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  1. This awesome property at a low price point is still available for rent! Call Jasmine to work out details: 270-7250
  2. I would contact Belle Blackwood @seas . She is better than I am, and does it as a service, I just do it for fun. 🙂
  3. None of my properties are for sale, unless a trade-up is involved. But text me! Rent is wide open, and if you have a trade-up offer, I am open to hear it. 🙂
  4. Property still available!! Super low rate if you pay 3+ weeks up front $14k for a 2G in a great hidden location!
  5. I'd rather see more RP potential in prison. With things to do to occupy your time, which do not result in cash or benefits. Prison is supposed to be a punishment, so rewards should not exist. But AFKing out shouldnt be an option either. If the complaint is prison is boring, how about some ideas to add RP potential to prison time?
  6. Jasmine

    Delete please

    Change to the minimum refund amount, sure I can get behind that. I understan why the rule exists, but also understand how frustrating it is to lose cash to an obvious, well documented bug with proof. No to the donator priority. The rule should apply equally to all players, whatever that rule happens to be.
  7. This ones still up for grabs!! An absolute steal! Call me for a viewing: 270-7250
  8. 3G House On the Canal Fully Renovated Interior ((No Dildos!!)) Asking 28k per ((week)). 2k less for each week after the first, down to 22k. Call Jasmine Gray - 270-7250
  9. 2G house just north of HE Asking $20k per ((week)) - reduced $2k per week you stay down to $14k Hidden entrance and parking right off the West highway Call Jasmine: 270-7250
  10. Lowered starting price to $28k $22k if committing to 3 weeks upfront.
  11. Lowered starting price to $20k per ((week)) Pay 3 weeks upfront, get it for $14k per ((week))
  12. Accepting lower rent for long-term tenants! Great location with boat parking! Text me at 270-7250
  13. Not for sale, sorry. Still available for rent though!! Accepting lower offers for long-term tenants!
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