like to make a suggestion to have aviation script support on the server such as: Pilots licenses (need to have an almost clean record to get one) Buying planes Buying helicopters Buying hangars Flight Company Faction support I think this would add to civilian RP and make it more fun. For example one could get a job in the faction where they could take contract flights from LS to Sandy Shores, tour flights, etc. There could also be traffic controllers. Civilians would also be able to fly their own planes/helicopters if they applied for a pilots license and had enough money to buy an aircraft.
  8. Lmao Iā€™m not even gonna get into this
  9. I disagree with holding someone at gunpoint over catcalling, but it is pretty bad how people treat women IC. But you also have to remember that majority of the server and criminals are low end thugs and gangbangers. On another note, this is just a side effect of the internet. People are anonymous and hold no repercussions over things said IC and OOC. Nobody would really say those things but because they can, they do.
  10. IA reports can be OOC as well. I'm saying that if you don't commit a crime and you're under arrest, you can make a report even if the footage was OOC.
  11. Whether it may seem annoying, out of touch, or passive-aggressive, all of the points the officer listed are correct. 1. The officers did not say that they didn't have evidence. Officers do not have to share the incriminating evidence with you. They definitely had evidence or seen the crime being committed or you wouldn't be under arrest. 2. You could take this to IA if you didn't commit the crime. If the officers arrested you just to frame you or something, that would fall under breaking faction rules (OOC corruption). 3. Self explanatory
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