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  1. Did ya even read his suggestion? He says he doesn't want that - he just wants the license to show in /license, if you ICly have it as part of MD/PD/SD. +1
  2. And in which country have you seen street gangsters driving around in super/sports cars/bikes? Many crim players unfortunately just do not stick to a good standard of RP either, and PD/SD simply responded by using super cars themselves. Now, you could argue this is a bit of a slippery slope - and you'd be right. A crim player who wants to portray a more realistic character will be inherently disadvantaged compared to other crim players/PD/SD due to the fact that super cars are so readily available for EVERYONE. I personally think people just need to use more common sense, and also need to
  3. Using the LCPD database thing from GTA IV for your character is ingenious. Nice stuff!
  4. Hello everyone - I'm putting this under Rules Suggestions as my suggestion is a hybrid that would change the rules and hopefully add script support as well. I'm going to preface this with my thoughts on the new /stabilize rule before I move onto my suggestion - as some of you may know, MD has a /stabilize command which takes about 35 seconds to do - after it's completed, the patient's health stops going down. Up until recently, MD was allowed to do /stabilize as soon as they arrived on scene - this changed with the removal of Death RP. Now MD has to inspect a patient's injuries, and then
  5. While this topic is a little bit all over the place - I understand and to an extent agree with one of OP's points, but not completely. There are times where someone is harrassed ICly over and over, which causes OOC resentment and for them to leave the server as a result. While there is technically a rule covering this kind of stuff, sometimes it's hard to enforce it, due to subjectivity. That rule mostly targets harrassment of the like of someone specifically continuously robbing you or what have you. Someone outing your IC character as a "Nonce" (a pedophile for our friends outside of th
  6. Isn't your logo the Ruby programming language logo? Your faction should totally be angry programmers. I joke, good luck!
  7. The amount of people saying "this isn't real life" or "IC issue" is honestly awe-stricking. To address the "this isn't real life" statement, it's a ROLEPLAY server based on Los Santos, which is based on the real city of Los Angeles. It's supposed to be REALISTIC. The fact that you're saying that shows your desire to actually RP. Now on to the people saying it's an "IC issue"; if something is unrealistic, destroying your immersion as well just not conforming to the rules of reality, then it is my honest opinion that this is an OOC issue. You can't come up to a gang of dudes in-game and say
  8. Certain factions do have a certain age requirements, however, such as the LSPD which has an Out-Of-Character requirement of being at least 16 years old.
  9. I agree with this suggestion, but to a certain point; Instead of just allowing people to afk, introduce a new command - /afkprison. You can only use this command if you have a certain amount of time in jail (i.e, this command is only available for people who have a long time in jail, like 3 hours or more). This command will place you in another dimension (or you're put into solitary where people can't interact with you), and you can only use this command for a certain amount of time (dependant on the time you got, for example, if you get sent to prison for 6 hours, you can use afk for 3 h
  10. +1. Disagree with decision to make appeals hidden. I understand not wanting to "out" people for being punished, but then might as well hide concluded Player Reports. (please don't!) Like people before me said, it allows us all to understand the rules better.
  11. Not to be picky, but wouldn't the gramatically correct version of the name be "Las Calaveras", not Los? Since Calaveras is a female noun, in Spanish it would be Las. I know it's an old gang, but just throwin' it out there. Good luck anyways!
  12. That was only the people that had unauthorized software that weren't crosshair bans (i.e, leaving cheat engine open accidently and the such). Crosshair bans are still valid afaik
  13. ^ don't do that, you already made too many appeals; you were instructed by an admin to wait 6 months before making another appeal. Making appeals before this time's up will probably extend it!
  14. While I do agree with you, we have to start considering WHY people aren't bettering their own roleplay to begin with. I feel like the way the server currently is, it breeds roleplayers that really don't roleplay all that much. I think there's some seriously valiant efforts from factions to try to improve the standard, as seen with the Zetas/Triads/Wanted/PD/etc's threads, but most of the time, this roleplay is just for the sake of posting some screenshots on the forums. This isn't the usual; the usual is "hitting up drug labs, rob people there, unless we're allies, then move on." I think
  15. Not to offend anyone, but I think it's just that people are not actually inclined to RP, rather just prevent being robbed and win as much as possible. As far as I've been a part of this server, I've noticed that people just tend to not roleplay as much as they should. I think the fact this is a voice RP server is a big reason why a lot of the server population is less inclined to RP more realistically. And unfortunately, the scripted stuff that is in-game seems to promote this non-RP ruleplay/"gotta win every scenario" mentality, as well as the server rules. I've fallen prey to this kind
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