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  1. +1 especially for Shadow's long changing times.
  2. Budget is flexible and purely dependant on the property you are selling. I am most likely only interested in a house, not an apartment. Preferably with at least one garage. Feel free to contact me by phone too at: #3724977
  3. Props on the thread design and management, hopefully RP will follow the same quality. Best of luck!
  4. Yeah but I'm not too keen on having numbers in that way on my alias for people
  5. As said above, you can't set multiple people with the same one. Whilst I could see the argument for allowing multiple people with the names, I also see this problematic in terms of immersion when you get confused between people just based on their names, even though in character you would recognise them by more than just a hovering name
  6. Once yes, but what about the next person? Set it to Strangerr? Strangerrrr?
  7. You meet someone, you get on well, you learn their name, and of course you set their /alias. However, there is no way to remove someone's alias. This could be needed under the following circumstances: 1. You've set an alias for someone from a long time ago, but you have no idea who they are. I would rather them go back to unknown IDs than names I do not recognise. 2. You accidentally set someone's alias, say you typed the wrong ID - but you don't know the name of the wrong person to replace their now incorrect alias. 3. Perhaps they changed their name in the form of CK'ing and you're happy to oblige. You no longer know their name, but perhaps they don't want to give you their new one, so they're stuck with it above their head.
  8. -1. The current way is that there is more strain on staff handling applications. What you are suggesting would create many more issues in game, for both players, in game staff and staff handling the forum reports.
  9. This would apply to standard jobs not factions. Factions do not decide who gets to be a courier or a money transporter.
  10. This is really simple, so I won't put too much detail into it. With the new welfare system, players are just going to take a job and take the higher paycheck from that. Therefore, I am suggesting a system where you need to have done something with the job every certain amount of time, or you would lose the job and go back to welfare. This also makes more In Character sense, where a player would have to say "sorry lads, I have to go to work" - or they risk money. Same as real life. This could work, for example, that if you do not do at least one courier job in 3 hours/paychecks, you get fired. This could also present a very small blacklist period where you couldn't simply go get the job again to avoid doing the job:
  11. So this comes with the whole decreased welfare changes, which also makes what I am about to suggest more viable. I thought it would be a good idea previously however with welfare being so high it wouldn't make much difference. I would love to see a system that for being arrested can affect your job, such as being 'fired' (blacklisted) from being a courier for example. This means you cannot simply sit on a good job paycheck whilst also committing crimes. This would therefore put you back onto only earning a lowered welfare amount. I don't think it makes much RP sense anyway for all these people to be employed this way IC'ly. The length of the blacklist could of course change depending on the severity of the crime, meaning they would be IC'ly fired from their job, having to wait before taking one up again. This would match being fired, and finding it hard to find another job due to their recent criminal history. This could also work with my other suggestion I just posted, where not doing your job could also have a firing mechanic: Upon being arrested, they would receive this blacklist whether they are currently employed or not (to avoid people simply quitting the job as they are arrested) - this is just for clarity cos Mr King is dumb ❤️. It would also be a possibility to have one exemption where they could still get a 'shitty' job of the garbage trucks, but something would need to be done to not allow them to simply sit on that salary either, but still giving a way to earn some money.
  12. Try changing from DirectX 11 to 10, if this fixes the memory leak issue but you experience crashes change to 10.1 as this was implemented to fix crashing issues. Check that DirectX 10 fixes it first though before testing 10.1.
  13. -100. Respectfully, this is a really, really bad idea. Would be abused to the extent that nobody would ever keep items in their house. I've seen this on some videos online and it just makes it look bad. It's non RP as it results in people running from house to house over and over.
  14. +1. Considering that people can overhear your phone number, or take it by force - it makes no sense that there is no way to block people from your number. Not to mention those that you maybe fell out with and they simply pester you. There should be a way to stop them from contacting your phone.
  15. Money does not equal a direct winning advantage. That's the point. These donations keep the server running, allowing you to play and make any money at all. Once again, as I've said already - I don't need massive changes, but the price does not match the rewards. The support on this thread so far is pretty clear. Anyway, not interested in arguing with you. Thanks for your input.
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