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  1. I really like the idea, would make stuff a bit harder for PD to figure out real identities and whatnot - bringing more RP for detectives. There are a few problems here though. I'm assuming with your suggestion, if it were to be implemented: The player can choose a fake name. This can cause problems such as choosing a name that already exists. If fake names are restricted to non-existing names like you indicate in your post, then it lowers the pool of available names for future characters. OR The name would be randomly generated. It also lowers the pool of available names and this could lead to some seriously weird names, probably. If we go down the road of being able to choose names that already exist, then a few things would have to be revamped, such as actual working mugshots/photo ID in the MDC (to compare to see if they're actually the person they're claiming to be - of course if there's no mugshots/photo ID, then cop would be SOL). I can also see people using it in non-RP ways possibly - and fake gun licenses may not be a good idea as getting a gun legally is NPC-interaction only, whereas IRL someone may question whether you're actually eligible to own a gun. Otherwise though, fake driver's licenses, fake trucker's licenses, etc - these would be a really cool implement and provide some cool alternatives for crim. It'd have to be thought through a lot though to prevent abuse.
  2. It also doesn't make much sense for heavily trained SWAT with a battering ram to take 30 mins to go out to get bolt cutters and to neatly tear the lock off. EDIT: Talkin' in PMs, trying not to veer the thread off course. jdeclue1 is an awesome person, and I can see his point of view, but I also dislike the points he brought up, but not him as a person. Share the love! EDIT 2: yes, completely true ^
  3. Not to turn this into an argument, because this suggestion thread isn't exactly the place for it, but having /ram affecting interior doors DOES NOT NERF DRUG LABS. All this does is delay the inevitable - it's a quality of life improvement to prevent PD from having to play a game of having to go buy boltcutters. If SWAT is at your door, your drug lab is going. What you're asking for is something that would ACTUALLY change the dynamic completely, leading to people going around to cops and try to bait them just to get their weapons. This has been discussed time and time again, and has been deemed a bad idea over and over again. And if you do have monstrous steel reinforced doors where you'd use explosives, it would make more sense for PD to have a forceful command that allows them to blow it up rather than using bolt cutters - it still makes no sense to force PD to go buy them. Your argument doesn't make much sense, and seems to be driven by the fact that you want more advantages, when this is a QoL update at best. Now, let's not clutter up this thread as this is obviously turning into the 1 millionth PD vs Crim thread.
  4. This is an RP server, and the objective it should not be to "win", it should be to freaking RP. This seems to have been lost on many crim roleplayers - not all, but quite a few. Yes. It's harder to be a crim than it is to be police. This is also the case IRL, which this server is attempting to replicate. This isn't supposed to be some kind of cops vs robbers server where the cops NEED to have something to lose. This kind of mentality is ruining the community. With that being said, +1 - of course. It makes no IC sense for SWAT to go buy bolt-cutters when they have usable rams which they RP much better with than with bolt cutters. Anyone that disagrees with this is too far inside of the win vs lose mentality and is honestly ruining the roleplay experience in the server. Sorry.
  5. Looking forward 2 seeing more!
  6. +1 to most of your ideas, but I can see problems with the impound solution, mainly that people would start catching on when the vehicles aren't immediately released, that there's something wrong and they'd take that as a cue to run away. Perhaps a way to fix that is to have it mostly the way you said, but for normal impounds it stays the way it is already. That way if a car isn't immediately released, it's either because you have something missing (or a warrant), or because it's been normally impounded. I think it would make more sense too as securely impounded vehicles should be easier to get released.
  7. I understand how you feel, and I realize that it sucks when you feel that your RP is ruined. Unless the rules have changed, you can't really report them unless you've incurred some losses either. But, if you feel that they have acted in a non-RP way, you can get evidence of this and make an OOC IA-Report. You can also act on it ICly if they're just too aggressive and don't necessarily ruin RP. I didn't say you were calling for COVID in-game, I was setting the scenario as a real life example (obviously going into the bank with a facemask right now is significantly more acceptable.) The skull mask comment, as an aside, was simply an explanation as to why the law exists. Not necessarily accusing you of wanting to wear a skull mask all the time for no reason, just providing context. Lastly, if you have the IC certificate, then as Victor said above, you've gotta be ready to RP about it all the time. Compare it with someone blatantly smoking weed in front of cops in a medical marijuana-only state, cops would always ask you if you have a good reason, and they may not always be nice about it, cause, well, that's how American cops can be sometimes.
  8. I will say that back when this rule was introduced, I recall there being an OOC reason for this law being introduced; everyone would wear masks everywhere all the time (like at the bank - which was borderline non-RP, try going into a bank pre-covid times with a skull mask and see how far you get) So OP has a point in making this discussion an OOC one, it's really not just an IC thing as to why the law was introduced. With that being said, I think it's kind of a necessary evil to stop people from wearing masks all the time even when they really wouldn't have a reason to realistically. And I think it's better to be punished ICly (through fines) than OOCly (as a rule break). EDIT: I'm a derp. OP is having IC problems of cops being too aggressive. Yeah, that's an IC thing.
  9. Not gonna lie, guys - I don't understand what you want anymore. Original point of the topic was that PD roleplay was unrealistic; specifically that cops going around shooting for tires was unrealistic. Fair enough. So when cops start tactically using destructible barriers instead, it's bad roleplay and bug abusing? I just don't understand. If stingers were usable, they'd probably use those, but they're not. There's not much else to do SCRIPTLY as PD. They could start using stingers and if you were to hit them they'd have to send the player "/ldo stingers would have been stuck onto your tires, deflating them.". Do you think that would work? Most people would probably ignore that roleplay, and it would be another thing to add onto the list of forum reports PD has to deal with everyday (alongside fear RP, combat logs, powergaming, etc.) The alternative is to endlessly chase until you run out of gas, which is what happens usually anyways, if you do get caught (which is unlikely - if you get a BF-400 and go up Mount Chilliad, there's not much cops can do.) I understand that the wooden police barricade is a little bugged - you may stall when hitting them at high speeds. But c'mon, lads. If you guys want a better RP standard from RP, then complaining when they start using tactics isn't gonna help much, yeah? It just feels like an unwinnable argument from PD's side. Shoot tires? NON-RP! Use barricades? BUG ABUSE! What is the point of this discussion anymore if even the "good RP" alternative is apparently bad roleplay? There's nothing else to do, guys. Now - I think the natural evolution of this discussion is to instead to take a nice, good look at the rules. Instead of blaming PD for not getting punished enough, maybe the rules themselves should be changed to make crim RP less restrictive. Staff team must have a dang hard time with the rules; it can't be too restrictive (as getting punished for doing something that may be instictive probably sucks), but it can't be too loose either (you would get a lot more fun ruining RP, such as a few months ago when you could get robbed anywhere, for no reason). I personally think this would be a more worthwhile discussion.
  10. Did ya even read his suggestion? He says he doesn't want that - he just wants the license to show in /license, if you ICly have it as part of MD/PD/SD. +1
  11. And in which country have you seen street gangsters driving around in super/sports cars/bikes? Many crim players unfortunately just do not stick to a good standard of RP either, and PD/SD simply responded by using super cars themselves. Now, you could argue this is a bit of a slippery slope - and you'd be right. A crim player who wants to portray a more realistic character will be inherently disadvantaged compared to other crim players/PD/SD due to the fact that super cars are so readily available for EVERYONE. I personally think people just need to use more common sense, and also need to take roleplaying in general a bit more seriously. This is easier said than done, and most of the playerbase is already used to a server that ISN'T that realistic. Either way, this is going kinda off-topic. I get what you mean OP, but the problem is that spike strips and PIT maneuvers are not viable at all. Not only are they laggy, they aren't very effective when a large percent of the playerbase has very very fast vehicles. Does it excuse non-RP actions from PD/SD? No. In my opinion, it also doesn't excuse what I believe to be non-RP actions from crims (the example of someone in pajamas on a hakuchou with an AK in the back was mentioned - being an extreme example)
  12. Using the LCPD database thing from GTA IV for your character is ingenious. Nice stuff!
  13. Hello everyone - I'm putting this under Rules Suggestions as my suggestion is a hybrid that would change the rules and hopefully add script support as well. I'm going to preface this with my thoughts on the new /stabilize rule before I move onto my suggestion - as some of you may know, MD has a /stabilize command which takes about 35 seconds to do - after it's completed, the patient's health stops going down. Up until recently, MD was allowed to do /stabilize as soon as they arrived on scene - this changed with the removal of Death RP. Now MD has to inspect a patient's injuries, and then when they respond to the RP you begin doing your /stabilize. While this is in accordance of the PG rules (you don't force roleplay onto people) this also does not make much sense, which I will get into it right now: At the moment you cannot roleplay death, and in fact it's considered stalling. The only way you can RP death is if you're scriptly about to die and know that you can't possibly survive. What this means is that as soon as an EMT is on scene, you are going to be /stabilized no matter what as soon as you describe your injuries, even if it's something that would logically lead to death in real life. A way around this is to take a long time to describe your injuries, or purposefully not respond to this... which multiple people do. So, what's even the point of waiting for the patient's answer if they're going to get /stabilized anyways as soon as they DESCRIBE their injuries? Ever since this change to the dynamic of the /stabilize rule, I have seen multiple situations where people do not respond to RP (specifically in PD scenes) to maliciously and purposefully die to avoid jail time. I know this is against the rules at the moment, but this is yet another thing that we have to keep a lookout on and report, and due to the time people take to die, it could be hard to clip the whole situation (personally, my shadowplay only saves the last 5 minutes which may not be enough to get the whole context). Do feel free to disagree and bring up your own ideas in this topic if you feel mine is not sufficient, I just strongly feel that something HAS to change. EDIT: I will say that bringing back Death RP is not really ideal - it was a broken system and there's a reason it was removed - I just hope this suggestion sparks conversation and hopefully some more ideas. EDIT 2: Due to recent events, I've retracted my original suggestion of providing /slay to MD.
  14. While this topic is a little bit all over the place - I understand and to an extent agree with one of OP's points, but not completely. There are times where someone is harrassed ICly over and over, which causes OOC resentment and for them to leave the server as a result. While there is technically a rule covering this kind of stuff, sometimes it's hard to enforce it, due to subjectivity. That rule mostly targets harrassment of the like of someone specifically continuously robbing you or what have you. Someone outing your IC character as a "Nonce" (a pedophile for our friends outside of the anglo-speaking world) can cause a lot of people to start calling you one, and a lot of the server to harrass your IC character as a result. This is because it's a heavily charged subject soliciting a strong reaction in most people - and one that can make a person very uncomfortable, making it hard on them OOCly. And the hard thing about this is if it catches on enough, it's hard to stop multiple people from "joking around" (when in reality it's affecting someone). With all of that being said - that's a hypothetical, and I think that until something of that magnitude occurs, there's not much point in introducing yet another RP limiting rule. To give an example, the new robbery rule was introduced because non-rp robberies were getting ridiculously out of hand. This current situation, I believe at the moment at least, is a non-problem, and hopefully stays one.
  15. Isn't your logo the Ruby programming language logo? Your faction should totally be angry programmers. I joke, good luck!
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