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  1. Hello, I have a simple QOL improvement, which should help reduce the amount of stranded vehicles on the road. I suggest implementing a gas light on the hud. I suggest that once the gas is 9 percent or less, the gas percentage will turn red and bold. Thank you,
  2. Hello All, I have an suggestion to add to the activities in Los Santos. Would it be possible to add the stock market into eclipse. The fictional stock market that is. If this post gains traction, and management says it is possible I will provide a full summary of my idea. ((OOC this is what I do IRL)). I will be able to provide full support to the staff here to help. My guess is that it will run through an app on the phone in GTA. The stock market will allow you to purchase stock in fictitious entities, and your goal is to sell it at a price greater then when you bought it. Let me know your opinions. Thank you, Irish
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