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  1. Whilst Xoza's idea is good and I support it, it is for something else. My suggestion is primarily for a notification system and one that would remain on the phone, easily noticed without needing to open the phone at all. This is something that Xoza's suggestion would not resolve. Again, great suggestion for Xoza but it's just a different suggestion.
  2. Big fat -1. If you look at this without bias, you're asking for factions who spend nothing on their guns, lose nothing on death and have no sense of loss, to be given more free stuff which only makes their firearms stronger. PD are already way too strong and do not require any further positive modifications to their firearms. These attachments are not simply cosmetic. A little off topic but this is another request for strengthening gov. People need to remember that yes IRL some cops have some of these attachments, however gangs cannot interact the way they do in the ser
  3. A rather simple change, but one that I think could make my life, and I'm sure many others', a lot easier. Right now, if you receive a text message on your phone, you have no idea if you don't hear the initial sound, which doesn't last long and isn't particularly loud. With people talking, engines and general noise it can be easy to miss. This can leave unanswered messages sitting there. You could expect people to open their phones and check messages, but just like real life with a lock screen, it's much easier when you can see it at a quick glance in some form to save you stopping, open
  4. Kai

    The Southside Mob

    If you have any actual examples/evidence please PM me them, otherwise I'm just going to have to ignore your comment. We have no interest for rulebreakers and I have witnessed no DMing whatsoever... especially as we have staff in our leadership. You make it seem like it happens often so either its not us, the other yellow gang or.. idk. Glad you like the thread!
  5. Kai

    The Southside Mob

    A friend of a friend, is a friend. Kai woke up, grabbed his morning coffee and got dressed. He came out of his house, hopped into his car as his phone began to ring. Cleetus Walker was in town, and he wanted to organise a meeting. Cleetus had already spoken with Jae Fang of the Four Seas Order with plans to meet and so a time was set. Kai gathered a few of the men whilst the others continued running drugs. Once the text came through that everyone was ready, the Southside Mob drove over to the Four Seas Order and met on the roof. The topic of conver
  6. Kai

    The Southside Mob

    New Blood Kai is interrupted in his driving with a call over the radio. Valentine is informing Kai of some new people to introduce to the gang, people that have been found by Johnny. Valentine tells Kai of those who are wishing to roll with them and what they're looking for. They appear to be a good fit. The Mob gather a couple of the guys together and meet the new prospects. A few discussions are had, and Kai lays out the law of the crew and what rules need to be followed to be integrated into the way of life. With great enthusiasm, the new blood are keen
  7. Kai

    The Southside Mob

    The aftermath, and the other side of the coin Today, another meeting has taken place. This time, between Southside Mob and Murdablock. With the war with The Council still ongoing, a member of Murdablock reaches out to Kai for a meeting. They wanted to know where we stood, what we wanted to do, and more importantly, who we would be helping. For now, Murdablock are not wearing their own colours, attempting to lay low for now. By now, the war has quietened, with an almost eerie atmosphere descending onto Los Santos. It is the second notable day of the figh
  8. Kai

    The Southside Mob

    Convening with old friends, new friends, or enemies? The scene around Los Santos is fragile, and now even more volatile than ever. With the changing winds in criminal activity, new battle lines are being drawn up, sides being taken and many criminal organisations are keen to feast on the carcass that is, or was, Los Zetas in an attempt to take their place, or to exploit The Council's weakness of one less gang in their ranks. Murdablock along with their many allies, now look to overthrow The Council, attempting to take their place at the head of the table in
  9. Player(s) being reported: Names unknown - ID 200 and 87. Date of interaction reported: 02/07/2020 (DD/MM/YYYY) Unix time stamp from HUD: 1593706349 Your characters name: Kai DeVito Other player(s) involved: Jack Leoni who is the person they shot. Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper roleplay reason and interaction. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report y
  10. Kai

    The Southside Mob

    Introducing: Kai DeVito Kai DeVito, born in England, UK, was raised by his Italian father and English mother. Kai grew up in the streets of London with a close link to his Italian heritage with family constantly visiting from Italy and America. His morals and steadfast principles ingrained from his father and uncles who he looked up to to a great degree. Whilst his mother often tried to steer Kai clear from any criminal activity at a young age, trouble would often find its way into his daily schedule. His father wasn't the best influence along with his uncl
  11. Kai

    The Southside Mob

    Thanks! - Yeah we will be and already have it underway. Due to a vacation we decided to just get the post out and update it over the next couple days. Edit - Graphics added! More to come.
  12. We were literally talking about this yesterday waiting for a mechanic forever. xD The current system needs work. As mentioned, the waiting time is too long, nobody wants to be sitting around for half an hour for a mechanic to show up. I definitely appreciate that not everything needs to be instant, but to make this problem worse, it tells us how many mechanics are online - but what people don't know is that not all of them are allowed/trained to go out. This just makes it seem like the 10+ mechanics online are just ignoring us. Having a shop item would solve this. Do I think t
  13. As a friendly pointer, might I suggest you take these reports a little more seriously. You have broken a rule and your attitude suggests to me that you do not care. Thanks to all involved, I see no reason to respond further.
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