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  1. I need to join this lol
  2. +1 I agree with the idea but I think 4 hours is a lot more reasonable
  3. +1 So many times I've been shot putting away my weapon and trying to raise my hands, or trying to put down a hamburger while some antsy player starts rapidly counting down from 3 with a gun aimed at me
  4. -1 There are always plenty of ways around this issue than just tossing more NCZs on the map
  5. -1 It was alot more fun for me to learn about each gang and where they are than have a map tell me
  6. If everyone hung out around a park they'd be constantly robbed and DM'd. also the bank became the "spot" because people just gradually decided on it, cant really force something like that.
  7. Thread looks very polished guys, liked seeing myself pop up in there too lol. Had a lot of fun seeing my friends reactions as you guys chased their car after I climbed in.
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