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  1. Not to be picky, but wouldn't the gramatically correct version of the name be "Las Calaveras", not Los? Since Calaveras is a female noun, in Spanish it would be Las. I know it's an old gang, but just throwin' it out there. Good luck anyways!
  2. That was only the people that had unauthorized software that weren't crosshair bans (i.e, leaving cheat engine open accidently and the such). Crosshair bans are still valid afaik
  3. ^ don't do that, you already made too many appeals; you were instructed by an admin to wait 6 months before making another appeal. Making appeals before this time's up will probably extend it!
  4. While I do agree with you, we have to start considering WHY people aren't bettering their own roleplay to begin with. I feel like the way the server currently is, it breeds roleplayers that really don't roleplay all that much. I think there's some seriously valiant efforts from factions to try to improve the standard, as seen with the Zetas/Triads/Wanted/PD/etc's threads, but most of the time, this roleplay is just for the sake of posting some screenshots on the forums. This isn't the usual; the usual is "hitting up drug labs, rob people there, unless we're allies, then move on." I think some things that would benefit the server heavily would be: A complete revamp of the drugs system. Remove dropoffs, make it so you have to sell to other people in order to profit. Make drugs something desirable that would bring some advantage. Promote interaction. Obviously, make drug labs portable rather than static locations. This has been suggested quite a few times. Make fancy cars less obtainable, encouraging street gangs to not go around in Comets or whatever. Add a judicial system. Already suggested a bunch of times, but it would reduce false arrests, or give people an actual opportunity to fight against their charges in some way. Allow gangs to actually attack each other without having to rob each other all the time. If someone comes up to a gang and starts talking shit IRL, you bet your ass they're getting their ass kicked. However here, if you do that, it's DM. You have to start robbing them first, and even then, if they comply with everything, you can't damage them. This makes no damn sense. A rule that would address this would be a cooldown of how many hours your gang/you can interact with the other gang. If you interact with them before this cooldown, rule break. If you barely interact with them before attacking them, rule break. This would prevent repeat attacks, as well as actual random deathmatching. Most importantly: REWARD GOOD ROLEPLAY. As it stands, there's no real reason to take the time to roleplay stuff. People have too much to lose currently if they get attacked. Put a limit on how much people can rob from someone, reduce chain robberies, whatever is decided, a new rule NEEDS to be added to address this kind of roleplay. It's the most prevalent roleplay around, and it seriously starts getting old fast. I realize a lot of what I suggested requires script support. However, the truth is, without a solid script foundation, people aren't encouraged to actually better their roleplay, as they're already being rewarded for their shite roleplay. Change things up!
  5. Not to offend anyone, but I think it's just that people are not actually inclined to RP, rather just prevent being robbed and win as much as possible. As far as I've been a part of this server, I've noticed that people just tend to not roleplay as much as they should. I think the fact this is a voice RP server is a big reason why a lot of the server population is less inclined to RP more realistically. And unfortunately, the scripted stuff that is in-game seems to promote this non-RP ruleplay/"gotta win every scenario" mentality, as well as the server rules. I've fallen prey to this kind of mentality here as well, being a seasoned SAMP veteran. Bottom line is, people don't wanna be robbed or engaged in the same old "hands hands hands" roleplay over and damn over. There needs to be a serious revamp of multiple things to address your points. Adding another NCZ would not get to the root of the problem imo.
  6. Considering we have a rule regarding "ooc insults" and how we should treat each other with respect, having a reaction that tells someone they're retarded seems contradictory. Listen, I know it's a meme and all, but really, what other point is there in these reactions other than insulting someone for whatever opinion they have? I do admit it can have its place in IC threads or shitposts, but outside of that, I feel it should be removed. Especially reports.
  7. Holy crap, is that an Age of Mythology reference?! Anyways greek names are always fun to see, especially when I pulled them over and had to say their names.. I'm looking at you Mr. Nikolas Papatriantafilopolous
  8. Would be cool if PD had its own website though, and what they use for stuff other than applications could stay the same and be internal rather than everyone being able to see it. Same goes for SD, MD and DOC. Anyways, really cool idea there! That's looking really good, would be cool if all factions could change it up (other than gangs ofc)
  9. +1 to that! This is the only sane option in this situation. Right now, you should not be punished with boredom (as you spend actual hours of your life barely even playing). I know this is an RP server, but we all must remember that this is still a game. It is not fun to do nothing for hours on end. Doubling the time of the sentence if you decide to spend it OOCly makes a lot of sense, preventing serious criminals from coming back too quickly and may give people a chance to work on other characters they may have, or actually spend their time doing something. Only flaw I see with this is it reduces RP with the DOC. I don't see everyone logging off as soon as they get arrested but I'm sure this would be a problem. Maybe a workaround is making it so your prison time doesn't go down if any DOC is online while you're offline in prison.
  10. I'm genuinely puzzled with all the ad hominem attacks going on right now towards OP. Guys, he's suggesting something that could lower the time you waste as you get arrested. You can argue that you don't like the suggestion but going ahead and attacking the OP for the way he RP's, especially so unprompted is baffling me. The way some people are being so condescending over a suggestion is kind of ridiculous. Ye need to goddamn chill. In my opinion this can be a thing as long as it's regulated well, but if the effort isn't put in to make sure this isn't abused, it will cause major problems. I would be more in favour of changing the paradigm in how RP is done right now though, and possibly avoid this suggestion.
  11. People's Republic of Cork, laaad! Also wtf, is Ballyfermot that notorious? Used to play on a SAMP server where the owner was from there and mapped Ballyfermot attached to San Andreas! I digress. Welcome to the server! Hope you'll like it here
  12. I wasn't around when turfs were a thing on this server, but back in SA:MP, it sure made RP way more interesting. Eclipse really needs turfs. As people have said, crim RP is stagnating a bit and this would breathe life into it and create so many new avenues of RP. +1
  13. Yep, +1 to that! Gotta admit I do use the ID's often enough but only once I find out ICly who exactly they are. It is very abusable though so honestly this shouldn't be a thing. To answer the people in this thread bashing PD, no I've never heard anyone ever refer to IDs as Social Security Numbers. Maybe it was a thing in the past but it's not a thing now.
  14. Loving the frequent RP updates from the different people here! Keep it up, lads!
  15. Heya buddy, welcome to the city. Hope ya like it here! (( I think you're taking this thread ICly, but this is an OOC section! The place for this kind of topic ICly is here: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/45-roleplay/. I already like it tho, welcome ))
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