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  1. Of course! Apologies for the late response, this week has been a crazy confluence of events, and I finally had a chance to take to these hobbies. All recruitment is done in game, usually through word of mouth, otherwise cell phone communications to arrange meetings. While not always easy, as some members live several hours ahead or behind, and my time available to get ingame can be even more limited, I try my best to follow all server rules and guidelines. I have removed the recruitment contact options and have instead linked an IC post that I hope isn't in poor taste. My goal in this community is to provide and promote Roleplay, to facilitate a niche that people will enjoy being a part of, and enjoy being around.
  2. This. Very much this. As the OP im happy with this middleground.
  3. If a MD needs a /do success inorder to IV a Coma patient then if a concious player is injured and down, they should have to give permission before someone can open their inventory. I was hit by a car and surrounded by concerned friends. Medics were on their way but i was bleeding out. Some guy rolls up on a bike jumps off searches my inventory takes my gun and some of my shit before people realize what he was doing and rides off. How is that acceptable? I should be required to do something lke /acceptsteal or something before my body can be looted while alive.
  4. Thank you, except Firstly I have read that post thoroughly. Secondly here is my faction post: My org post: and a classifieds ad: And thirdly I am roleplaying out of the location, and am encouraging my members to do so as well, but for the sake of this post, I am wanting to figure out who in this labyrinth of a forum infrastructure I need to talk to to get an official ruling on the matter. If I need 2.5 million dollars then thats my goal. If I need to role play a year straight, thats my goal. But im looking for an official to give me information i can take to the bank so I know my next moves. I have been trying to find out IC and OOC for over a week and noone seems to know.
  5. I'm interested in legitimising my faction with a HQ, but the property I'm interested in using isn't scripted for sale. Who in the 'government' do I need to speak to regarding getting it set up as such?
  6. So, how many people could be a freight train driver at once? What about crashes? What if someone afks in a train and blocks the track? Do train collisions cause crashes? Several tunnels and subways are blocked off, do we unseal them?
  7. Blaine County Volunteer Militia ===OVERVIEW=== The Blaine County Volunteer Militia is a civilian run and operated public defence operation. Its goals are the protection, security, defense, education, and training of the hard working populace of Blaine county. The BCVM is a defensive and reactionary force of volunteers that work as a community. They work to counteract the aggression and threat of criminal elements that threaten the lives and property of Blaine County Residents. ===BEGINNINGS=== As occurrences of theft, assault and even murder continued to rise in the Blaine County working community, frustrations and tensions rose among the civilian populace. The SD was a welcomed addition to the County, however often times they were overwhelmed with calls, or occupied too far from an incident to react effectively. After a time, select civilians took it upon themselves to begin a civilian defence force with the aim of training and protecting their fellow County members from harm and loss when no one else could. Lacking funding or high level connections, the BCVM has slowly worked its way uphill as it seeks members, donations and support. ===VALUES=== The blaine County Volunteer Militia force is about Blaine County protecting Blaine county. It is about keeping the hard work in the hands of the hard working, and protecting those who only wish to work their 40 and collect their paychecks. Community - The BCVM is first and foremost about supporting the townships and surrounding areas of Blaine County. Local Businesses, homeowners, families and tourists, the BCVM helps where it can. Authority - The BCVM understands the limits of governmental authority, and the restrictions of the local sheriffs and police force, but it fully recognises their right and ability to legislate, execute, and judiciate the rules, codes, and laws of the greater Los Santos county. As such the BCVM strives to follow the letter and intent of the law and assist and obey the rightful legal authorities. Honesty - The BCVM operate at the grace of the law, and the trust of the people. Being open and honest with the people of Blaine County help build their trust in us and allow us to help them. Our goals are simple and well known, and our actions are visible and verifiable. We will not lie about threats or dangers that we are aware of. Professionalism - The BCVM aims to hold itself to a moderate level of professionalism inorder to carry out its goals effectively. While there is no desire for rigid adherence to some codec or doctrine, an air of competence and confidence help hold the BCVM in high regard amongst the populace of Blaine County. Ethics - BCVM members aim to hold themselves to good morals and ethics. While the fine details are matters of century old debates, the overall intent of a members choices and actions should reflect a desire for the betterment of the county and its residents. ===CURRENT OPERATIONS=== Defense and escort of vulnerable civilian assets. Search and rescue assistance of the vast Blaine County Wilderness Training and Education of modes and methods of safe operations of firearms and when to use them. Community support and service, seeking to bolster and maintain the small and local businesses in the Blaine County residential, economic, and industrial circles. ===RANKS=== Captain- Head of the County Chapter Lieutenant - Regional Leader Sergeant - Veteran Member Private - New Full member Recruit - Prospective Recruit ===APPEARANCE=== The BCVM does not have any type of /gang color/ that they sport, but as they tend to operate in the wilderness of Blaine County, are simply encouraged to wear tough and reliable clothing suited to working outdoors. Earthen tones, work boots and the splash of some camouflage patterns appropriate to the terrain are encouraged, but not required. The BCVM has a similar attitude towards suggested vehicles. The Volunteer aspect means most people will own a car that suits their personal style and tastes, and the BCVM does not place any requirements on what vehicle you drive, but simply suggests investing in something that can handle off road activity, as well as a few gunshots. Utility and versatility are always recommended if searching for a vehicle to patrol in as a BCVM member. Color wise, simple earthy tones are again suggested, but nothing is outright banned. ===PLACES OF ACTIVITY=== Farmsteads Hunting Grounds Mines Sandy Shores Paleto Bay North Chumash Grape seed Harmony Various Blaine County Wilderness locations. ===RULES=== -Activity is required but not demanded. 2 or 3 shifts a week on watch as a member of the BCVM is requested, and extended leaves of absence should be reported. An inactive roster helps noone. -All actions within the bounds of the law. BCVM is a law abiding, legal operation that relies on its good standing in the eyes of the authority as well as the civilian populace it protects. -Actions for Protection and Defense of life and property, ONLY. The BCVM is a Defensive and Reactionary force only. It does not take active steps to seek out and target those it suspects of criminal persuasion and only seeks to protect and secure the safety of civilians and their hard work. -Obey all Law enforcement - Legal Orders given by an officer of the law should be followed to their full extent. No member of the BCVM is above the law, and no matter your opinion on the Departments, you will follow their commands. ===RECRUITMENT=== Any and all interested in the protection and betterment of the Blaine County area are welcome to contact an officer of the BCVM. (5K EXP Minimum requested for recruit consideration.)
  8. Blaine County Volunteer Militia! Use your Rights to the full extent of the law! Defending and protecting who and what you care about and your hard work to support you and yours! BCVM is always looking for interested volunteers and gladly accepts donations of support. Contact your local BCVM officer today! Capt. Landon Blake BCVM 203 7785
  9. Is it an item or entity already in the game? Its been a while.
  10. Blaine County Volunteer Militia ===+++=== The Blaine County Volunteer Militia (BCVM) is a civilian run protection and training organization seeking to help defend the hardworking citizens of Blaine County. From Paleto to Sandy Shores and all their surrounding townships, the BCVM seeks to gather brave and patriotic civilians who can help keep hard work in the hands of the hard working. The BCVM is currently a small collection of concerned Blaine County citizens who do what they can to protect farmers, miners, hunters, fishers and all their like against aggressive encroachment of city like criminal types seeking to pray on a hard days work. The BCVM is always recruiting new members who seek to protect against such aggressive incursions into the proud county. All who seek to combat the incursion of criminal types from the city are welcome, but the organization is focused on the County and its regions, and not on being some vigilante presence in the city. Completely voluntary, the members of BCVM act for the betterment of the county and do not receive any payment for their services, however the organization is always accepting of donations in the form of supplies or funding, freely offered and gladly accepted. Members of the BCVM still have jobs and lives and families of their own to support, and contribute their aid to the BCVM of their own willingness and desire to see Blaine County return to the Thriving collection of vibrant communities that it once was. The BCVM Gladly, willingly, and eagerly works closely with the brave men and women of the Blaine County Sheriff's Department, as well as visiting Los Santos Police Department officers. Powerful allies, friends, and support, the BCVM does all that it can to operate within the limits of civilian rights given to protect life and property, and offers training as such to better educate civilians on how they can keep themselves safe in a legal and positive manner. Overall, the BCVM is a defensive and reactionary force that offers several important services to the citizens of Blaine County: Escort and Protection of civilians at places of work and worship. Search and Rescue assistance of the vast Blaine County Wilderness Training and Education of modes and methods of safe operations of firearms and when to use them. Community support and service, seeking to bolster and maintain the small and local businesses in the Blaine County residential, economic, and industrial circles. The BCVM does not publish or advertise its members due to the fluid and relaxed activity requirements of the Volunteer aspect of the Militia. Members are from all walks of life, and maintain themselves in their day to day affairs, but also share a network of training, communication, and support in order to better protect the communities they hold dear. While Members of the BCVM hold no official or legal license to declare them a real BCVM member, all members are held to a high standard of Professionalism, Morals, Ethics and Conduct. Anyone claiming to act in the name of the BCVM that does not show these qualities should be reported to BCVM leadership. ===+++=== Those interested in learning more: BCVM Leader: Capt. Landon Blake P: 203-7785 O: @Lucius.D D : @Lancaster#8676
  11. Can confirm. Makes it annoying when people will join the job, then rob other farmers. Not only do you not have any identifying clothing, you can't get any Alias information. despite a full face. This means that an early warning sign of ill intention is removed.
  12. Is there a difficult technical reason or meta reason there is only one Parking lot?
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