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  1. Its not so much about volume, as it is about flavor. My character lives and breathes Blaine county. People that live out in BC don't necessarily like going into the city proper. It wouldn't be a massive boon, but it could offer a different niche of mechanic RP and help boost BC RP as more than a place for city gangbangers to get away from the PD.
  2. I'm not gonna lie, they had me in the first half...
  3. I'll leave that to them to discuss their side of it. I can only shrug. It was a lowRP robbery, why would I get butt hurt about it? Also, maybe I'm just of an older school of thought, but don't you think forcing a guy into an open and staffed general store, would be a bad place to rob someone? I gotta figure there are cameras everywhere, and a cashier with a panic button at minimum.
  4. Hello! ID 44 here. Man, you couldn't be more wrong. Let me introduce myself. Landon Blake of the Blaine County Volunteer Militia. While I don't have any recordings, the fact is this was just REALLY shitty timing on your part. I was just getting water, simple as that. Then you three roll up and while the masks and the car and the attitude should have been reason enough to shoot on sight, unfortunately, I had no weapon other than a knife. You rob me, I'm used to it. I started a Militia because myself and others get robbed often enough. Fine, I'm gonna be out a knife, map/gps, about 3K in cash, and at least you didn't take my phone battery or my car. That just gets annoying. This is just another random mugging of opportunity. Not exactly engaging RP, but when is it ever? Unlucky for you, these Daniels folks were passing by. I will put a hand on a bible to say that I didn't even THINK to contact anyone. The fact is My character is known around circles because some people like the idea of a group that protects instead of profits off of others works. I can only assume they figured you just came out and robbed the store and were gonna be an avenue of Karma and take what you stole. Turns out some of those guys have seen me and my faction, and approve of what we do, but honestly, they were just passing by. I was calm because I had nothing to lose, and my robbers were being robbed. It was funny as hell! If anything, I owe those guys an apology, when you circled back around to engage the group in your car, there was confusion, and that zippy little coup, I thought was one of your friends car. I got in, drove off, and chopped it as a bit of IC revenge. Looks like I made a mistake! Ah well, I'll deal with that IC as things come to hand.
  5. And god forbid the subject tires to RP, if they don't type fast enough, they get reported for stalling. Or shot for 'not following demands'.
  6. The fast pace and cool cars of the city make LSC and Bayview attractive options for modding vehicles... and the only ones, really. But I've seen a growth in the activity in BC, what are the options for starting up a nice small county shop or branch?
  7. What does that even mean? Why even make mention of a method if its illegal or immoral? Are you simply inferring about asking around until you find out the owner? Or do you mean searching the address on the forums until you find a possible match? Its only meta gaming if I use that OOC information in an IC context.
  8. Blaine County Volunteer Militia! Keeping an Eye out so you don't have to! Volunteer today! Firearms licence not Required! Criminal Records not reviewed! County Residence not required! Membership is not exclusive! Volunteer on your Days off from your prefered hobby or job! Protect Blaine County Today! -Captain Landon Blake 203-7785 BCVM
  9. The BCVM is still hard at work keeping the Hard work of Hard working people in their hard working hands! While the small group is active at odd hours, they do what they can, stopping theft and protecting production where ever they can! Often hanging out at the CrossRoads gas station on the corner of Route 68 and Senora Rd in Harmony, interested parties might around at the Farms later at night, or asking the Sheriff's department, will often point you in a good direction!
  10. While I apologise I don't have the literature degree some here have in writing updates, I will post for the sake of activity and visibility. BCVM has been hard at work this past month working to establish resources and property to help facilitate our continued activity in the County. We don't have million dollar patrons, or dozens of members, or illicit avenues of funding, but with many... MANY hours of hard work from amazing people, we've secured places that we can call a home away from home. In the meantime, our volunteer members are becoming well known amongst many of the late night farmers, a few of the miners, and befriending several local SD, PD, and EMS officers as we give aid and assistance where we can. Our next goals involve purchasing a recognised business property for propper government recognition.
  11. Because the rules are so defined (And to be honest, its been shown they need to be) People have determined the absolute minimum required to be considered 'legal' and anything more than that is just a risk.
  12. That being said, Fear RP and DM rules are very strict in their interpretation, and all RP can be thrown out the window if you don't draw first. If you don't draw, point, and demand, you can't guarantee your target is a cool dude, or some other pissed off idiot.
  13. I don't disagree, but at that point, its just poor RP. And we can't thought police poor RP. If the overall encounter was not enjoyable, I guess just /ooc or PM them later"Hey, I get you're ok to do this? But you're RP is kinda poor, and I think you'd benefit from fleshing it out some."
  14. Of course! Apologies for the late response, this week has been a crazy confluence of events, and I finally had a chance to take to these hobbies. All recruitment is done in game, usually through word of mouth, otherwise cell phone communications to arrange meetings. While not always easy, as some members live several hours ahead or behind, and my time available to get ingame can be even more limited, I try my best to follow all server rules and guidelines. I have removed the recruitment contact options and have instead linked an IC post that I hope isn't in poor taste. My goal in this community is to provide and promote Roleplay, to facilitate a niche that people will enjoy being a part of, and enjoy being around.
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