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  1. Send offers here with location and price or contact me at 4998036
  2. Maybe this would sound rude but I think those players would only disagree who have some kind of interest or they are the actual owners ICly. I am just saying in no big city you will find closed gas station. Okay maybe closed because they are under maintenance or something else temporarly but not fully closed. I am not talking about the servers economy. Of course that it would change a bit but the thing is that if we have opportunity for more gas stations to be scripted around the map then you should take it.
  3. To be honest for new players who earn 4k per hour 20 million is hard to even think about gas station. I would like that price lowered and market bigger but the main reason is I want to pump gas in every gas station I see as I do in real life.
  4. This is a RolePlay server if you want to RolePlay than RolePlay if you don't then quit it and don't ruin the real quality RolePlay which most of us wants.
  5. Maybe it's okay with this amount of 24/7 shops we got so far. Sometimes like only one owner bought a blip for his gas station and what should players do? They should find the nearest gas station to fill their car but when they come there some of them are not scripted at all. Just an admin marker. I think all gas stations should be scripted so we can all refuel our vehicles there.
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