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  1. The topic obviously got moved from where it was originally. You can see where it was originally via the text of my comment: "rather than IC/Roleplay section".
  2. Sorry to hear about your license. ((This is an IC forum btw. I do not see the purpose of forcing people to RP buying a body cam/GoPro, because this is an action you only would do once and save the screen shot forever which in itself is pretty pointless. He took the time to both /me and /time the RP item so I would assume he would have already RP bought it if it were required to do so [seeing as the /me + /time is currently required to use it]. That said this probably should be posted in server suggestions or Community/Discussions rather than IC/Roleplay section))
  3. Definitely would be nice seeing as changing clothes is a hassle currently. Adding this would also give some value to having a home vs living in your car.
  4. Yup. Need to make a property tax (or HoA or whatever) that you have to pay in character to keep your house. Maybe let people deposit a month or two worth of payments in advanced.
  5. Was going to make a topic but decided to search first and this is the most recent thread. Would love to have binoculars.
  6. Wait time in an empty parking lot shouldn't be the deterrent for not committing crimes with your car. What you are talking about has nothing to do with the suggestion at hand. If you want to stiffen penalties for doing crimes with your own car / leaving cars randomly about then make a separate thread suggestion. Automating the system could still have the penalties you even with your suggestions so I am really at a loss as to what your entire post has to do with this suggestion. And there reason why an officer should help (or automate it) is because you're playing a video game and people don't want to sit in an empty parking lot for over an hour waiting to get their imaginary car out of an imaginary impound lot. Even in real life they would have some attendant at said impound lot and it would take probably a few minutes unless it was extremely busy. Just for the record my character has done 0 crimes (outside of illegal parking), so do not try to make this some sort of criminals trying to get away with shit. I just rather not waste an extreme amount of time because I had to log out of the game when my car was parked at the bank. Also, I suggested a time window for top priority for a single cop. You guys should really learn to read.
  7. If the person has no outstanding warrants or tickets there is no reason the player shouldn't be able to pay the impound "attendant" to get your car out. Just now I have waited an hour and 33 minutes. To add insult to injury several cops in tow trucks dropped off cars, but were unable to help get cars out. Short of having it automated (which I think it really should be) having a set schedule where cops are to be there might work out okay (e.g. a cop is assigned with impound as their top priority between certain hours).
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