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  1. You're advocating people need to be held accountable for losing stuff as a result of rule breakers? That makes 0 sense at all. (Did you respond to the wrong thread or am I really missing something here?) As for the suggestion $25k is an insane amount, especially when they go by base value of the items (e.g. your $10k .50 is probably $3-$4k towards your refund). +1
  2. Should be an option in transfervehicle honestly. /transfervehicle id license (optional price). Would save people a lot of hassle, especially ones who are newer and have not quite figured out how to prevent scams via /dos
  3. NPC shipping jobs with reasonable prices (e.g. ~6k per hour of work.. or whatever is deemed correct) would go a long way to fix the shipping problem. There should also be a listing that shows the estimated time to complete (estimate driving time at 80 KM/H + loading/unload time) so people can calculate the pay per time period (maybe even show this calculation as $ hour). Server may potentially need to put some amount of money into each order to make PC stores competitive.
  4. Not sure how that is "cocky". I don't think we need to use server resources to replicate EDC on the server when we have stages already. You can use Vanilla Unicorn, Bahama Mama, Tequilala, Vinewood Bowl and Sisyphus Theater (off the top of my head) for music venues already.
  5. There are 2 stages already available to you: Vinewood Bowl and Sisyphus Theatre. If you want to do the RP you should be willing to foot the bill if one exists.. that said I am sure you could attempt to contact the various dealerships to see if you can get a sponsorship deal etc (or even ask admins if you plan an event).
  6. Sounds like an IC suggestion unless you are asking for 'free rewards' from the server. If not you can always offer your own rewards to create your own event.
  7. 1. There is no suggestion (this should be in "discussions" if anything). 2. The test is laughably easy. Most of the questions are obvious as hell and if not covered in a 2 page document that takes maybe 2 minutes to read.
  8. RPwise it makes sense, but for the game it would be pretty cumbersome and realistically no one is trying to RP at stores or even interacting with stores in that manner. Most people also wear the same clothing for months at a time anyways. -1 for me as even if this were a desired change for me (I am indifferent on it), it would be extremely low priority.
  9. Probably a good way to make this a criminal only server.
  10. This idea seems to lack details on how it would be implemented. Things like team size limits, scheduling, etc. I would also say that most of the stated events seem better as OOC concepts rather than RP events (illegal business man ones sounds fine, but I am not sure how that is even an event). Also, would this mean criminals are no longer able to participate in the civilian ones, since civilians clearly cannot be involved in these? Currently the events are open to all, so it seems a bit awkward to only have events that cater to only criminals and even some to only certain criminal factions. Idea could work, but as presented it is a -1 from me.
  11. The real issue with the scam rule is that it is not even in the rule book. It's in an obscure forums post that is hard to find even when you are looking for it.. definitely not great for newer players who do not know better (and I am sure a lot of veteran players too). Rule book definitely needs to be updated in either the NCZ and/or player theft section(s).
  12. -1 for scratching serials off store bought guns. If you want to add another way to source pistols (or serial numberless pistols) through the laptop that is fine, but I do not think people should be abusing the scripted gun stores for this purpose. Everything else seems fine.
  13. +1, though wouldn't classify as a high priority.
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