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  1. Its not a bug. Its intended to be 50vol. Used to be 500vol.
  2. About to sell for 625k, any higher last minute offers?
  3. What does this property have to offer? Built exterior garage Roof access & buildable terrace Plenty of storage space ((500 vol)) Endless building opportunities Quiet area Taking offers 500k+ Contact: #2211881 Photos:
  4. Osser3

    [Buying] Torero

    Still searching
  5. You can't you'll just have to upload the photos through imgur and use the link to post photos from now on.
  6. Osser3

    [Buying] Torero

    Buying Torero text me #2211881
  7. Adding poker queues, and seating players on the couches around the table which can easily fit 9 people. (3 players per couch) Instead of spamming Y every second and hoping to get a seat at the table. This can be applied to the upstairs and downstairs tables of Tiqi bar. Have a nice day.
  8. Osser3

    PostOP Bug

    Date and time (provide timezone): 4/22/20 9:55pm UTC Character name: Tommy Slick Issue/bug you are reporting: Only when you enter a POSTOP work vehicle it will show the truckers orders. Once you close it and Press "Y" again, it will show the POSTOP orders. Expected behavior: It should show only POSTOP orders upon entering the work vehicle. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Enter POSTOP work vehicle.
  9. Its a known RAGEMP bug.
  10. House has been sold at the door for buyout price.
  11. Melanoma St. 1 What does this property have to offer? Build-able exterior garage Roof access Plenty of storage space ((500 vol)) Near the beach Nice area Buyout $1,000,000 ((Buyout at Door)) Contact: #2211881 Photos:
  12. Bought a home. Thanks for the offers.
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