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  1. Jan 20, 2020 Congratulations to Antonio Cromieo on his new Prarie! This is our 49th car giveaway!
  2. Considering how badly phone battery and haircut is abused by players on this server I do not think it is a particularly great idea. Also generally IDs have a photo of the person, so using someone elses ID who doesn't look like you is really silly.
  3. No problem. Make sure you have a kill switch to lock all doors in place and a security guy ready to do a lot of mes and dos including buzzing of doors etc. Maybe consider having one of these one-way doors as the exit door and moving it to the front cell insted of the airlock: Also, consider making the entrance door lockable from the security room so people cannot escape from the first chamber if you choose not to let them. (/me presses entrance door lock /do the entrance door behind is locked etc.) Then you get to watch them power game themselves out
  4. It's all good just build a completely unrealistic airlock at the front of your business. Then when crims cry they cannot penetrate your unrealistic airlock you say "IC problem bro". Here is a starting point: Note: I am saying it is unrealistic because there is no reason a nightclub would have this IRL, not because anything it does it unrealistic.
  5. Extortion IRL also has massive consequences. Extortion on this server has next to no consequences. If the club owners had you arrested for extortion would you then discontinue the extortion RP? Probably not. Shit rp, no offense.
  6. +1 Even in the USA where mass shootings happen daily you almost never hear of night club shootings, but you generally cannot even open a night club for an hour on this server without it being an invitation for some goons to ruin everyone elses fun with a boring ass DM raid. It's shit RP, no offense.
  7. +1, I wouldn't makel this a top priority but definitely would be nice if the phone isn't going to be fixed / looked at any time soon.
  8. +1 Seems fine. Would also like a way to share your 'GPS destination' location (not sure the correct terminology here, but this is where you click the GPS to get directions to).
  9. Personally would rather see more spaces in inventories (especially cabinets) which would make it so you didn't need bags upon bags. 2 rows is basically nothing when you are attempting to use a cabinet to store clothing. Inventories (especially in furniture) should be limited by volume not by item count--a cabinet can hold 20 shirts, or 20 bags of 20 shirts (400 shirts total).. it is very awkward. This is probably fine as a band aid fix though.
  10. +1 or just make a rule not allowing these eye sore budget ass exterior garages.
  11. Jan 3, 2020 Happy New year! We have our first giveaway for 2020.. congratulations to Sergei Kalashnikov on his new Stallion!
  12. Dec 31, 2019 Congratulations to Don Giovanni on his new Stallion!
  13. Dec 31, 2019 Congratulations to Commander Carbon on his new Surge! He was brought to tears with this vehicle as he is setting out to save the planet from global warming. He says everyone should use an electric car.
  14. If you want the AI to pick for you just use dice and assign 1/2 to rock, 3/4 to paper and 5/6 to scissors. If you want to add user input (for example /rps <id> <rock/paper/scissor>) it wouldn't be bad.
  15. Dec 31, 2019 Congratulations to Nick Bushman on his Vigero!
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