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  1. Buyout set at the door for 1M
  2. Info: -A gated pin coded garage that can fit extra vehicles -2 Blocks away from Los Santos Bank -Ammu-nation across the street -Suburban just down the street -Your normal 3G interior, with no remodeling done SOLD!
  3. Make a /report 2 saying you are in the wrong virtual world and a moderator+ will assist you. Or if you enter the hospital for example and exit, it will automatically fix this for you.
  4. Another home not far from this one just sold for 1.2m
  5. Sorry to hear that Kyle.... I hate to see people getting scammed. Try using MiddlemanTrades on your next trade if your not 100% sure on the person you are dealing with as an alternative.
  6. Osser3

    Mine Bug

    Try deleting your singleplayer save file. Having 100% savefiles may cause this.
  7. Try pressing F1
  8. Osser3

    [BOUGHT] 9F

    Does a maxed Massacro interest you? Turbo 1/2
  9. Osser3


    Whats the current bid 375k?
  10. I was informed by an mod/admin to post my situation in the Technical Support.
  11. Date and time (provide timezone): On server restart (March 21, 22) Character name: N/A Issue/bug you are reporting: On server restart cars will be unlocked and people have access to items in vehicle. Expected behavior: On server restart car should remained locked if left locked before restart. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Lock car, restart server, check if car is still locked. Example (My situation): Locked car in the parking of a NCZ, on 2 different days I checked if my car was still locked, on both occasions they were unlocked after restart. Nobody could unlock it due to it being a NCZ. The second time this happened all the stuff in my vehicle was stolen. Edit: Server just restarted around 5:10 ET March 22, car was unlocked. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A
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