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Wanted to join, apparently can not.

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Every quiz gets reviewed by a person who will then provide you with feedback. It could happen that you will sometimes get different type's of feedback or that something has been noticed that wasn't before. Therefor, I will always recommend players to use the latest feedback they have received as this feedback will be most relevant to your latest submission. I can obviously not speak on behalf of anyone, but hopefully I can ensure you that we try our best to help you passing the quiz by providing feedback so you can start playing and keep playing with all the knowledge of rules you would need🙂
You have unlimited attempts, so don't worry too much. All information can be found here for your next attempt(s): https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/15544-eclipse-roleplay-official-server-guides 

We also got support channels that you could use in our ECRP Discord. You wouldn't be able to ask answers for the questions you are getting, but we can help you with any other type of questions like these.

I hope this helps!



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The questions are really quite easy and do-able if you research even a little bit into how RP works in GTA. You will find similar hurdles in other allowlist-only RP servers, unless you go to a non-allowlist one - in which case you'll have a very subpar, barely-RP experience.

I recommend reading the guides @Yputi has recommended above if you decide to come back to this forum!

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