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  1. Would be cool if PD had its own website though, and what they use for stuff other than applications could stay the same and be internal rather than everyone being able to see it. Same goes for SD, MD and DOC. Anyways, really cool idea there! That's looking really good, would be cool if all factions could change it up (other than gangs ofc)
  2. +1 to that! This is the only sane option in this situation. Right now, you should not be punished with boredom (as you spend actual hours of your life barely even playing). I know this is an RP server, but we all must remember that this is still a game. It is not fun to do nothing for hours on end. Doubling the time of the sentence if you decide to spend it OOCly makes a lot of sense, preventing serious criminals from coming back too quickly and may give people a chance to work on other characters they may have, or actually spend their time doing something. Only flaw I see with this is it reduces RP with the DOC. I don't see everyone logging off as soon as they get arrested but I'm sure this would be a problem. Maybe a workaround is making it so your prison time doesn't go down if any DOC is online while you're offline in prison.
  3. I'm genuinely puzzled with all the ad hominem attacks going on right now towards OP. Guys, he's suggesting something that could lower the time you waste as you get arrested. You can argue that you don't like the suggestion but going ahead and attacking the OP for the way he RP's, especially so unprompted is baffling me. The way some people are being so condescending over a suggestion is kind of ridiculous. Ye need to goddamn chill. In my opinion this can be a thing as long as it's regulated well, but if the effort isn't put in to make sure this isn't abused, it will cause major problems. I would be more in favour of changing the paradigm in how RP is done right now though, and possibly avoid this suggestion.
  4. People's Republic of Cork, laaad! Also wtf, is Ballyfermot that notorious? Used to play on a SAMP server where the owner was from there and mapped Ballyfermot attached to San Andreas! I digress. Welcome to the server! Hope you'll like it here 😄
  5. I wasn't around when turfs were a thing on this server, but back in SA:MP, it sure made RP way more interesting. Eclipse really needs turfs. As people have said, crim RP is stagnating a bit and this would breathe life into it and create so many new avenues of RP. +1
  6. Yep, +1 to that! Gotta admit I do use the ID's often enough but only once I find out ICly who exactly they are. It is very abusable though so honestly this shouldn't be a thing. To answer the people in this thread bashing PD, no I've never heard anyone ever refer to IDs as Social Security Numbers. Maybe it was a thing in the past but it's not a thing now.
  7. Loving the frequent RP updates from the different people here! Keep it up, lads!
  8. Heya buddy, welcome to the city. Hope ya like it here! (( I think you're taking this thread ICly, but this is an OOC section! The place for this kind of topic ICly is here: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/45-roleplay/. I already like it tho, welcome ❤️ ))
  9. +1. It should not even be allowed to convince someone OOCly to buy a car like that. Lying in /pm, telling someone that they can't scam, and then scamming ICly should definitely count against the rules if it doesn't already. Scamming in general, IMO, is very poor RP most of the time. Lots of people disconnect after scamming, or they RP doing everything correctly then just drive away. This should probably be addressed, at least. An introduction of a "car trade" system would be quite good as well, and as someone else mentioned in another thread, the introduction of a "Middle End Market" or more places at High End would be ideal. The reason why a lot of people tend to turn toward trades is because High End is often quite full, not to avoid tax.
  10. I was the officer trying to arrest you; now I don't have footage of it as my Shadowplay screwed up, but I did not go outside, and I'm fairly certain YOU know that I didn't go outside either. I only went outside once you started belting it towards your car, after you ignored my RP. I would not have much reason to go outside as I had to wait and was ICly in the middle of cuffing you. However, this is kind of a he-said she-said situation. About you not knowing that I was trying to cuff you, I did specify on my /me that I was trying to cuff "the man in the monkey mask". Unfortunately this is all I can contribute.
  11. This is kind of off-topic Jasmine, but yeah, that's really frustrating, I remember being in DCC and just being pulled over for the smallest of things, getting tickets, inevitably getting a warning from DCC for getting tickets. It's hard to stay a civ here in Eclipse, and it's really easy to fall into the temptation of being a crim because of stuff like this. You can get fired for this kind of stuff. I understand why crims feel like they don't have a choice. Truth is, PD pull over civillians cause they're easier to pull over than your average criminal with a stupidly fast bike. buuuut, going back on topic, I think that cops aren't as overpowered as people would think. If you're a crim with a Comet Retro, or god forbid a Hakuchou drag, and you speed past the average officer in a cruiser, odds are you will escape. 8 times out of 10. Cruisers just aren't that fast. Yes, cops can get their intercepting sports-cars or whatever, but if they're not initiating the pursuit with them, you will escape, unless you fuck up. Plus, most cops don't have access to them. I realize that it's not that realistic for cops to have sports cars to intercept suspects, but IRL, not every relatively small-time gang member has a sports car/bike. In this server, a lot do, and cops have to adapt to that, or else, crims would escape ALL the time, as opposed to your 8 times out of 10. I mean, wouldn't it be highly unrealistic for cops to always lose suspects? Now, regarding carbines and cops having heavy weapons and such, I feel like people have put forth a strong enough point already. It's just how it works IRL, and we can't just use them willy-nilly. The point of being a (smart) criminal is to avoid such confrontations with cops and compete with rival gangs, right? I realize it's difficult to avoid confrontations with cops, but hey, that's how it works IRL too if you go around shooting people in relatively public areas.
  12. Yup, exactly that! Except your topic is way better and more concise. 😀
  13. Personally, I feel like it would be MORE used, because as it stands having it as a command just confuses new players and they'll think it's a number anyways, since DCC's is a number that already comes with the phone. I know I thought it was a number until I found out it was a command.
  14. This discussion has come up multiple times and the last time this came up, it was decided it should be solved ICly; hence, the introduction of the "Face Concealment" law. However, I do feel like people just put on their masks whenever cops leave and take it off when they arrive, so people still wear masks all the time. I agree it's very unrealistic, and I really think it should count as being non-RP. People with masks at Bank/very public places is just kinda absurd imo. I do think people wearing masks in the countryside and in LS ghettos is 100% fine
  15. I'd attempt to go up in person in that case
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